One free ebook for living in Spain which could save you many thousands of Euros… Really?

Yes, it could.


How many things would you change from decisions you made in the past only if you had had the right information?

Very many.

Maybe it was that property that you bought / sold impulsively.

Maybe it was a car that was sold to you twice as much as the usual price.

Maybe it was a bad investment because you had been told it was the best investment in history.

The list goes on and on.

They say that knowledge is power.

No doubt.

But knowledge is also a huge cash saving machine.


The first steps of your Spanish journey (as an introductory course in university, for instance, Calculus 101, Marketing 101, Computer Scicence 101)…

Equals my free ebook:

Spain 101: The top 7 mistakes most foreigners make when moving / living in Spain (which can cost you thousands of Euros)


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About saving pennies and feeling the king of the hill

Years ago, I did not believe that you could save money by having the right information.

I thought saving money was asking for prices here and there and getting the cheaper deal.

For instance, one pineapple.

Shop 1

– How much is it?

– €5.

Shop 2

– How much is it?

– €4.5

“Good, I will get it from Shop 2 because it’s cheaper… I will save €0.5… I feel the king of the hill, the ultimate cash saver”.

That was my idea of saving money.


Back in 2010, I created my own business helping foreigners get settled in Spain.

Over the years, clients acknowledged the power of having the right information I gave them at the right time.

The useful knowledge, where you can save the big money, piles of cash saved.

How things are processed in Spain.





Driving licence.

I’m not talking about everyday tips, to save a few coins here and there.

Not about how to save a few coins on the electricity bill.

Not about where the cheapest petrol station is located.

Not about where you can get the best and cheapest Spanish meal.

I’m talking about the big savings, the major league.

The outcome?

Many clients saved thousands of Euros buying (and not buying) property.

Many clients saved thousands of Euros because they had healthcare in Spain when they went through health issues.

Many clients saved thousands of Euros because they had the right information about tax, inheritance, and immigration.


  • Peace of mind
  • Stress free
  • Anxiety free

(Which in my opinion is much better than saving money).

All this did not happen through some kind of free consultation.

My clients hired me.

I helped them get settled in Spain.

I gave them the actionable information I mentioned (without even noticing).

Introducing Spain 101

It’s yours.

It’s free.

It’s the ebook that can save you thousands of Euros in mistakes you will not make (unless you want to make them or you accidentally make them).

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What is inside Spain 101?

My clients say that this book is:

  • Very informative
  • Practical
  • Funny
  • Entertainment

Which boots my ego… for a moment… then I come down to earth.

Will that be your opinion about Spain 101?


Maybe not…

You will only know after you read it.

What you will learn:

• The essential document to live in Spain legally (it is not your passport).

• The super top top top mistake that many people make when they buy property in Spain (high price on three essential areas: psychological, economical, emotional).

• Healthcare in Spain is free (Wrong… and it will cost you a big sum when you don’t do what I describe in the ebook).

• Oh, I did not realize I had to pay tax in Spain (Bad… the Spanish tax office hears that excuse around half a million times per week).

• Driving in Spain using a driving licence that’s not valid in Spain (which would be the same as driving on a licence that has a crazy Benny Hill’s face on it).

• Everybody speaks Spanish in Spain (yes, especially in coastal areas, which must be 12.5% of Spain… the other 87.5% has no clue of English).

• Social media: The free library for disaster (everybody seems to know everything on social media even when there are 5000 contradictions on the same post).

Spain 101 is yours

If you have read up until this point, I have already revealed some important tips for moving to / living in Spain.


One more thing.

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The 12 emails are unique pieces of information through which I will speak about relocation, Spanish residency, property,  tips moving to Spain, how to do well in Spain…


…about other topics that may not seem to be related to Spain…



During the 12 days, you will also receive the usual 3 emails I send per week:

  • One on Monday
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  • Weekends off

No matter whether any of those three days is:

  • Christmas Day
  • Spain Day
  • Madrid Day
  • Benidorm Day
  • Mallorca Day
  • New year’s Day
  • Hot August Day at 50 Celsius (122 Fahrenheit)

Three emails per week.

Unique emails.

Written by me (not by an employee in training or by a ghost writer).

Perhaps to show something about Spain.

Perhaps to make your day or make you laugh.

Perhaps to show you a point of view.

Perhaps to tell a story.


In my emails, I will offer you my relocation services for moving to Spain.

It’s free.

It’s here.

It’s yours.

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To your happy life in Spain.