Living in Villajoyosa Spain: The Definitive Guide

Villajoyosa Spain

Villajoyosa Spain, also known as La Vila Joiosa.

It is a coastal town located in in North Costa Blanca.

Villajoyosa is famous for its colourful houses in the town centre.

This town is known by locals simply as La Vila :-)


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Where is Villajoyosa?

The town is located just to the south of the city of Benidorm on Spain’s Costa Blanca coastline.

Villajoyosa Spain is around 35km to the north of the city of Alicante and the nearest international airport.

Benissa is around 30 minutes away from Villajoyosa.

Villajoyosa Spain map

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Between 20-30 minutes away, you will find the towns:

You will love Villajoyosa Spain :-)


What is the History of Villajoyosa Spain?

The area has long been settled with a long and rich heritage of culture including the Greeks, Phoenicians and Romans, as the town of Guadalest.

Villajoyosa dates from the 6th century as a town.

The town that stands today was largely founded by an admiral in the Kingdom of Aragon’s navy in 1293.

The name of the town, Villajoyosa, literally means a joyful town.


General Information about Villajoyosa

With a population of around 30,000, Villajoyosa is a very Spanish town with only a small number of expats living here.

The inland city of Elche is a little further away, as are the resorts of Torrevieja and Guardamar.

It has over the centuries been an important trading point for this area of the coastline.

Its main industries were olive oil, cereals, wine and shipbuilding.

The town today is famous mostly for its chocolate.

Its narrow streets look similar to the centre of Orihuela.

Old town Villajoyosa Spain

Chocolate was first imported from Ecuador and Venezuela during the 19th century, the cocoa led to the rapid growth of this industry.

The chocolate brand ‘Valor’ found in supermarkets and shops all across Spain, comes from Villajoyosa.

Villajoyosa Spain also has a lively, daily fish market as well as a weekly market for other fresh locally produced items of food, held every Thursday.

There is also a flea market that operates every Sunday.

Other resorts located close to Villajoyosa include Moraira and Denia.


What is the Weather like in Villajoyosa?

The weather in Villajoyosa offers a very favourable climate with an annual average temperature of 19.3C.

There are around 2,800 hours of sunshine each year across 325 days of sunshine, almost identical to Santa Pola.

Summer temperatures are usually between 25-35C with little to no rainfall.

During the month of August it is not unusual for temperatures to exceed 40C on some occasions, these days offer the relief of a cooling breeze from the sea.

November is the wettest month and the autumn season is the most pleasant season with cooler weather while it is still warm enough to swim in the sea until late into October.

The temperature drops in November with occasional thunderstorms and the risk of localised flooding exists.

The weather in spring is pleasant and the beaches begin to open up once again as the temperature rises.


What Architecture can be seen in Villajoyosa?

There’s lots of colourful architecture to be seen in Villajoyosa Spain with the fishing cottages along the seafront offering a scenic view of the harbour.

Villajoyosa brigde

The picturesque Old Town is enclosed in an old town wall with some examples of Gothic architecture on show in addition to the Roman bridges that connect the town across its river.



The cuisine of Villajoyosa is typically that of the coastline of the Costa Blanca, with the main ingredients being fresh fish and seafood, together with numerous ways to cook rice, with paella being among the most famous.

Other choices include fish broths, fish dishes including dorada, anchovies or mackerel.

Rice accompanied with ingredients such as pumpkin, spinach or octopus.

Other local delicacies include tuna, particularly pickled, salty or dried.


How much does it cost to rent or buy property in Villajoyosa?

Villajoyosa is a town with few expats and is very much a place to feel part of Spain or the Spanish lifestyle.

The majority of properties are apartments in the town centre or villas located a little further away in the surrounding villages.

Two bedroomed apartments start from around 45,500 Euros and slightly larger three bedroomed apartments cost from 48,000 Euros. 

Two bedroomed houses will cost from 60,000 Euros, while three bedroomed houses cost from 69,000 Euros.

Villas cost from around 200,000 Euros.

Villajoyosa property

For the option of long term rentals, one bedroomed apartments are available from 430 Euros per month.

Two bedroomed apartments are slightly more expensive at 450 Euros per month.

Three bedroomed houses cost from 625 Euros per month.


What are the most Interesting Attractions I should visit in Villajoyosa?


There are some great walking routes around Villajoyosa Spain, both along the coast and inland.

These coastal walking routes are known locally as Caminos de la Costa.

One of them, the Xarco Walk takes you south from the River Amadorio.

You will pass local attractions such as the shrine of the Virgin de la Salud, the beaches of Paradis and Bol Nou as well as the Xarco watchtower.

The Cala Walk takes you north along a rocky route across the cliffs where you can view the Arrabal houses, the Bay of Vila Joiosa, and the Roman tower of Torre de Sant Josep.

Villajoyosa’s Beaches

The beaches stretch across three kilometres of wide sand and are popular for enthusiasts of water sports in addition to those prefer just to go and relax on the beach.

There are three main beaches, La Platja Centre, or Central Beach is located close to the centre of Villajoyosa.

Other popular beaches are El Paradis and Xarco beaches, there is a notable watchtower on the beach at Xarco, while a Roman tower is a landmark of Torres beach.

Villajoyosa Spain beach

Other notable areas are a small cove used for diving, a nudist beach, the Raco del Conill, Bon Nou and La Caleta beaches are noted for their clear water and worth a visit.

Theme Parks

There are a number of theme parks just five kilometres from Villajoyosa Spain in the city of Benidorm.

The city has Mundomar, or Sea World, a fabulous water park known as Aqualandia.

In addition, there is an ancient themed park full of rides, roller coasters and a water park at Terra Mitica and Terra Natura.

Terra Natura hosts several animals in that section of the park.

Algar Waterfalls

Known locally as Fuentes del Algar, these waterfalls are noted for their natural beauty in the hills close to Callosa d’en Sarria.

Despite the temperature being very hot, even in the summer the water here can feel quite cold, the water fall is seen as a natural alternative to the theme parks of Benidorm.

Locals visit here from a wide area and a good pair of walking shoes are required to reach the waterfall along the trails through the botanical gardens which feature more than 500 species of cacti in 50,000 square metres of parkland.

There is a small entrance fee to maintain the trails and bridges. It is quite a long walk and during the summer months it can be a hot walk which include some sections of steep climbing.

Visit the Old Town

The Old Part of the town is called Arsenal and is located next to the shore with several narrow streets of colourful houses.

They were built on the sides of the river bank so the fishermen would have a view of the sea from their homes.

Also worth a visit in the town is the chocolate factory.

Tours are offered where you can seen the different varieties being made.

Make sure you try the local speciality, chocolate with churros, it is the ideal companion to a cup of locally produced hot chocolate.


The most famous local festival is known as ‘Moors and Christians’.

It takes place during the last week of July with parades, people in costume and lots of accompanying music.

A live re-enactment of the landing of the army of Moors takes place on the beaches beginning at dawn.


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