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David Ruiz, founder of Torrevieja Translation


Figuring out the intricacies and nuances of applying for Spanish residency was a daunting task. I needed an expert. Luckily, we found David Ruiz.

In addition to being completely knowledgeable about the process (including specific to our specific city in Spain), David was always available and patient to answer all questions, including an extremely helpful ‘face to face’ Skype meeting before we went to Spain to file all the paperwork.

The bottom line: my application for residency was approved, and in short order. David’s “guide book” and list of “to do” items that he provided to me before hand were invaluable. Literally, I could not have done it without him. My husband, Alfredo, and I were extremely pleased. I recommend him heartily.

David Perry, Palm Springs, California & Santander, Spain (


Moving to Spain had been my dream for some time. But I wanted to make sure that I did it the right way. Thankfully, I was referred to David Ruiz through a dear and trusted friend. As soon as I reached out to him, I knew that he was who I wanted to help me with my non-lucrative visa (applying from the San Francisco consulate).

David helped me with every aspect of my application, including the required certified translations. Thanks to his guidance, my visa was approved very quickly, and on the first try. The consulate staff even complimented me for being so prepared.

After arriving in Spain, there are still so many things to do to establish residency and so much red tape. I had a lot of questions, and no matter what I asked, or how many times a day I wrote him, David was always happy to help.

I am incredibly grateful that I found David. His expertise and knowledge made both the non-lucrative visa and Spanish residency card processes as seamless as possible. Thanks to him, I am now a very happy resident of Madrid. I highly recommend David and his team of certified translators to anyone looking to make the big move to Spain.

Karen R, Madrid, Spain and San Francisco, California (Spain Less Traveled)


Residency application: Making the impossible possible!!

David was super helpful from the very start explaining what was required from us and how the process worked.

Due to restricted time, we were not very hopeful of an appointment. David somehow obtained one for us at a days notice. We were in the UK at the time so jumped on the first plane out.

Unfortunately we were missing some key documents but David was able to arrange that for us so they were ready when we arrived for our 11am appointment.

David was very calming, confident and obviously very experienced in dealing with Spanish bureaucracy. He attended our meeting and successfully dealt with our application.

We would highly recommend David’s services. He is definitely a man who can!

Geoff and Angie


We are an Australian/British family with a 17 year old daughter, relocating from Perth, Australia to Costa Blanca and needed our Spanish Residency before Brexit happened.

David has been absolutely fantastic in obtaining our Residency within 6 days.

We had a few hiccups within the 6 days (none of David’s making but just the infamous Spanish red tape) but David had plans B and C ready.

He was very clear about what documents we needed and had pre-booked all the appointments before we arrived in Spain so we could ‘hit the ground running’.

His ability to anticipate what might be needed or might happen, coupled with his obvious translating skills meant appointments were smooth and quick.

We have also used him for official translating of Spanish red tape requirements for importing our furniture and he has been prompt and cost effective.

If you want a thorough, accurate and painless Residency application then we would absolutely recommend David Ruiz and his team.

Many thanks David for taking a big weight off our shoulders!

Jane, Peter and Harriet Holbrook, Perth, Australia.


I have never in my life experienced someone so professional as David Ruiz. Before contacting him I had spoken and written to two solicitors in Spain. They gave conflicting advice so I was confused. After this, I searched the internet and found David’s website.

After reading his testimonials, I contacted him and was both surprised and extremely pleased with the speed at which he worked and the clarity in which he detailed the action to be accomplished and the documents we would need to produce.

Having followed his instructions to the letter he immediately got appointments for us with all departments, the Police for residency including NIE number, Padron, Spanish health card and opening a Spanish bank account.

David accomplished everything with meticulous precision and everything was completed in just five working days. To boot he was a very amiable and very likeable person who endeavoured at every point to adjust to our needs and completely allay any worries we had.

We will certainly be using him again for many other things and no other person(s) will do for us. I cannot recommend him highly enough. You don’t need luck, because, with David, you will be assured that he will get what you want done, quickly and so professionally.

Thank you David for helping to secure the future we were searching for.

Tyrone and Cindy Barraclough


We can’t recommend Torrevieja Translation highly enough.

David has guided us through the non-lucrative visa process since the very beginning for our application.

Without his expert advice the task would have been daunting and stressful.

Initially we had video calls with from to our home in Scotland followed by lots of advice by email. We had SO MANY questions and queries but David, and Gema, responded quickly with advice.

