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Are you thinking about moving to Torrevieja Spain?

If yes, this is your guide :-)

You are either from an EU or non-EU country… and I have the perfect articles I published on Torrevieja Translation to help you move to Spain, but I will put them at the end of the article.

The article I’m publishing today was written by Wendy Withrington, originally from Bristol (England).

lineaA trip around Torrevieja Spain

I have lived in Torrevieja for 12 years. It is a very cosmopolitan town within South Costa Blanca and I do not need to drive my car unless I am going out of town because everything is to hand for me. My road runs right through the heart of the town.

Torrevieja spreads from La Mata to Punta Prima, and has 14 kilometers of coastline. It was once a small fishing village. It still is a fishing port, but the village is now a town.

Torrevieja Spain Map

(Torrevieja, Costa Blanca, South east Spain – Google Maps)

Nature in Torrevieja

We have two large salt lagoons with wonderful colours: the pink lake and the green lake.

These make up the La mata and Torrevieja nature reserve. To walk round them is very rewarding and these natural surroundings make it a good tourist area.

Pink and green lakes in Torrevieja

(Pink and green lakes of Torrevieja – View taken from International Space Station)

In the centre of Torrevieja town

The plaza (square) and the main church, which was originally erected in 1798 and rebuilt in 1844 following the earthquake. It is a very central building and hosts many of the towns processions (e.g. Holy week and Christmas).

There are 3 theatres in the town:

  • Teatro Municipal
  • Palacio de Música
  • Virgen del Carmen

I am so lucky as I can walk to any of them as parking is at a premium. Many Charity shows appear at these theatres and are varied between Spanish and English shows and prices are reasonable.

About Culture in Torrevieja

Museums and culture are abundant here.

The sea and salt museum is housed temporary at Patricio Pérez street, whist work is being carried out in the Eras de la Sal complex (which also houses an open air theatre for summer concerts).

The museum is to show the imprint left by the sea on the people of Torrevieja Spain over the centuries showing the town is closely bound up with the sea and production of Salt.

The custom launch Albatros 111 was constructed in 1974 and is now a floating museum and is moored next to the submarine called Delfin which also part of the floating museum and offers us the chance to discover the insides of a sub. These are moored in the towns fishing port.

The Museo de la Semana Santa is situated a few kilometres out of the main town and this houses all the treasures of Torrevieja’s Holy week, where there are processions every night throughout the town.


(Playa de La Mata, Cabo Cervera – Torrevieja Spain)

Torrevieja Beaches

There are great walks along the promenade toward the eastern docks.

Here we have a magnificent avenue which is a raised structure supported on breakwater which runs out for almost a mile.

There are seats and pergolas where you can relax halfway along is a statue of a woman waving to her fisherman husband, a cycle path and walkway runs along the lower path leading to a new marina and very relaxing bars.

Torrevieja beaches

(A picture taken from the raised structure)

I run along the avenue as often as I can you meet some very interesting people. From there you can see Playa de los Náufragos and Playa del Acequión.


(Playa de los Náufragos, the raised structure is behind the right stone wall – Torrevieja Spain)

The playas (beaches) that are close to my street, Ramón Gallud, are called Playa de los Locos, and the nearest 3 minutes walk is Playa del Cura, named after a priest who was washed up on the shore. I love living so close to the sea and with the warm sunshine its heaven.

Shopping in Torrevieja

The shopping is quite good but the best place is the Habaneras shopping arcade.

And of course we have to mention the weekly street market.

People travel from miles around as it is one of the largest on the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida Spain.

It is always on a Friday and serves both local Spanish people and foreign residents and the many tourists. It covers 2 sq kms.

Torrevieja Spain

(“La Bella Lola” at the seafront… always waiting)

My favourite bars and restaurants in Torrevieja

For entertainment, the best places I know are in the centre of Torrevieja. Some of these bars have something on every night some Spanish and some English.

There are many bars where you can get a glass of wine red or white for 80 cents, including a “tapa”, or if you like you can buy wine direct from the barrel, very nice and very cheap.

In conclusion, I could talk for much longer about my town as I love being in the centre of a predominately busy and Spanish town, there is so much to do and see.

Wendy Withrington

Image Credit: Mike Y., P. Heather, NASA

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