The definitive Spain visa guide and types of Spanish visas

Spain visa

Let me guess: you have been researching about the different Spain visa types. You are from a non-European country. You want to live in Spain. Long-term. Without any tourist visa, without the 90-day restriction. You want to experience the real Spanish culture. Life in Spain. Learn Spanish. Maybe work here. Maybe create a business here. […]

Moving to Spain from UK: The Definitive Guide

Relocating to Spain from UK

The time has come: Moving to Spain from UK. The dream. Living in Spain. In the sun. The beautiful weather. The Spanish sunrise. The Spanish sunset. You in the middle, in control of your life. Think about it. You… living a happy life in Spain, every day, between each sunrise and each sunset. Your spouse […]

Top 7 essential tips before retiring in Spain

Immigrating to Spain

Many Americans love the idea of retiring in Spain. The old Europe. The ancient culture. The United Kingdom is around the corner. And so many other EU countries are just one or two hours away… You will learn Spanish. You will love the architecture. The friendly culture. The gastronomy. But if you are beginning to […]

5 Tips for living in Spain as an American

Living in Spain as an American

Living in Spain as an American… OMG, I have so many stories!  And so much advice to give about living your best life here in Spain… When I first arrived, fresh off the boat from California, I did not really know all of the ins and outs of living in Spain as an American. So […]

Moving to Spain from Australia: The Definitive Guide

Moving from Australia to Spain

The decision has been made: you are moving to Spain from Australia. Your Spanish dream is around the corner. You can see it. The old Europe. The architecture. The gastronomy.  The History. All handy thanks to this important decision you have made.  Spain is waiting for you, I promise. We are a friendly culture.  We […]

Moving to Spain from South Africa: The Definitive Guide


The time has come, you are moving to Spain from South Africa. You can visualize yourself in Spain. Seating outside your Spanish property. The sunset on the horizon. The breeze. The smell of the Spanish nature. You feel safe in Spain. You feel happy. You believe you have made one of the best decisions ever: […]

Moving to Spain from Canada: The Definitive Guide

Canadian moving to Spain

The time has come, you are thinking about moving to Spain from Canada. Permanently. Legally. The dream. A new exciting life is waiting for you in Spain. You can feel it. The sun. The good weather. The historical cities’ architecture. The spirit of the small towns from old Europe. Now it’s the right time. You […]

A mini guide on immigrating to Spain from the USA

moving from usa to spain

About a year ago, I thought about immigrating to Spain.  Living in Madrid for this time has taught me so much about moving to and living in Spain. You might think that after you received your visa from your home consulate, that all the work is done and that once you arrive here, you will […]