Non lucrative visa Spain

Looking for information to apply for your Spanish non-lucrative visa?

If yes… welcome to the confusing world of the Spanish paperwork!

I know, you must have been reading dozens of websites that have done nothing but confuse you. Especially, because not even the official websites state clearly what you need (not to mention non-official sites of people just telling their experience).

non lucrative visa spain

The good news?

I’ve been helping people settling in Spain since 2010, like a pro, as a registered business, concentrating on useful stuff (legal documentation for foreigners and problem solving interpreting) and not on those things that won’t keep you away from trouble or fines in Spain (such as Spanish food, travel, dancing, and picturesque Spanish stuff).

I know what you’re looking for: real solutions to your problems in Spain.

And I’m know what I’m looking for: solving your problems in Spain, as well as to see all my clients smiling after another successfull job, like David and Alfredo describe here:

“Figuring out the intricacies and nuances of applying for Spanish residency was a daunting task. I needed an expert. Luckily, we found David Ruiz. In addition to being completely knowledgeable about the process (including specific to our specific city in Spain), David was always available and patient to answer all questions, including an extremely helpful ‘face to face’ Skype meeting before we went to Spain to file all the paperwork. The bottom line: my application for residency was approved, and in short order.

David’s “guide book” and list of “to do” items that he provided to me before hand were invaluable. Literally, I could not have done it without him. My husband, Alfredo, and I were extremely pleased. I recommend him heartily.”

— David Perry, Palm Springs, California & Santander, Spain (

Here it is: The non lucrative visa Spain

It’s a process that has two parts to begin with:

  1. You apply for the non-lucrative visa at the Spanish embassy/consulate
  2. Then, once you get your visa, you will have to get the short-term Spanish residency card within 90 days when you’re in Spain

The problem?

Just one sentence: a ton of unclear requirements.

This is the exact point where most people panic.

Some people may do what that funny and smiley guy recommends in his travel blog (I’m sure he’s got good travel advise, but legal documentation is a whole different universe).

Other people may follow jump from one contradition to another on Facebook groups and forums.

A small group of people will just pay fortunes in professional services for something they could have done themselves only if they had had:

The right information to apply for the Spanish non-lucrative visa


And this is what my business is about: helping foreign people with the right information 😉

No internet gossip.

No lucky fluke.

No “I’ve been told”.

Even when I do something new within the Spanish system my intuition tells me whether I’m on the right track or not.


Law of attraction?

Special power?


It’s just that I’ve solved problems in person for more than 8000 foreigners in Spain since 2010.


I’m aware I cannot help everybody getting their non-lucrative visas because not everybody will meet the expected requirements for the Spanish non-lucrative visa.

So, why don’t we start out with a first email ?

I would love to hear from you and that you get to know me, and after I have more details about your personal case, I’ll know whether I can help you getting your non-lucrative visa.

Sounds goods?


Just put your name, email address, and citizenship below, click on Send, and I’ll get back to you shortly. Gracias :-)

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