Living in Altea Spain: The Definitive Guide

Altea Spain

You have decided to move to Altea Spain, a quiet and nice town.

You cannot wait.

You have not made up your mind yet.

You love history and tradition.

You have been reading loads of information about the life in Spain.

You long for good weather in a lovely atmosphere…

Altea is your dream town!


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Introduction to Altea Spain

There are excellent amenities available in Altea, the town is a haven for those that like history with features like its cobbled medieval streets, the old quarter that is picture-book in quality.

However, for those that prefer a loud and active night scene, this is not the place for you and best to avoid the sleepy atmosphere of this charming town.

Before the final move and before this article ends,  let me tell you the essential steps for moving to Altea Spain and at Torrevieja Translation we  will be happy to support you in this important decision.


Where is Altea?

Altea Spain is located on the Costa Blanca in south eastern Spain and 11km to the north of Benidorm while in easy reach of the cities of Alicante and Valencia.

The international airport at El Altet is around one hours drive from Altea, with the resorts of Calpe close by.

Altea Spain Map

(Altea Spain, in the province of Alicante – Google Maps)

Altea emerged as a settlement after the Moors invaded this area of Spain from the 8th century, once conquered, the Moors  named what is now Altea, Althaya, this means health to all.

The old town has a typical Spanish appearance with pretty, narrow cobbled streets dating from the medieval period that lead to a central square.

Photographers and artists are drawn here by the charm of the town, full of natural colour and beauty. Beware though, it is a steep climb up to the old town, once there, the views and historic buildings are worth the effort.

Other important towns such us Guardamar, Orihuela and Torrevieja can be found a little further to the south, as well as Elche.


General Information about Altea

There is no doubt that Altea is one of the most beautiful towns near Alicante, located close to the bustling resort of Benidorm, yet the two are worlds apart.

There is a new and old section to Altea, with the old section perched on top of a steep hill.

The pretty town is popular as a resort and for those fortunate enough to live there, Altea has a small community of multinational expats, although that number is increasing as more people hear of this small town.

If you are moving to Spain from the UK, you will love Altea Spain :-)

Altea Spain Weather

UK citizens have to apply for a visa to live in Spain long-term (more than 90 days), you may want to explore the non-lucrative visa Spain.


What is the Weather like in Altea?

The annual weather of Altea offers an excellent all-year round mild climate with summers that are not too hot and winters not too cold with an  annual year-round average temperature of around 18-20C.

The weather in Benidorm is similar, you will love it :-)


What Architecture can be seen in Altea?

Altea offers some wonderful architecture from the remains of its ancient walls, built to protect the town from invasions by pirates during the 16th century, to the castle that was built on what is now the Plaza de la Iglesia and two of the original three gates to the town remaining, the Vell Portal and the Portal Nou.

Altea Spain holidays



As with most towns and cities of this region of Spain, most local dishes feature foods from the sea and land with fish, vegetables and rice being the chief ingredients used in these dishes, such as paella and tapas.


How much does it cost to rent or buy property in Altea?

There is quite a variation in the cost of property for sale in Altea with one bedroomed apartments available from 139,000 Euros, yet for a little more, you can buy a four bedroomed property from only 165,000. Villas are available in Altea from around 210,000 Euros.

The market for long term rentals is vibrant here with 2 bedroomed apartments available from around 600-900 Euros per month, while a penthouse suite will cost in excess of 1000 Euros per month and a Finca or country house will cost in the region of 1,200 Euros per month.


The most Interesting Attractions you cannot miss in Altea

1. The Old Town

If you begin a tour of the Old Town from the Plaza del Convent, you will soon discover the Iglesia de San Francisco, an old Franciscan convent, from here along the Calle Pont de Moncau and Calle La Sequia are two grand old houses built during the 19th century for local landowners, one of which is now known as the casa de cultura. Climbing the 255 wooden steps is another piece of local culture as these steps are dedicated to the composer and musician Francisco Perez Devesa, a local musical director. Climbing further you will find the ancient city walls and two of the original gateways into the old town.

Altea Spain property

2. Iglesia Plaza and its Church

The church of Virgen del Consuelo takes pride of place on the Plaza de la Iglesia. It is a wonderful church topped with a blue and white dome, standing at the highest point of Altea. The current church was built in the 19th century, although only completed in 1910, a place of worship has existed here for over 900 years. The church as bears marks of the Spanish Civil War of the 1930s when Franco soldiers destroyed one of the bell towers.

Altea Spain tourist information

3. Beaches of Altea

The soft sandy beaches of Altea Spain are worth a visit with the seafront promenade full of bars, cafes and restaurants waiting to serve you should you require refreshment. A little further away from the main beaches there are some wonderful small coves, worth the effort of walking a little further if you prefer a little seclusion away from the busier often crowded beaches.

Altea Spain beach

4. Altea’s Market

Every Tuesday is market day in Altea, it is one of the busiest and most vibrant street markets along the Costa Blanca. Located on the Calle Filarmonica, the market is open from 8am through to 2pm and products on sale include fruit, vegetables, flowers and plants, in addition to clothing, jewellery and local handicrafts.

5. Hike Up The Sierra Helada

The Sierra Helada (Serra Gelada) is a hike of around 8km up this landscape of mountain and natural park, offering stunning views across the Mediterranean and reaching a height of 439 metres above the sea below. Some sections of the route are rocky and a little strenuous, although the flora and fauna to be viewed along the route make it a worthwhile hike, take plenty of water with you on this hike, it is thirsty work.

Altea Spain things to do

6.  Russian Orthodox Church

The Iglesia Ortodoxa Rusa San Miguel Arcangel may be a surprising sight in the hills above Altea and slightly hidden behind some trees. It is a stunning piece of modern architecture, possibly out of place in this part of Spain. It was the first Russian Orthodox Church to be built in Spain and only constructed in 2002, resembles a church dating from the 17th century.

Altea Orthodox church

Credit line: Wegdekstreepje, Karen Rosenblum


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