Capital gains tax in Spain: The definitive guide

Capital Gains Tax

This article is only about capital gains tax in Spain. However, you might be thinking about settling in Spain. If yes,  I have the perfect articles I published on Torrevieja Translation to help you move to Spain, but I will put them at the end of the article. Read on What is meant by capital gains tax […]

Power of attorney in Spain: The definitive guide

Spanish power of attorney

Before you start reading the power of attorney in Spain guide, here are three useful links for when you read the power of attorney article: EU residency Non-EU residency Moving to Spain: The 2021 guide Can you imagine your beautiful Spanish property? The garden to the right. A swimming pool to the left. A white […]

The ultimate guide about tax in Spain for residents

Tax in Spain for residents

Would you like to know more about tax in Spain for residents? Look no further, this is your article Before we start: This article is only about tax, at the end of the article I will put links to other useful content about Spanish residency, NIE number, visas, healthcare in Spain. Perhaps you are thinking […]

The ultimate guide about non resident tax Spain

Non resident tax in Spain

It’s one of the biggest mistakes: not being aware of non resident tax Spain. You obtain your NIE number. You buy Spanish property. Maybe to spend your holidays here. Maybe to rent out. You pay the corresponding tax. The lawyer fees. The estate agent fees. You may apply for Spanish residency one day. But… Something goes […]

The Ultimate Guide on Spanish Notary

Spanish notary

Welcome to the biggest and most accurate guide on Spanish notary you will ever find on the Internet 1. What is a notary? Notaries are both civil servants of the Spanish system as well as Law professionals, dedicated to confirm the nature of a document or testimonies according to Law. Therefore, once a document is […]