About David

Welcome! My name is David Ruiz, and I’m a legal and registered professional adviser/interpreter (as well as an author) fully devoted to solving your problems in Spain since 2010.

My areas of expertise are:

Please have a look to my Testimonial page to see what my clients think about my services :-)

Meanwhile, let me guess… I’m almost sure I will get at least one of the following right:

  • You want to legally settle in Spain but don’t know the correct requirements.
  • You already live in Spain and you have taken your friend (who speaks very little Spanish) with you as your interpreter to sort out important things at public offices, notaries, driving licence offices, police stations, and other places you’re thinking about right now.
  • You have taken bilingual teenagers, or even your underage children, to any (or all) of the places above.
  • You go on your own thinking that they understand what you say because they reply in broken English.
  • You are overloaded and confused with lots of contradictory information from forums, cloned Websites, and comments from what neighbours and friends have to say about driving in Spain.
  • You’re looking for a real professional expert who gives you peace of mind and solves the problems I mentioned.

Well, the last one is what I do for living, and I can help you out then :-)




David Ruiz






Believe me, a person who speaks bad and broken English does not fully understand you in the same way you do not fully understand them.

I promise you this because I once spoke in broken English and my understanding was at the same level: awful.

Also, in the Spanish Costa Blanca South and Costa Cálida there are thousands of English-speaking residents from many different areas. I hear dozens of accents every week; some stronger than others.

Are you sure they understand what you say at those places I mentioned before?

I do not see that clearly, as I’ve witnessed very many good ones over the years.

But it’s not their fault, as we are in Spain and Spanish is the official language.

And, let me be honest with you, it’s not your fault either. Where’s the law that says you must learn Spanish while living in Spain?


You’ve come here to enjoy life, the sun, the good weather, and you want to keep away from trouble.


Living in Spain all year long has nothing to do with coming to visit the country for a few weeks.

As a tourist, the situation does not vary much worldwide: you spend a limited time in the country you are visiting, have fun, and then go back home. Unless unexpected problems rise, that’s the end of the story.

Permanent residents however encounter a number of problems that tourists don’t, dealing in general with legal documentation, health issues, police / court matters or official translations.

Since 2010 I’ve been helping people from many different nationalities with all the legal documentation you will need as a newcomer, as well as to solve everyday Spanish issues and other legal documentation required as a resident.

My services will give you the peace of mind we all want when living in a foreign country.

I’m here to help, just get in touch with me anytime and let me know those concerns or problems that you may have.




“Let me support you. Let me be your voice in Spain”



Spain is not perfect, like every single country on the earth.

I know that some of the reasons why you are living in this area or dreaming of moving here are to:

  • Have a more peaceful and relaxed existence.
  • Enjoy the 300+ sunny days.
  • Live without stress and anxiety.
  • Start a new exciting life away from routine.
  • Learn Spanish.
  • Experience the Spanish culture.

All this (and more) is definitely what you will find in Spain. That’s good news, isn’t it?

Such an ideal life.

A dream that can come true very easily.

Almost every single client I have feels as if Spain is their own home and loves living here.

We are laidback and friendly people :-)

Unfortunately, I’m bringing some bad news too, which comes up in the same package as the dream.

You may have to deal with:

  • Health problems (all kinds, no exception).
  • Legal documentation to purchase, stay or work in Spain legally.
  • Unexpected police / court issues.
  • Bureaucracy and paperwork that seems to never end.
  • Lots of confusing and contradictory information.


I’m here to help and be your voice in Spain, without worries :-)



What a horrible feeling to not understand what people say, right?

Even more frustrating (and scary) is being at official and public places where people talk to you, give you directions, and seem to speak ten times faster than you do in your own language.

And what about wasting your time, spending money for nothing as well as ending up in the wrong place, going round in circles over and over again?

I understand you. I have been there before and experienced similar things living abroad in the USA, especially in the early days back in 2001 when I spoke no English at all.

Lots of frustration and uncertainty.

You don’t need to go through all that mess on your own if you don’t feel confident.

Let me help you out. You are not alone.



Some of the benefits you will get through my most common services are:

  • Obtaining your Spanish legal documents without headaches.
  • Using my official translations being aware that they are 100% legalised and stamped by my certified official translators.
  • Peace of mind because David controls the situation.

