Spanish citizenship: The definitive guide

Spanish citizenship

It’s the dream… your Spanish citizenship.

Living in Spain permanently.


Until the end of time.

Sunny Spain.

The Spanish landscape.

The way the Spanish language sounds to you.

It’s a form of happiness you only experience in Spain.

You feel like yourself.

You know you belong to Spain.

So many people in your country of origin would like to be you.

The smile on your face says it all.


No more time restriction

No more 90-day rule.

No more residency applications.

No more fear of not getting your Spanish residency renewed.

Because you are getting your Spanish citizenship.

There is no other way to stay longer

Your Spanish passport.

Your Spanish ID.

Your best photo on your Spanish passport and your Spanish ID.

And the most important… you can’t be kicked out of Spain.

Because you have Spanish citizenship.

Because there are no more expiration dates on your residency card.

No more fear.


There is a problem…


Always the same problem

It’s the classic problem.

The all-time problem:

You don’t know where to start

Maybe on the Internet?

Here is what Google says when you write “Spanish citizenship”:


About 67.200.000 results.

Seventy-two million websites.

Crazy, isn’t?

However, by this time, we all know the best results are usually within the 10-20 websites… maybe 30-40 websites depending on the subject.

Does this mean that the information will be accurate and correct?

No, it doesn’t.

In sports, number 1 usually means the best.

On Google, it can mean several things:

  1. Somebody is paying to be the first one
  2. Somebody has reached the top 10 using ranking techniques

There is no guarantee that the information or services provided will be the right way.
It is what it is, there is a huge competition for attention on Google.



If you would like to apply for your Spanish nationality, there is only one option: Read between the lines on websites and contact the business.

And there is a personal recommendation I would like to give you: Don’t go for the cheapest, go for the best.

The difference in price for these kinds of relocation/immigration procedures is always pocket money.

I mean, just to give you an example, several hundred euros between one quote and another would be all right.

The Spanish citizenship process is not like buying property, which could be thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of Euros between one property and another.

It is ok to read a few websites, including my website, to get a general picture of the procedure.

I don’t recommend however you that you try to do it on your own. You may end up wasting your time and losing money… and delaying becoming a citizen of Spain.

Same for the Spanish residency process.

Same for tax.

Remember: don’t go for the cheapest, go for the best.

Getting in the wrong hands will likely a painful experience.

Somebody told me several years ago that he was going to use a different fiscal adviser to save €50 a year.

Only €50 a year… what’s that? We all spend that amount in a blink of the eye (many times in things we don’t even need or use).

Just to save €50 a year, this person changed from a reputable firm to a “who-are-you” firm.

Wrong path.

Getting Spanish citizenship

(The wrong professional can take you to the seabed)


How to get Spanish citizenship

It starts with your eligibility for becoming a citizen of Spain.

I will just cover here the most common ones in my opinion.

There are two main groups.

1. Residency

The general rule is to have Spanish residency for at least 10 years, continuously.

However, the Spanish citizenship by marriage will be reduced to only 1 year. If you were born in Spain but your parents were foreign nationals would be one year too.

It would only be 2 years if you are from South America, Andorra, The Philippines, Equatorial Guinea, Portugal or if you are of Sephardic origin.

2. Option

Same here, I will give you a few examples. In the own words of the Ministry of Justice:

  • Those who are or have been subject to the parental rights of a Spanish.
  • Those whose father or mother would have been Spanish and would have been born in Spain.
  • Those whose determination of parentage (determination of parentage means establishing who are the parents of a person) or birth in Spain occurs after eighteen years of age. In this case, the term to apply for nationality is two years since the filiation or birth is determined.
  • Those whose adoption by Spaniards occurs after the age of eighteen. In this case the right to opt exists until the period of two years from the constitution of the adoption elapses.

Spanish passport

(Here is the door to your Spanish dream)


The bad news

Getting your Spanish citizenship will not happen automatically.

I mean, the previous scenarios are the central piece to become a Spanish citizen, but not the only point required.

Same as for the Spanish NIE number and the Spanish residency process for EU citizens. Are you an EU citizen? Good, that’s an essential requirement, now let’s go through the process, of course supplying other essential requirements 😊.

There are four stages to obtain your Spanish citizenship:

  1. Requirements collection – depending on the group you belong too, the requirements will slightly change. That’s why you should not follow any free Internet source.
  2. Application – The requirements will have to be sent officially so that your case is studied by the Ministry of Justice.
  3. Oath – Great news, your application has been approved! Now it’s time to go through the official oath to become a Spanish citizen. This part will be done at the registrar’s office in the area where you live in Spain.
  4. Spanish passport and Spanish ID card – the end of the process.


The good news

I have all the answers about how to obtain your Spanish citizenship.


Crystal clear.

My team of immigration lawyers will make sure that the whole process goes in a nice and smooth way.

There are two options.

1. DYI with my guidance

I know that many people love doing things on their own, but only when they have the right knowledge.

Therefore, I will produce a personalised guide so that you can go through the process. Here we go:


It will be a step-by-step guide that I will exclusively write for you, once I know the exact group you belong to.

2. All-inclusive Spanish citizenship

My team of lawyers will process your Spanish citizenship application, so you won’t have to worry about anything. We will take care of the entire procedure from A to Z. No problem at all 😊

One way or another, I would like to speak with you to make sure that we can help you. Please fill out the form below:

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