David guided us through the application which required documents and official translations, all dealt with professionally by this fabulous company.

Since arriving Spain David has personally attended meetings with us to complete the Padron and Spanish residency process (TIE card).

He is indeed a ‘problem solver’. We intend availing ourselves of his services next year when it is time to renew.

We have no hesitation in recommending this company, worth every single penny! If you are thinking of moving to Spain, post Brexit like us, definitely contact David.

Thank you David and Gema! Your help has been invaluable, we are now enjoying the Spanish lifestyle.

Margaretanne and Colin MCLEOD
Glasgow, Scotland
September 2021


David Ruiz is in a class of his own when it comes to assistance to the expat who desires to settle in Spain.

His fee is amazingly economical for what services he delivers.

My husband attempted an online ‘cheapo’ service and it went nowhere. David attended our residencia and our S1 medical cards.

We couldn’t have had a smoother, more trouble free process. We are now proud owners of our residency cards and our medical cards.

What great peace of mind this brings when settling in this amazing, beautiful country. Not only is he one hundred percent efficient, he is totally fluent in English so you are able to completely grasp each step of the process.

He is punctual for each appointment, polite and affable when he takes you through a process an expat would be lost in trying alone.

We are delighted with the service we received from David and wish to recommend him with top honors to anyone deciding to come to Spain.

Un Saludo,

Nancy Reilly (American in Spain)
Fred McVittie (An Englishman in Spain)


David’ help is fantastic from start to finish.

I have lots of friends who say they know someone who can do the process at a fraction of the cost and are still waiting for their appointments or papers.

When David says’ it will be done IT IS…

Trust in him he is a man of his word!!!!

Ron & Shirley Callieu


I am SO happy that I found David and his team.

Even within the first consultation he has saved me 100s of hours of trying to figure this out on my own.

I have wanted to get residency in Spain for a long time but have always been so confused by the process.

David has made it a simple and surprisingly interesting experience to apply for residency. I can’t thank you enough.

Matt Treece


I want to take time to express our sincere gratitude to David who provided us with personal yet professional services that literally made our dream come true.
Despite the challenges of Brexit and its immediate aftermath of uncertainty, David offered council and practical help from start to finish.
Navigating our transition from living in the UK to permanent retirement in Spain, including Padron, Social Security and lastly TIE card.
To anyone thinking of taking on this challenge, I wholeheartedly urge you to contact David and find out for yourself just how less fraught he can make the process for a cost that is almost unquantifiable when it comes to your sanity!
David Stallard

David guided me through all the obstacles in order to obtain my Spanish residency card. Along with his team, they navigated all the twists and turns that I came across and with them it was mission accomplished.

David is super smart and very trusting. Do not waste your time and be stressed out over any of your needs in Spain, just contact David and secure his outstanding services.

Thank you David for everything.

John Angus


I was in a desperate situation, living in Australia (still owning a British passport) with commitments I couldn’t leave immediately and Brexit dates were getting closer!

David Ruiz is the real deal. He went above and beyond his time for me as I was under major pressure running against time.

His knowledge and enthusiasm is priceless. All communication was great considering the time difference between countries.

Working with David allowed me to travel to Spain for a short visit, successfully get my residency and then return back to Australia.

Thank you for your amazing professionalism

Becky Cruz


David Is A Man of His Word!

We are a British/Canadian couple who moved to Spain in September 2019. To make a long story short, with Brexit looming, a 90-day time restraint for Non-EU family members and several discouraging conversations with other people who offered help with residency, we found David’s website.

After contacting David, he assured us that he could get our residencies done in the time limit even when others said there were no appointments available.

Much to our amazement, within 10 days of enlisting David’s help, he and his team managed to get both the appointments we required.

With each stage of the process, David was specific with the up to date requirements and answered any questions we had. David was extremely knowledgeable and professional. He attended all the appointments with us to act as our adviser.

I am happy to say that both processes went smoothly, and we are now legal residents of Spain all thanks to David’s dedication to his clients.

If you want a hassle-free experience, we highly recommend David.

Jennifer and Ian


Four of us moved to Spain from Cork City Ireland. A lot of individuals and companies were recommended to us by friends but I did a lot of research on Google and one name and company kept popping up, David Ruiz and Torrevieja Translation.

Sometimes you read these reviews and testimonials and think they must be made up. Well, I can say without any hesitation what is being stated in these reviews is 100% correct.

