A mini guide on immigrating to Spain from the USA

moving from usa to spain

About a year ago, I thought about immigrating to Spain.  Living in Madrid for this time has taught me so much about moving to and living in Spain. You might think that after you received your visa from your home consulate, that all the work is done and that once you arrive here, you will […]

Moving to Spain from USA: The Definitive Guide

moving to spain from usa

Let’s start with a simple question about moving to Spain from USA: What are the steps you should follow before the big move? And what about this other simple question: What other essential things will you need after you move? I can imagine what you might have done so far. You have been reading countless […]

How I got my Spanish non lucrative visa

spanish non lucrative visa

Before reading Karen’s article about the Spanish non-lucrative visa,  let me ask you something: Are you from the USA? If yes, please read my article Moving to Spain from the USA  Before we start… Yours Free Spain 101 is a free ebook full of unique tips that will save you thousands of Euros when moving to / living in Spain. Would […]