Moving to Spain from South Africa: The Definitive Guide


The time has come, you are moving to Spain from South Africa.

You can visualize yourself in Spain.

Seating outside your Spanish property.

The sunset on the horizon.

The breeze.

The smell of the Spanish nature.

You feel safe in Spain.

You feel happy.

You believe you have made one of the best decisions ever: moving to Spain.


The fulfilment of a dream

After so many years of hard work, it all makes sense.


Your new happy life.

Spain is one of the safest countries on the earth. Most expats living in Spain will never suffer any serious threat or danger.

It’s the right time.


Not in two months, nor in a year.

Now is the time.

The dream is about to come true.

The perfect time to start planning the big move has arrived.

Yes, the “big move” because I’m sure nobody has told you that… emigrating to Spain from South Africa is a big move.


Well, it’s a huge move actually

It’s is.

Especially because you will need to do it legally.

Let me explain.

You will not be able to live in Spain permanently without a visa and a Spanish residency card.

And right here, right at this point, is when things begin to blur.

You might have tried to research the visa and Spanish residency card on the internet

Maybe you have asked on Facebook to other South Africans in Spain.

Maybe you registered in expat forums.

Maybe you have used official websites.

Let me guess, here is the outcome:


Nobody seems to know how it really works


And it’s true: almost nobody knows how it really works.

Because moving to Spain from South Africa is complex.

Because there are too many steps and requirements.

Because you are moving to a foreign country, Spain, which has different laws, rules and regulations.

You could spend some good 50 hours doing research on the internet, collecting information here and there, to get nowhere.

You may even feel more lost than at the beginning.

Desperation is guaranteed.

Frustration is guaranteed.

Confusion is guaranteed.


But here are the good news

It only takes the right guidance and a little bit of money to move to Spain successfully.

Your visa stamped on your passport.

Your Spanish residency permit in your wallet.

Your Spanish dream will begin right at that point.

It will not happen automatically though.

Your good intentions will not be enough.

There are only two requirements:

  1. You must stop trying to do things on your own
  2. You must hire a professional who has real experience on the ground

No mystery, life will be easy in Spain if you stay away from trying to do things on your own and let experienced professionals assist you.


All you need is here

Introducing the very first step to moving to Spain from South Africa, your tailor-made guide.

moving to Spain from South Africa

I have been told by many South Africans living in Spain that they would have loved to have a guide like this when they moved to Spain.

They were lost, clueless.

It was so much uncertainty.

Nobody could tell them the right steps to move from South Africa to Spain.

It took countless hours of research, as well as unnecessary visits to the Consulate of Spain in Cape Town and Pretoria (plus the immigration offices in Spain).

You would not want to take the wrong path, correct?

This is why your guide will be the definitive A to Z action plan for moving to Spain from South Africa because:

  • It will be based on your unique situation
  • It will take you to the right path. No more time wasted on the Internet asking about Spanish visas, residency, tax, property
  • It will save you dozens (maybe hundreds) of thousands of South African Rands in professional services you will not need
  • It will prevent you from getting scammed if you buy property in Spain


Stay away from trouble and do it right

Not only South Africans in Spain make these kinds of mistakes, but many other foreign people who try to do things on their own (neither knowing the Spanish system nor the language).

Here are the most common issues foreigners have:

  • The Spanish immigration authorities
  • The Spanish tax office
  • Buying property impulsively and getting scammed (i.e.: getting lower quality than expecting, illegal property, being their properties in the middle of nowhere or in a bad area)

Therefore, your personalized guide will cover those specific areas that will keep you away from trouble, will save you money, and will prevent wasting your time.

Here are some of the usual contents I cover in my personalized guides:

  • General tips for living in Spain
  • Getting the visa in the correct Consulate of Spain in South Africa
  • Getting the residency card in Spain
  • Tips about buying property in Spain
  • The legal property purchase process
  • Tax ID number
  • Tax implications
  • Driving in Spain for South African citizens
  • Home and car insurance

And not only the previous points.

Have you got any other areas of concern? No problem, this is why…


Your guide is 100% personalized

Yes, and, believe me, it is best starting point to successfully emigrating to Spain from South Africa.

What I will produce here is:

  • A personalized guide I will create for you exclusively based on your unique situation
  • tailor-made road map so that your first steps in Spain are smooth and free of worries
  • A true money saving machine to prevent tax issues, scams, unnecessary professional services

Moving to Spain from South Africa has never been easier thanks to your personalized guide, which I will only produce if I know it will be 500% effective.

After we speak during the pre-production stage, I will be in the position to know whether I can help you or not (I will let you know how it works in a moment).


Why do I know so much about this?

Let me introduce myself.

My name is David Ruiz, and I’m the man below.

David Ruiz

Since 2010, I’ve helped more than 10,000 foreigners from EU and non-EU countries settling in Spain through my business Torrevieja Translation.

I know the ups and downs when moving to Spain very well, the fears, the expectations, the worries, and how to protect foreign people from scammers, tax issues, immigration issues.

Otherwise, I would not have been able to write so many books about living in Spain:

I was born and grew up in Murcia (southeast Spain) but I lived in Peoria Illinois (USA) between 2001-2006, where I graduated from college (Computer Programming and Web Technology). Then, I transfer to a four-year degree in Information Technology from Franklin University (Columbus, Ohio).

In 2010 I got laid off from my last computer programming job and I decided it was time to work with people, hand to hand, on the ground, helping foreigners in Spain. This led to creating my relocation, translation and interpreting business.

The Spanish system is not a mystery for me, not only because I am a Spanish-speaking native but because my real experience is in-person, dealing with the Spanish system face to face, helping foreigners.

I short, I’m not an amateur trying to scratch a few pennies selling relocation services or ads on my website.

When you hire my services, you will not only get a service done to perfection but “peace of mind”, because Torrevieja Translation is one of the best sources for moving to Spain (sorry, I’m bragging, but it’s true 😊).

Moving to Spain from South Africa: how does it work?

Here is my three-step process.

1. Pre-Production stage

I will ask you a few basic questions by email to know what group you belong too.

Then, based on your personal situation, if I’m totally sure I can help you, I will propose the guidelines for your personalized guide.

Another possibility is to hire me to help you obtain your visa, Spanish residency card, or even get involved in other matters such as housing. We will discuss it during this stage.

2. Production stage

To produce your personalized guide, I will:

  1. Use my exclusive research methodology and experience helping South Africans moving to Spain.
  2. Speak with the Consulate of Spain.
  3. Speak with your relevant foreign affairs office in Spain
  4. Discuss any questions with my team of collaborators about your specific questions

My team of collaborators include:

  • Lawyers: experts in property law, immigration
  • Legal advisers: tax, consultancy
  • Real estate agencies
  • Property agents
  • Official translators

3.Post-production stage

Your personalized guide will not be a “closed product”. Instead, when I deliver the guide, I will be happy to clarify any points described within the guide.

Please let me know the exact concerns you have, your plans, your wishes, your dreams 😊

As mentioned earlier, can guarantee that my personalized guide will save you dozens (or hundreds) of thousands of Rands in mistakes, potential scams, issues with the tax office, time wasted at the consulate or immigration offices, or unnecessary professional services.


Shall we speak?


Let’s start out with an email. Please put your name and email address below. I will get back to you shortly!

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