My wife and I have worked in the service industry in Ireland for over thirty years and I can say without hesitation we knew from the first meeting that this man was on top of his game in addition to being a gentleman and thorough professional.

He obtained our residencia and health cards with zero fuss and really quickly. Four words we all agreed on to try to sum up our experience, “Professional” “Gentleman” “Efficient” & “Legend”, do not look any further than David, I promise he will look after you.

Thanks a million David. Best Regards, Michael Flynn and Family, Cork Ireland.


When I was using Google to find out how to apply for my Residency in Guardamar, I came across “The Ultimate Guide to Spanish Residency Permit” from David Ruiz at That was my lucky day and my lucky find!

David helped my Every step of the way and I successfully obtained my “Green Card” Residencia under difficult circumstances (flooding in Orihuela).

The fees are phenomenal value for money, and David clearly works very hard and late at night, as evidenced by the time of the emails received – but he always answers you.

I could not have wished for a nicer person, or a smoother application and I whole-heartedly recommend him. The slightly daunting process is lessened by his help.

I am very grateful to him.

Helen Elliott


Boy am I glad that I found David!

David and his team made the whole matter a breeze in obtaining Spanish Residency.

For me there were two things that stood out:

1. The pre-application meeting planning was exceptionally thorough, and because of this, no questions were asked by the authorities who just simply issued my Green Card.

2. I am amazed that he managed to get an appointment within a few days of me being ready as it was not possible to book an appointment online because of this Brexit nonsense.

I would recommend this service to anyone. You are in safe hands.

Ian Nairn Chartered Accountant, Pinoso, Spain


I found David through a Google search looking for help with Spanish residency. As I was getting mixed messages from the authorities of what they needed. David turned out to be a truly lucky find. Without David I really couldn’t have done it without him

Having arrived in Ibiza (whilst the Brexit chaos continued, back in the UK). I decided to apply for residency immediately. David was very thorough, letting me know what documentation I would need for various meetings.

Initially there was no Police meetings for months but out of the blue David secured one for me via a cancellation. He was constantly keeping an eye out for a meeting for me.

David is a really great man to deal with. Great personality and very reassuring and calm. Everything went smoothly due to his detailed advice that ensured we covered all angles.

I was well prepared for all the meetings with a wealth of documentation. David prepares you so well that at each stage of the process you walk away with a positive result.

I can’t thank him or recommend him highly enough for his advice and his service! 5 stars!

Ian Coulson / Director / Ibiza


We were UK citizens and close to the Brexit wire when we arrived in Spain seeking residency. We didn’t have time to make mistakes.

Having spent a solid fortnight becoming increasingly confused by ambivalent and conflicting information on the internet, it was such a relief to find David and Torrevieja Translation.

The clarity was refreshing – from laying out what service was provided, at what cost, the process and stages of application and exactly what documents were required by when, was like suddenly finding a torch when lost in the dark.

I would not hesitate to recommend David – he was worth every penny for the peace of mind he brought to us.

I trusted him completely, was impressed with his professionalism and valued his patience and support throughout the entire process – from the prompt replies to even the stupidest questions, to dealing with online procedures and accompanying to the fingerprinting appointment.

Thank you David & team – we could not have started our new life without you.

Anne-Marie & Oliver


We would like to express our thanks to David and the team at Torrevieja Translation in the help they provided for us to obtain our Spanish residencies, even though at the outset we were still in the UK, they made the whole complicated process relatively straight forward.

The information David provided to us in the primary Skype video call was very informative, with a structured approach to the process and its requirements and this was then broken down into stages, so was easier to understand and follow.

David and the team answered all of our questions during the process and kept us well informed as individual goals were achieved which put our minds at ease.

Looking back on it now we are so glad that we found you and decided to use your services and would not hesitate to use your services again if needed.

We can recommend Torrevieja Translation to help ease the process and reduce the stress and worry of dealing with the complicated requirements of the Spanish Residency application.

Gary and Cora Lewis Cornwall – Torrevieja 2020


David provided an excellent professional service to me and my husband Stuart in applying for our residency prior to Brexit.

I was worried we would not have enough time because we had delayed our applications. But the process was made simple by David. As soon as we had all the documents, he was able to get us an appointment with the police to get our residency cards.

A meeting to review the documents in advance ensured we were confident that we had everything we needed.

I would very much recommend David to anyone wanting help in negotiating any aspect of Spanish officialdom.

Debbie Hunter, Torrevieja


We asked David for help to get our Spanish residency. All communication was done via e-mail and the process was as smooth as can be.

