Living in Mazarron Spain: The Definitive Guide

Puerto mazarrón

Can you imagine the Puerto de Mazarron Spain during the Carthaginian period of history in the 3rd century BC?

Or the mines of Mazarron that date from Roman times?

Mazarron is a unique town full of history as well as regarded as a family friendly resort… you will love it :-)


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Where is Mazarron Spain?

Mazarron is located in the municipality of the same name on the Costa Calida in the province of Murcia in southern Spain.

Mazarron is located about a forty minute drive from Murcia Airport (located in San Javier).

Mazarron Spain

(Mazarron Spain – Google Maps)

Within Murcia, the cities of Cartagena and Murcia are within east reach, as is Los Alcazares.


General Information about Mazarron

The busy resort and port of Puerto Mazarron has a population of around 35,000 people.

Over an hour driving time from Mazarron Spain, we can get to the international airport of Alicante.

The name Mazarron is derived from “Almzarron”, meaning ochre or red in Arabic after the colour deposits left from mining minerals found in the area.

The Enchanted City of Bolnuevo, in Mazarron, is a yellow sandstone shapes, rock formations, which is a tourist attraction. In Spanish is called “La ciudad encantada”.

Ciudad encantada Mazarron Murcia Spain

(La ciudad encantada – Mazarron Spain)

Moving inland the regions landscape and vegetation are transformed by agriculture, where the major crops are tomatoes, cereals and citrus fruits.

Yecla is one of the farthest towns from Mazarron, within the region of Murcia.

Further inland are the Sierras, a mountainous unpopulated area, very arid where you can find the forest reserve of Coto Fortuna.

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What is the Weather like in Mazarron?

Mazarron is sheltered by the foothills of the Sierra de la Almenera and receives a Mediterranean climate with over 315 days of sunshine every year and very mild winters.

If we drive up north along the coast, we will find other important coastal towns such as San Pedro.

The minimum average temperature in Mazarron Spain is around 12-14C, with winter temperatures often reaching 20-22C.

In the summer months the temperature rises to around 35C, with an annual average temperature of 18C.


What Architecture can be seen in Mazarron?

The history dates back to ancient times with remains found in several caves dating from the Middle Palaeolithic Age.

Mazarron is rich in local history and culture with archaeological remains on buildings such as the Old Alum Factory, the 15th century Velez Castle, old abandoned mines and the 16th century San Andres Church.

There are lots of outdoor pursuits organised from Mazarron Town Hall, these activities include mountain walking, sub-aqua diving, sailing, cycling and many others.

During the summer months, live music events are organised most evenings on the Paseo (promenade) in Puerto Mazarron.

Puerto de Mazarron Murcia Spain

The beautiful forest reserve of Coto Fortuna offers outdoor pursuits including rambling.

For most archaeology evidence you should visit the towns Archaeology Museum for the long history of Mazarron Spain.



The incredibly fertile plains of Murcia produce an array of fresh fruit and vegetables, and this is evident when it comes to local cuisine, as you will also find in Murcia city

These local ingredients make up the base ingredients of several regional dishes. Rice is a staple food here along with game and farmed meat.

Some local dishes include rice and vegetables, rice and ribs, seafood rice, or a delicious vegetarian paella known as Paella Huertana.


How much does it cost to rent or buy property in Mazarron?

Property prices in this area are generally reasonable and far cheaper than in some other areas of Spain with apartments costing from 65,000 Euros up to in excess of 100,000.

The price of villas vary greatly with some available from as little as 167,000, while others cost around 240,000. Bungalows however, are available in this region from just 155,000.

If you are looking for a long-term rental property, villas are available from 2,500 each month.

Apartments can be found from 1,200 a month.


What are the most Interesting Attractions I should visit in Mazarron?


This area of coastline offers 35 km of the finest sandy beaches, many with blue flag award for their cleanliness and facilities.

Playa Isla Mazarron Murcia Spain

Along the Costa Calida there are a range of beaches that extend from north of Cartagena all the way south to Aguilas and the start of the Costa Almeria.


If golf is high on your list of requirements, then Mazarron is an excellent choice with several golf courses located locally including several highly rated courses.

Fuente de la Alameda

This scenic location is hidden away in lush greenery yet packed with fantastic panoramic views of the magnificent mountains.

With the park area are a variety of wildflowers where you will find peace and tranquillity away from the busy life of the city.

There are also goldfish to view in the small ponds where you can sit and relax and watch the day go by.

It is a great place to visit and unwind while enjoying the fresh air.

Abandoned Mines of Mazarron

This attraction is open all year and there is no entry fee.

The mines were used at their peak of the 1840s, continuing until they finally closed in the 1950s.

It is worth doing a little research online before your visit to understand the history of these mines.

There are good views from the top of the site and the best time to visit is just after it has rained as the colours are more stark and varied.

Mines Mazarron Spain

(View of abandoned mines in Mazarron)

One word of warning, beware if you have small children as there are some unmarked vertical shafts that are open to the elements.

Corazon de Jesus

It is a statue on top of a mountain.

This is quite a trek up to the top, but once you get there, be prepared for some excellent views of the surrounding area as you look out across the Mediterranean or inland towards the hills and mountains beyond.

It is not a trek for a hot day as it is hard work even on a cooler day.


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