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You are at the core of my business: my in-person consulting /interpreting / translation services, which I created to help you with your everyday issues in Spain and to improve your life while living here.

Over the years, since I started Torrevieja Translation in 2010, I have become the voice of thousands of people in the Spanish South Costa Blanca, Costa Cálida, Cartagena and Murcia.

With the exception of touristic areas where most people speak English albeit poorly to get by at their businesses or jobs, you are in Spain and Spanish is the official language.

And sorry to tell you this: most people in Spain do not speak English.

What you hear most of the time in tourist areas in particular is just a recital, verses memorised in English and played out as a script; it’s just information they have to repeat every single day.

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Somebody who speaks English using 120 words does not speak “good English”. And do not expect a much higher level of understanding either.

Do you see the importance of either speaking the language yourself or taking a fluent specialist with you?

Even if you speak Spanish, the situation gets more complex when dealing, for instance, with public institutions: the bureaucracy of a system executed by people from a culture different to yours.

Knowing how to move within the system (as well as being aware of when you can persist, let go or fight back) is in many occasions the key to success.

But that is only possible through real professional experience and in-depth knowledge of the culture and the language.

And that’s what I do for a living :-)

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