Living in Los Montesinos Spain: The Definitive Guide

Los Montesinos Spain

The traditionally Spanish town of Los Montesinos Spain can be found just a few minutes away from the beach, inland.

You will love the giant salt lakes known as Salinas de Torrevieja and Salinas de la Mata.

In short, you will love Los Montesinos :-)


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Where is Los Montesinos Spain?

Los Montesinos is just a fifteen minute drive by car from the big city of Torrevieja.

It is located on Spain’s sunny Costa Blanca coastline with its superb green flag beaches and an array of quality golf courses.

The international airport of Murcia (located at San Javier) is within a thirty minute drive if you use the toll motorway, a longer but toll-free journey is available via the N-332.


Biar Spain map

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Other resorts in the area include Guardamar, Orihuela and La Marina.

Around one hour away, you will find the towns:

You will love this inland town, Los Montesinos Spain :-)


What is the History of Los Montesinos?

Traversing through what is now Los Montesinos Spain, the Via Augusta was a Roman Road that at one time connected the Roman Empire all the way from Rome to the Spanish city of Cadiz.

The road is one of the earliest reminders of a settlement having existed here for more than 2000 years.

The route was an important one for transporting cattle during the Middle Ages and at that time was as important as the route taking pilgrims along the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain.

The route has recently been promoted as a tourist and cultural route and plans are for its use as an ecological corridor through some locally important natural areas.


General Information about Los Montesinos Spain

With a population of around 5,000 people, Los Montesinos is an ideal location for retirees.

The nearest international airport is also located at the city of Alicante.

Los Montesinos is away from the busy coastline, overrun by tourists during the summer, yet close enough to visit those beaches if you wish to.

Los Montesinos is up to the north of the city of Torrevieja and having quick and easy access to the cities of Elche and Murcia.

If you drive 1.5 hours to the north along the coast,you will get to Denia, which is at the border of the province of Valencia. Benidorm is half way between Denia and Los Montesinos.

The town has several nationalities within its growing community of ex-pats who generally enjoy the more laid back lifestyle.

What you will find is cheaper prices for both properties and the general cost of living than that seen in the main resorts of the area.

Spanish locals are actively very encouraging towards their neighbours from overseas particularly in joining in the several fiestas held here every year.

The historical city of Cartagena is only 44 minutes away.

The well-known town Santa Pola is only 30 minutes away from Los Montesinos Spain.


What is the Weather like in Los Montesinos?

One of the attractions of Los Montesinos is its climate.

During the coldest month of January, there could be a consistent temperature of 11C, a bit warmer than Alcoy.

Up to an average of 27C during the hottest month of August, when temperatures can rise to around 40C.

Even during the coldest months there is an average of six hours of sunshine each day, this rises to a daily average of 12 hours of sunshine during July.


What Architecture can be seen in Los Montesinos Spain?

The remains of an old flour mill, known as the Windmill can be seen at Finca Las Moreras.

The winds energy produced enough power to grind the flour in this early hydraulic infrastructure surrounded by quality soil used in the production of vegetables and citrus fruits.

Located 3.5km from Los Montesinos Spain, Partida de la Marquesa, is the remains of an ancient irrigation system dating back to Roman times.


Further finds in the vicinity include the archaeological remains of uillae rusticae and the hacienda of Via Augusta.

One significant find in 1974, was a set of Arab coins dating from the 10th and 11th centuries and known as Tesorillo de la Marquesa.

There is not as much history in Los Montesinos Spain as in Guadalest, but you will love to live here :-)



The cuisine on offer in Los Montesinos is largely based on products that can be described as Mediterranean in that they are grown locally or fished from the surrounding sea.

The dishes are varied, balanced and above all, healthy.

Typical dishes will include tapas, paellas and other seafood dishes, similar to Villajoyosa.

Dishes are accompanied by rice and locally grown vegetables, the staple diet options of this region of Spain.


How much does it cost to rent or buy property in Los Montesinos?

The price of property whether renting or buying in Los Montesinos is generally much cheaper than the price you will pay for similar sized properties located in the major resort towns and cities of the Costa Blanca, such as Benissa or Moraira.

Two bedroomed apartments are available here from 57,000 Euros, three bedroomed properties begin at around 62,000, while 4 bedroomed apartments are available from 75,000 Euros.

Three bedroomed town-houses start from 116,000 and three bedroomed villas are available from 250,000 Euros.

There did not appear to be too much choice when it comes to long term property rentals in the town, with three bedroomed apartments costing from 450 Euros per month.

Three bedroomed town-houses were available from 600 Euros per month.

In short, prices in Los Montesinos Spain are very similar to Biar.


What are the most Interesting Attractions I should visit in Los Montesinos?

Hacienda de Lo Montanaro

This structure is a reflection of the predominance of large estates that at one time characterised the share-cropping or tenant farmers that resided here.

Within the estate are the archaeological remains of a Roman villa that has links to the Via Augusta

The Parish Church of Our Lady of Pilar

This parish church, known locally as Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Pilar was built in 1886 and is a testament to the settlement that grew in the Torrevieja Lagoon during the mid 19th century.

From 1829, the hamlet of La Marquesa existed on the private estate of that name, the estate was not prospering and in decline until it accepted the name of Los Montesinos under the bishop Felix Herrero Valverde.

The church consists of a central nave, two smaller sides and a space dedicated to the main altar, choir and tower.

The highlight is the image of Our Lady of Pilar in addition to an unnamed work known as the Christ of Agony.

During the late 1990s the church underwent alterations to its exterior.

Hermitage of La Marquesa

This was originally the manor house and town of the property of Marquesa and dependent upon the parish of San Miguel de Salinas.

During alterations by the church in 1829 the building acquired the title of a parochial temple, giving religious assistance to the peasants working the fields as well as to the inhabitants of the town of Los Montesinos.

Owned by the Jesuits in the 18th century the structure has undergone several rebuilds including one in the 19th century, then another during the 20th after the devastating earthquake that struck this area of Spain in 1929.

It is now most famous for the religious festival dedicated to the Virgin of the Rosary, held every year during the first week in October.

Partida de la marquesa

This property was part of those owned by the noble house of Rafal.

In 1695, it was donated to the company of Jesus that had been establishd in Orihuela, this generosity led to an increase in the number of settlers in the area by 1723.

This was the original settlement of the hamlet of what would become Los Montesinos.

By the end of that century the town consisted of a main house, fifteen smaller houses and several agricultural buildings used to cultivate cereal, vine, olives and pasture.

Other local attractions

The nearby nature reserves together with their lakes are perfect locations for the activities of bird watching, walking, cycling and horse riding.

Nearby, the Torremendo, is a mountain lake where visitors can go swimming or go fishing.

Every Friday there is a market held in the town, selling fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers and leather goods.

There are several golf courses located nearby, with the closest being La Finca, just five minutes driving time from Los Montesinos.

Other golf courses include those at Campoamor and Villamartin.

While there are no beaches located at Los Montesinos, the closest beaches can be reached very easily at Guardamar or Torrevieja.


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