Moving to Spain is easy if you don’t try to read 4.5 million opinions

Let me guess…

You want to move to Spain and you don’t know where to start.

You have been reading tons of websites.

The forums.

Facebook groups.

Asking how to move to Spain.

Official websites.


Relocation advisors.

Travel sites.

Real estate sites.

And things seem to get even harder when you discover…

The NIE number.

Spanish residency.

EU citizens.

Non-EU citizens.



Foreign affairs offices.



Application forms.

Government fees.

The TIE card.

The green residency card.

Resident tax.

Non-resident tax.

Capital Gains Tax.



Buying property.

What comes first?

The chicken?

The egg?

But what’s the chicken and what’s the egg?

It is total chaos

Yes, it is.

Everybody is speaking about it.

4.5 million opinions.

Maybe less.

But it gets very confusing when you ask on Facebook.

Conflicting information.

One contradiction after another.

Most times from people who don’t have professional experience.

People recommending the services of whatever random company.

Or whatever random person who does it for fun (or pocket money).

Or sharing whatever random experience which won’t help you (because it’s their personal experience, not close to yours).

A total waste of time… and even dangerous.

Getting advice from non-professional anonymous people…

And doing what they say…


The storm of contradictions goes on and on.

You feel anxious.



You feel “infoxicated” (intoxicated by information).

No problem at all: Here is the definitive answer

It’s simple.

Speak with us.

One online session with us.

We will set up a date and time.

We will meet you on Skype or Zoom.

We will get all your questions clarified in one go.

End of the story.

You will feel like you are in those movies…

The sunset.

The orchestra playing in the background.

The happiness in the air (or something like that).

And the best part is that people love our online sessions.

Because you are not only going to save time looking for information on the Internet.

You will even save money.


Save money?


Because most people who read and do what’s recommended on Facebook groups, the forums, the random comments, end up paying for a cheap service.

Buy cheap, pay twice.

Or much worse.

They end up being scammed.

Or paying penalties and fines because they did everything on their own following the free advice.

Losing their visas.

Losing their residency cards.

The tax man knocking on their door.

A huge waste of time.

A tremendous waste of money.

The Hall of Happy Clients

You can have a look at our Hall of Happy Clients, up on top, on the navigation bar.

Those stories are genuine voices.

Happy clients.

Not fake reviews written by the next-door neighbour.

Or the happy smiley friend that appears in many of our articles.

Or some English-speaking person who thinks that he is a good writer because he has read the entire bibliography of Stephen King.


The Hall of Happy Clients is built by people like you.

Human beings who love Spain.

People who were at the exact same point where you are now.



Not knowing what to do.

But who decided to contact us and to trust us.

The rest is history…

Another success story 😊

The bad news

The online session is not free.

Sorry, we don’t do free consultations.

Otherwise, if we did it for free, we would be some kind of Wikipedia.

Free advisers.

Or one of the 4.5 million people telling their opinion on the Internet or Facebook.

To be crystal clear, if you fill out the form below to have a quick answer, We are afraid we will not be able to answer it.  

Over the years, we received thousands of email similar to:

“A have a quick question…”

“Could you please clarify…”

“Would it be possible to bring some light to…?”

“I’m struggling to find the answer to…”

“Could you please let me know your opinion about…?”

We will be happy to answer every single question you have, as part of the (paid) online session. Your questions plus the list below we will show in a moment.

Somebody told us once that he would not pay without testing us first.



But would you go to a car dealer to ask for a car to use it for, let’s say, several weeks, and decide then if you would buy it (or not)?

Or a cup of coffee? Hey, I will pay you next week, when I decide if this coffee is good (or not).

The good news

The online session is:

– Unlimited Q&A
– No time limit, whatever it takes

We are not going to turn on the clock.

We are not going to give you faces if you keep asking questions until the end of time (actually, we love questions).

We are not going to make up some silly excuses to cut off the session (technical problems, webcam problems, things like that).

It’s our promise.

Unlimited time.

Here are some of the topics we can cover:


– Visas
– EU residency
– Non-EU residency
– Spanish citizenship
– Primary application
– Secondary application
– Timing
– Rules
– Official translations
– Financial means requirement
– Health insurance requirement
– Healthcare in Spain
– Forms
– Government fees
– General tips for a successful application
– The usual mistakes that people make


– Private
– Public Spanish health system

Buying property in Spain

– Power of attorney
– The NIE number
– The legal process (before, during, after)
– Cost of purchasing
– Should you used real estate agents?


– Resident tax
– Non-resident tax
– Assets abroad
– Capital gains tax
– Wills and Inheritance


When we finish speaking, we will send you a summary of everything we’ve covered.

Some more good news

If the online session becomes a service, we will discount the online session fee.

In other words, when we speak online, if we can help you with a relocation service (visa, non-EU residency, EU residency), property, tax, etc, we will discount the online session fee from the total cost of the service.

Couldn’t be a better deal 😊

What should you do next?

Just a simple action: fill out the form below.

Only two fields.

Name and email address.

We will ask a few questions to see if the online service would be worthwhile.

Because we are not going to set up an appointment and ask for money if we are not sure that we can help you.

We won’t set up an appointment to speak about the Spanish weather without clarifying your doubts.

Well, we can speak about the weather too, during the session, but also covering all the questions that you have 😊



Please fill out the form below.

We will see you at the other end!

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