Non Lucrative Residence Visa Spain

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non lucrative visa spain


What is the non-lucrative visa?

In simple words: it’s a stay permit given to non-EU citizens who want to live in Spain.

The visa itself is just a one-page sticker on your passport issued by the Spanish embassy, which has special security marks.

The Spanish non lucrative visa is produced at the Spanish embassy/consulate of your country of origin.


How long can you stay in Spain with this visa?

There are two main groups of foreign people when it comes to stay permits:

  • EU citizens (don’t need visas)
  • Non-EU citizens (do need visas)

Some countries like the USA have special agreements with the EU, so you if you’re a US citizen, you can stay in Spain up to 3 months without a visa, as a tourist.

Other non-EU countries need a tourist visa, even if they’re only spending several weeks in Spain.

One way or another, if your plan is to live in Spain or to spend more than six months, then you need a non-lucrative visa, which after the corresponding renewals will allow you to live in Spain forever.


Main characteristic (only one)

Here we go:

“You can’t work or create a business in Spain”


If you’re running a business abroad, no problem at all.

If you’re running an online business, no problem at all.

If you’re on one or more public/private pensions, no problem at all.

If you’re making money through investments, no problem at all.

And, of course, if you have your own savings, no problem at all.

In short, you will be able to stay legally in Spain, but not working here.


Can your family members apply with you?

Yes, they can.

By ‘family members’ I mean: spouse, children, or parents who’re dependant on you.

The key here is always to prove that you can support your family members economically.


What are the requirements?

There are two important ones: financial means and health coverage. However, the list of “secondary” requirements is quite big.

Every embassy/consulate requires “about” the same, but there are always little differences amongst them, so that’s why it’s so important to go through a preliminary research that would be included in my Non-lucrative Visa Spain pack.


All you need is the correct guidance

As you may have noticed already, the internet is a mix of:

  • Free misleading information (most websites)
  • Amateurs trying to make a living on things they don’t know (a few websites here and there)
  • Real true experts (a tiny group of websites which I belong to)

I’ve been a relocation adviser since 2010 running Torrevieja Translation in the heat of the constantly changing Spanish bureaucracy, helping EU and non-EU foreigners.

I’m also the relocation manager of several well-known law firms and legal advisers in South Costa Blanca. So I have awhole army of lawyers and legal advisers in my team.😊


How can you apply for the non lucrative visa Spain?

Three options:

Option 1

You spend hours and hours reading contradictory information on the internet to do it yourself.

I’ve been in the relocation industry for many years, so I promise the rate of failure and frustration is quite high when foreign people throw themselves at the Spanish system wall (not speaking the language, not knowing the rules, only trusting what they’ve read on free pages or Facebook forums).

The usual outcome is going round in circles, as well as wasting time and money.

Option 2

You spend a fortune in services from lawyers and attorneys that will do exactly what I will do.

Option 3

You can hire my services where I will:

  1. Guide you through the visa application(critical step), which would include: speaking with the embassy/consulate, sending you a comprehensive list of requirements, filling out the official forms, making the appointment for you.
  2. Provide you with the official translations you will need for the visa application. I will send them to your home. This service will be included in my non-lucrative visa Spain
  3. Guide you through the Spanish residency card process when you’re in Spain (critical step). I will make the appointment at the police for you, I will let you know the final requirements at this stage, and I will even be with you as your interpreter if you’re within my geographical coverage area (Warning: you only have 30 days to obtain your Spanish residency card once you’re in Spain, otherwise you’ll lose your visa. In fact, many adventure lovers from Option 1 lose their non-lucrative visa).



My relocation services are not for everybody.


I must be sure:

  1. I can assist you throughout the whole process. Otherwise, I never ever charge anybody for services I can’t provide.
  2. You’re willing to hire me because you’re aware that the Spanish non lucrative visa is a complex process to be solved for professional experts.

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