Also my services will help you avoid:

  • Spending hours and hours reading misleading and confusing information on the Internet.
  • Getting wrong information from rumours that jump from one group of people to another.
  • Worrying because you don’t know how to speak Spanish.
  • Struggling with the Spanish system.

I don’t pretend to exaggerate anything nor to make up my message. All I’m telling you is based on the years of experience I have and the amount of problems I have solved every day since 2010.

Would you like to know why services are different?

Here are some of the reasons:

  • I’m a native Spaniard and fluent in English.
  • The Spanish system is not a mystery for me.
  • I don’t leave any stone unturned.
  • I’m a professional problem solver.
  • I am 100% reliable and never let down clients.
  • I know how to treat people politely, with respect, and make them feel they are valued clients, regardless of their nationality or social class.

Send me an email or give me a ring and let me know your problems :-)



On my blog I speak about:

  • Interesting facts that you won’t learn in any text book.
  • Valuable tips about how to get established in Spain.
  • All the basic legal things that you will need in the beginning and maybe during your long-term stay.
  • Recommendations about things you should not do in Spain if you don’t want to get into trouble.
  • My own personal stories, advice and points of view which will help you improve your life in Spain.

And I don’t speak about:

  • Nightlife and entertainment.
  • Bars, restaurants and Spanish meals
  • Local/national Spanish holidays
  • Sensational, gossip or TV stuff



Before this business, I worked as a computer analyst / programmer for six years developing software mainly using Microsoft technologies.

I hated it.

Coding was fun, but all the companies I worked for burned me out for one reason or another (stress, tight deadlines, badly paid, horrible working environment… you might know what I’m talking about).

In July 2010 I was happily laid-off from the last job I had as a computer analyst / programmer.

Such an unexpected miracle.

Although I should say that for years I had been looking forward to a change like this.

That’s why I created Torrevieja Translation.

Expressing myself in English is something I truly love. For me, my business is a form of gratitude, something I’m giving back to English language for all the opportunities it has given me over the years.



1. I was born and grew up in Murcia, southeast Spain, back in 1978.

2. From 2001 to 2006 I lived in Peoria, Illinois (USA).

3. I graduated from college in December 2005 in Computer Programming (Illinois Central College. Peoria, Illinois. USA), a two- year degree. Taking some more courses here and there allowed me to do what appears in the following point.

4. From 2009 to 2010 I was able to finish my Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, online (Franklin University. Columbus, Ohio. USA), four-year degree, while I was already living and working in Spain.

5. I’ve been involved in a love/hate relationship with technology since 2001. First in college, when projects drove me crazy. Second as a professional computer analyst programmer for 6 years, feeling frustrated over and over again because of the complexity of this field. Third being self-employed, dealing with my websites, online marketing, SEO and things like that.

6. Languages are one of my passions. I learned French at school and high school. I had three years of German at the Official School of Languages in Torrevieja and know a little bit of Norwegian (I love Scandinavia in general).

7. Music is another passion. My aunt had an old Spanish guitar and I taught myself how to play it. That lead to electric guitar, piano and bass guitar. I only play the piano at present (not constantly). Getting a bit deaf (tinnitus and hearing loss) from all the years of loud music hitting my ears, but I still keep in mind that old dream of composing a symphony one day :-)

8. Writing is definitely my third “identified” passion. I’ve taken around seven creative writing courses in my life. At present I’m studying online marketing and blogging (in English) through reputed professionals. Every now and then I participate in writing contests, in Spanish, of course… and I never win.

9. I’m a natural problem solver and love building things from scratch. My anti-quitter attitude does not allow me to leave a single possibility unexplored or to give up in the middle of a round.

10. Challenges and changes were once invented for me. Give me a new project, situation, or a complex solvable problem and my other self inside will be jumping happily like a child with a new toy.



I would like say thank you so much for reading my books, blog and/or trusting me to be your voice in the Costa Blanca South.

None of this would have been possible without you, whether you are just an anonymous reader or one of my in-person clients.

Thank you very much for your support. I would love it if you could drop a line or two on my Facebook Page!

Just get comfortable and walk around my Website. Visit my blog and send me your comments or opinions anytime if you wish.

I am pleased to have you on board :-)