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Spanish Town: San Pedro del Pinatar Spain

Location: South east Spain, within Costa Calida Spain. in the province of Murcia, at the southern edge of the Valencia Region, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Mar Menor.


(San Pedro del Pinatar Spain, Murcia – Google Maps)

san-pedro-del-pinatar-water hourse

(Little house on the beach… not really sure what it’s for!)


San Pedro del Pinatar Spain

Brief History: San Pedro del Pinatar (simply called “San Pedro” by the locals) is a small town that has been inhabited by ancient civilizations, including the Iberians, the Phoenicians and the Romans.

For many centuries this Spanish town’s main industry has been fishing. The beach area is called “Lo Pagán”. Some of its famous beaches are “Villananitos”, “La Puntica” and “La Mota”.

If you ever have a chance to go, don’t miss the salt lagoon and surroundings. Beautiful. You will also see people covered with mud, which seems to have some therapeutic properties.


(Promenade + mud area to the left)

San Pedro del Pinatar Spain is, in my opinion, a town that still retains some of the essence of what I would call “a typical Spanish town”, even though it is an important tourist destination for Spaniards and for people from other countries.

To me, those “pure Spanish towns” are places that have not changed much over the last few decades, keeping their local architecture, culture and traditions.

San Pedro del Pinatar Spain

(Old windmill)

One final recommendation: have a walk along the beach in Lo Pagán, or sit down for a drink or something to eat in a restaurant across from the beach. I did just that several weeks ago. Nice views.

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P.S.: All the pictures (except the header image and the map) were taken by my brother Sergio, exclusively for this article. Thanks mate! :-)

Credit image: Tinnyaw


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