Living in Calpe Spain: The Definitive Guide

Calpe Spain Alicante

There is so much to do in Calpe Spain!





And an interesting town centre.

Stunning views from the highs in the Peñón de Ifach are not to be missed, as well as its traditional Oktoberfest, starring by lots of different kinds of German beer!

A touristic town where you can also find peaceful sites to relax.

If you want a bit of everything, Calpe is designed for you!

The coastal town of Calpe Spain has images that come straight from a postcard, with features such as a dramatic headland and beaches dotted with palm trees and lapped by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

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Where is Calpe Spain?

Calpe is located at the heart of Spain’s  Costa Blanca in the region of Alicante and just a short distance from the neighbouring province of Valencia.

It is in an ideal position with easy access to the A7 motorway and the N332 that runs from Valencia to the north through to Alicante further to the south.

The international airport at Alicante is just an hour drive from Calpe. The national road from Alicante features several famous resorts including Benidorm and further to the south the resorts of Guardamar and Torrevieja.

Calpe Spain

(Calpe Spain, in the province of Alicante – Google Maps)

Other important cities in South Costa Blanca, such as Orihuela and Elche, are only an hour away from Calpe.


What is the History of Calpe?

For such a small town, Calpe is rich in history through its attracting voyagers and settlers throughout history as long back as Iberian tribes before the Romans arrived when Calpe Spain thrived as a prosperous colony with the main activities of salting and drying fish.

During the 14th to 17th centuries Moors and Christians lived peacefully here although there were frequent attacks made by pirates.

The Moors first arrived in the 8th century and set up irrigation systems to help the watering of fruits and vegetables that thrived in this region.


General Information about Calpe

The population of the town is around 13,000 people, although that rises considerably during the long summer season.

Many British citizens are moving to Spain from the UK to the province of Alicante, especially to Calpe Spain.

The once quiet fishing village is located close to mountains that protect the town from strong northerly winds.

It is described as a collection of romantic villages located between Altea and Javea with a scenic nature with plenty of modern comforts.

 Calpe Spain things to do

 (Taquiman mountain, Calpe Spain)

UK citizens have to apply for a visa to live in Spain long-term (more than 90 days), you may want to explore the non-lucrative visa Spain.


What is the Weather like in Calpe?

The climate found in Calpe Spain is described as a Mediterranean one, with cool sea breezes during the summer and protection from the cold northerly winds of winter by the surrounding mountains.

There is an annual figure of around 3,000 hours of sunshine and an annual temperature with an average in excess of 20C.

The climate here has been described as being one of the world’s most equitable, not overly hot in the summer nor too cold during the winter months, with an average of 325 sunny days each year.


What Architecture can be seen in Calpe?

The best examples of architecture can be found in the ancient town centre close to the Moorish quarter, from there you should visit the town walls before discovering the church of Iglesia Vieja.

This church is the only remaining example of Mudejar-Gothic architecture to be found across the Valencia region.

Close to the Paseo Maritimo are the remains of a Roman villa, once part of the fish factory known as Banys de la Reina, built by the Romans, these remains were only discovered in recent years.

There are also the remains of a Moorish castle overlooking the ravine of Mascarat as well as rui-rau houses with arched porticos used to dry raisins.

Calpe spain weather



The local cuisine of Calpe is a combination of foods from both the land and the sea.

The foods are also a combination of the civilisations that have inhabited this area from the Celts, Iberians, Greeks, Romans and Muslims.

The Mediterranean diet is rich in fish, vegetables, olive oil, rice and fruit. Local dishes include Paella Valenciana, Black Rice, Oven Baked Rice, Fish and Rice Stew and Princes Rice.

If you have a sweet tooth, then the home-made pastries and Jijona ice cream are sure to be popular.


How much does it cost to rent or buy property in Calpe?

Property prices in Calpe Spain vary considerably with the cheap bed apartment currently available from 159,000 Euros, rising up to 249,000 for a four bed apartment or 325,000 for a five bedroomed villa. The price of plots of land here begin from around 100,000 euros.

The cost of long term rentals in Calpe also varies with some one bed apartments available from 400 Euros per month, four bed town-houses from 900 a month and two bedroomed houses costing from 750 per month.


What are the most Interesting Attractions I should visit in Calpe?


The beaches of Calpe Spain are famed for their fine sand. Its two main beaches are known as the Playa Arenal and the Playa Roig and along with its other beaches of La Fossa and the Bay of Gasparet there are excellent facilities for swimming and surfing.

Calpe Spain nightlife

The Peñón de Ifach

This massive rock that overlooks the town of Calpe offers perfect views from the top, of the local area across the Costa Blanca, even as far as the island of Ibiza on a clear day. The rock measures 332m in height and is almost sheer above the sea.

To reach the top, visitors must make a difficult climb by using a footpath and a short tunnel through the rock. Once emerging from the tunnel there are no safety barriers and this climb is not recommended for those with a fear of heights, young children or anyone not fit for such a climb.

Calpe Spain hotels

Churches in Calpe

The towns two oldest churches and most visited as attractions are the Iglesia Antigua and the Senora de las Nieves, both located in the town centre and date from the 15th century.

In the town centre there is also an Archaeology Museum with artefacts dating from the 4th century. The fiesta museum explains the local fiestas and culture surrounding both Christian and Muslim traditions.

Modern Marina

Sitting alongside the old fishing port is a modern marina from where boat rides are available around the rock of Penon de Ifach in addition to boat trips to the resort of Benidorm.

Another feature of local transportation is the narrow gauge railway that operates from Alicante through to Denia with a stop at Calpe.

Calpe Spain holidays


The nearby golf course of Ifach is located on a country estate at Moraira and is a challenging nine hole course with excellent views of the sea with varying terrain and narrow fairways making this a tricky but entertaining golf course. There are a selection of other golf courses with one hours driving time of Calpe.


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