Living in Benidorm Spain: The Definitive Guide

Benidorm Spain

Are you ready to discover Benidorm Spain?

Sometimes it’s called “Mediterranean New York”.

Everyone will recognise its particular skyline, unique in the Costa Blanca.

Most people have heard or visited this town…

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Where is Benidorm Spain?

Benidorm is located in the province of Alicante, just 45 km north of the city of that name.

There are two well-known cities up north Benidorm Spain, around 20 minutes away driving: Altea and Calpe.

It is famous for being a holiday destination for thousands every summer and unsurprisingly, tourism is a major industry of the city.

Benidorm Spain Weather

(Benidorm Spain – Google Maps)



Fantastic weather all year round.



Friendly atmosphere.

Nice people.

You have plenty of reasons to come, Benidorm is waiting for you :-)


What is the History of Benidorm?

Being as it was nothing more than a fishing village until a few generations ago there is not too much history written about Benidorm.

There is a small old quarter that exists from the original fishing village containing the San Jaime Parish Church dating from the 18th century.

Further south of Benidorm, you will find the inland city of Elche.


General Information about Benidorm

Until the 1960s, Benidorm was nothing more than a fishing village, the city that has developed rapidly through tourism is famed for its beaches and skyscrapers.

Benidorm Spain is located in a coast area in south east Spain called: Costa Blanca.

The city has a permanent population of around 70,000 people, making it the fifth most populous city in the province of Alicante.

Benidorm also has the most high rise buildings for a city of its size anywhere in the world.

Driving down south from Benidorm, on the coast, you will come across some well know-cities and towns such as Torrevieja and Guardamar.

Benidorm Spain is surrounded by mountains up to 1558 metres in height that protect the city from the cold northerly winds during the winter months.

Benidorm has a huge population of Irish and British residents among its ex-pat community.

If you are thinking about moving to Spain from the UK, Benidorm could be the beginning of your Spanish journey :-)

Benidorm Spain beaches

UK citizens have to apply for a visa to live in Spain long-term (more than 90 days), you may want to explore the non-lucrative visa Spain.


What is the Weather like in Benidorm?

Protected by the surrounding mountains, the city of Benidorm is shielded against the cold winter winds producing a mild climate of over 3,000 hours of annual sunshine.

The average temperatures are 15C in winter and 26C during the summer, with January being the coldest month and August the warmest.

If you follow the coastline down south up to the next coastal area called: Costa Calida, you will find other important towns such as: San Javier, San Pedro and Los Alcázares, which have a similar weather as Benidorm area… well, maybe a bit warmer in the summer, but you will love it anyway :-)

The maximum temperature in August in Benidorm Spain a little lower than many other resorts along the coastline at 37C and the coldest day in winter is never as low as 0C.

The temperature of the water is around 26C in August and around 13C during February, meaning it is possible to enjoy swimming almost all year.

One hour and a half down south from Benidorm Spain, you will find the historical city of Cartagena. It’s not too far away from Benidorm to spend a beautiful day in Cartagena, a city full of life.


What Architecture can be seen in Benidorm?

The Old Quarter the blue tiled domed roof of the 18th century parish church in the traditional centre, is in contrast to the main shopping streets of the modern city.

L’Aiguera Park in the city centre was designed in a Neoclassical style by the architect Ricardo Bofil.

Benidorm view



With very little in the way of tradition the cuisine of Benidorm is very international and not typical of Spain.

There are lots of restaurants serving Spanish food (found amongst the restaurants selling British style fish and chips) such as tapas, paella etc.


How much does it cost to rent or buy property in Benidorm?

Surprisingly, the property prices in Benidorm are among the cheapest I have seen in Spain, but many of these properties are very small with several properties available for less than 50,000 Euros but the size of these properties is less than 50 square metres.

Larger properties, including three bedroomed apartments are available from 70,000 Euros, but these properties in older buildings are not close to the beach.

For a three bedroomed apartment close to the beach expect to pay in excess of 200,000 Euros.

Villas will cost in excess of 400,000 Euros.

One bedroomed apartments are available for long term rentals from 450 Euros per month while two bed apartments are available from around 600 Euros per month.

Benidor Spain inland view

(Benidorm Spain – inland view)


What are the most Interesting Attractions I should visit in Benidorm?


Benidorm is home to miles of beaches with three major beaches as well as some smaller ones.

All three of the main beaches has been awarded the coveted Blue Flag status.

Levante Beach is 2km long and the most visited of Benidorm’s beaches. The beach gets very crowded and once in the water it is a long walk until you reach deeper water and there are several rocks beneath your feet.

In comparison, the Playa Poniente is 3km long and much less crowded, attracting mostly Spanish visitors.

There is not as many bars and restaurants here than on the promenade at Levante beach.

Cala Mal Pas is smaller and more of a cove than beach. It is a good place for swimming with no rocks in the water and receives some shade in the late afternoon.

Benidorm Cala Mal Pas

(Benidorm Spain – Cala Mas Pas)


Benidorm has some good street markets, including the Mercadillo del Pueblo every Wednesday and Sunday morning. The Sunday market, is often the busier, but if you go early you can beat the crowds.

Placa del Castell

The Plaza del Castell, together with the Balcon del Mediterraneo is one of the city’s most iconic landmarks.

It takes a little effort to make the climb to the top of the steps, but the effort is worth it for the views.

The Plaza del Castell is the site where the castle stood for several centuries until it was destroyed in the 19th century.

It is a great place to chill out, enjoy the views across the sea, listen to some street music, or enjoy a drink or two.

Walking through the Placa del Castell brings you to the Balcon del Mediterraneo. From this balcony you have some panoramic views across the beaches blow and some great photo opportunities.

Benidorm Spain Balcon Mediterraneo

(Benidorm Span – Balcón del Mediterráneo)

Benidorm Old Town

The historic centre of Benidorm is a maze of narrow streets that are full of restaurants, shops and bars.

There are some quirky squares for you to discover among the cobbled streets.

The area becomes a vibrant place in the evening, full of tapas bars in this historic place.

Parc Elche

Located next to the Old Town and close to Poniente beach, the park offers plenty of shade on hot days with its palm trees and benches surrounding a small fountain.

On weekends there is a small market of handmade crafts and some regional foods. The aromas of herbs, spices and roasted almonds add to the atmosphere of this park.

Sierra Helada

It is a natural park which covers areas of Benidorm, L’Alfàs del Pì and Altea

There are many routes at different levels of difficulty. On top, you will get some of the best views of Benidorm Spain…

But be careful on a hot day, as there is no shade on this fairly long hike.

Benidorm Sierra Helada

Terra Mitica

A great family day out can be had at this theme park on the outskirts of the city. It opened in the year 2000 and has a range of adrenaline packed rides and shows.


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