5 top beautiful towns near Alicante

Alicante Spain

Are you thinking about moving to Spain but you don’t know where? In these articles, I will share 5 beautiful towns near Alicante. You will love this article :-)

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You will love the Spanish Costa Blanca.  

You got everything here. 

Coastal areas. 




Big cities.

Mid-size cities. 

This area of Spain is off the beaten path.

You will never get bored here. 

There is a perfect combination of a great town, beaches and area international nightlife. 

However, sometimes it is good to get away from the bright city lights and appreciate what small-town Spain has to offer. 

Are you thinking about exploring the Costa Blanca? This article has 5 of the best towns near Alicante for a quick escape.


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5 top beautiful towns near Alicante

1. Altea 

One of the most famous towns near Alicante that tourists frequently visit is the charming seaside spot, Altea Spain

This town is known for its white houses, blue-domed church and cool, clear waters

The streets are filled with interesting curiosities for all the family to purchase and take home for souvenirs. 

towns near alicante

Restaurants here are nestled within its winding streets and offer stunning food in a perfect setting. As well as the terrific views from the churchyard, it also boasts one of the finest beaches in the area. So, do not forget to take your bathing suit.

2. Guadalest

Another beautiful town in the Alicante region is Guadalest. 

It is buried deep in the mountains on the side of a delightful turquoise lake, fed by mountain streams. 

The steep walk up to the old town is a must; the winding streets charm even the most seasoned traveler. 

Guadalest Spain

Once at the top you can see the ruins of the castle that once defended this enviable location. 

Furthermore, if you squint you can plot out your route to the local Algar waterfalls which are a stunning addition to your visit.

3. Biar

Head further into the Costa Blanca’s mountainous landscape and you will come across the jewel in its crown, Biar. 

This town is known for retaining its medieval beauty and charm. 

Conservationists have preserved the castle very well and take you into the heart of this region’s history. 

Biar Spain

You can then wander the streets and feel, not just learn, how the people lived. The small town is also known for its locally produced decorative ceramic plates and tiles that are available to purchase.

4. Villajoyosa

When some of our clients thinking about moving to Spain from the UK discover Villoajoyosa… they simply love it :-)

Back down on the coast, this colorful town known to locals simply as ‘La Vila’ is a place for fun and relaxation

There is a particular joy to this quaint town as the sun reflects off the white sand and you eat fresh, locally caught fish in a beachfront taverna. 

villajoyosa spain

The streets contain a mixture of different brightly colored residential houses alongside medieval turrets and remnants of castles. 

A couple of excellent museums display its turbulent and interesting history for scholars from everywhere. It makes the perfect getaway from the city which you can explore in one day.

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5. Denia

The pretty harbour town of Denia attracts a wealth of history lovers who flock to see its streets that date back to antiquity. 

Here, you can read the town’s past on the stones f its churches and see the different influences of empires over the years. 

Denia Spain

A grand castle sits atop its highest hill and affords views over the crystalline bay beneath

Venture back downhill and you will find different varieties of beach: sandy, stony and rocky. The beaches are all very family-friendly and are well equipped with facilities.


Lose yourself among the many different destinations

From tiny hamlets to larger harbour settlements, the towns near Alicante show a marvellous variety of excursion options

Whether you are living in Alicante or not, you will love travelling beyond its bounds and exploring the diversity of the region.  

Credit image: Roger D.Mikko M.Stephane S., William H., Adolfo P.


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Spain 101 is a free ebook full of unique tips that will save you thousands of Euros when moving to / living in Spain.

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