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Spanish Town: San Javier Spain

Location: Southeast Spain, within Costa Calida Spain, in the province of Murcia, next to San Pedro del Pinatar

map of spain - san javier

(San Javier, Murcia – Google Maps)

san javier spain

(Boats seem to be there to be picked up anytime!)

little house on the beach

(I really like those little houses on the beach, but have no clue what they are for)


San Javier Spain

Brief History: Along with San Pedro del Pinatar, San Javier is a small town that comes with an amazing history.

Prehistoric man, Phoenicians, Romans, Carthaginians and Arabs were some of the most remarkable civilizations in the history of Spain that lived in San Javier.

The town took its name from the Apostle San Francisco Javier in the early 17th century.

Two well-known areas within the San Javier municipality are “Santiago de la Ribera” and “La Manga”, the second one shares with the town hall of Cartagena.

san javier murcia

(Promenade along the beach – Santiago de la Ribera, San Javier, Murcia)

Murcia city is around 40 minutes away.

The Costa Blanca is only 20 minutes away, province of Alicante, Valencia region.

There is an important Spanish Airbase in San Javier, where (amongst many other military activities) the aerobatic demonstration team of the “Eagle Patrol” has its base.

san javier murcia eagle patrol

(You may see the “Patrulla Águila” —Eagle Patrol in the sky one day)

To read more visit the official San Javier Tourism Department website.

Don’t miss the exceptional walk along the beach in San Javier if you ever go!


P.S.: Again, some of the pictures above were taken by my brother Sergio. Thanks mate!

Image Credit: Coleccionista I.


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  1. Jess says

    Hi David,

    San Javier is a lovely place, Colin and I were there one year when an Air Display was on, spectacular. I feel Santago del Ribera and La Manga offer different aspect and both lovely places to visit not too far from our homes.
    Regards Jess.

    • David Ruiz says

      Hi Jess,

      I think they are interesting towns, but not in the summer! They can get so packed of people…

      Best regards,


  2. Juan Guillermo Villada says

    Esimado Sr. Ruiz.Al llegar a mi edad de retiro, deseamos mi esposa y yo, radicarnos en España, conocemos algo y estuvimos viviendo en Barcelona unos meses, hace 10 años.
    Le ruego , si no es mucha molestia,que me informe o guíe sobre qué pueblos (no ciudades) son Buenos para vivir (aunque de España, todo es Bueno), pero de Mdrid hacia el sur pues estamos saturados del frio canadiense.
    Gracias por su atención.

    Juan Guillermo Villada

    • David Ruiz says

      Hola Juan,

      Una decisión así es bastante personal, pero por cuestiones de clima, yo os recomendaría el Levante español, y entre ellos la Costa Cálida y Costa Blanca, pero ya dependerá de si buscáis zonas costeras, de interior, o urbanas.


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