We got a checklist of things we needed to prepare, such as which documents needed to be stamped, what was important, what was not, etc.

Also, just getting the ‘cita’, or residency appointment, can be tricky sometimes. But no problem there either, we got a time slot and once there it was a matter of minutes getting our residency card.

I’m sure this is because of being so well prepared. We are very happy with the service we got from David, some things are just best to leave to the experts.

Mattias and Emily


Once again, many thanks for all your very kind help, assistance and amazingly thorough knowledge of the processes involved in obtaining the Spanish residency card and the health card.

I would be delighted to strongly recommend you to anyone we meet who wants to go through the same process.

Robert and Patricia


David provided us with an excellent, professional service, and nothing was too much trouble: both Residency and Health cards were dealt with very quickly and with no problems at all.

He took the time to explain everything fully to us, and went the extra mile to ensure that it all went smoothly.

We will definitely use his services again, and I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone; we have found him to be absolutely trustworthy and a pleasure to deal with.

John Craig


David was recommended by friends and we are so glad we took their advice. From the very first contact with David, we knew we had made the correct decision. He was in constant contact, by e-mail, and made the whole process very simple for my wife and myself.

David would always ensure we were up to date with how the process was going, and what we had to do ourselves. No matter how silly we thought our questions were, David would always answer, and give us reassurance.

We were given a full list of documents required, and also guided on how to obtain these. On the day of our residencia application we were very nervous, no need to be as David had done all the paperwork and all went very smoothly.

Can’t thank David and his team enough for making this experience so smooth, just listen and follow his directives. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Once again, thank you so much.

Alex and Susan



From contacting David initially just for information I knew he was the right person to use. He wasn’t pushy and was upfront front the start on all the charges.

After sending all the info he required, the rest was very straight forward, he booked the appointment and got the NIE number on the day.

Can’t recommend David Ruiz highly enough and will be using him again in the near future.

John & Sandra Roper


I found the services of David Ruiz and his team invaluable in arranging my Residencia in Orihuela. The whole process from start to finish was excellent. I had used another company previously but after 6 months of trying, I gave up. I was given David’s contact details by a friend who had used his services and I was not disappointed.

From the initial response to my email to walking out of the Police Station with my Residencia a month later, the process was straightforward and professional and David walked my through the process all the way through.

Since I wasn’t in Spain for a few weeks before hand we conversed via email which did not cause a barrier or delay the application process in any way.

I cannot praise David and the team enough… I was able to arrive at the Police Station with my documents which David had checked for me the day before to ensure a smooth process, meet with his colleague who had an excellent rapport with the officials which really helped as I do not speak Spanish well and the whole process was over in 10 minutes.

I would not hesitate in recommending David Ruiz to anybody looking for a professional, stress free service. Thank you… I am still smiling.

Allison Straw (a very satisfied customer)


No-one likes the aggravation and bureaucracy associated with dealing with the Spanish government. So I went looking for help in applying for my residence card.

Abaco Advisers recommended David Ruiz as being the best there is – and they weren’t wrong! David was professional, knowledgeable and took me through the process step for step,

Bottom line: It took 8 days from start to finish to get my Spanish residency card. No hassle; no hiccups – just as David predicted.

If you’re looking for help with your residency or with obtaining Spanish documents, I can heartily recommend David Ruiz as someone who knows what to do but then also delivers.

Outstanding, David. Thanks a million.

Peter Walker

After finding David Ruiz’s books on Amazon and being unable to obtain an appointment in London to get an NIE number issued for our impending Spanish property purchase, I decided to contact David to see if he could arrange an NIE appointment while we were in Spain.

David immediately confirmed that he could get us an appointment within a couple of weeks and true to his word that is exactly what he did.

We arrived at the appointed meeting place on the day and David arrived on time and fully prepared. There was a line of NIE applicants outside the Police Station and down the street. We were very happy to find that a member of David’s team was already at the front of the queue and that David and his team would deal with the whole process whilst we literally sat in the cafe across the street.

After having a coffee and a pleasant chat with David’s other two clients that day we went across the street to show our face to the Police Officer whilst she confirmed and returned our passports to us and that was it.

David brought the NIE certificates to us and we left having stayed for maybe an hour.

If you have any doubts about using David’s services let me tell you that he is the real deal, he has the language skills, knowledge, contacts and experience to make bureaucratic Spanish processes very smooth and easy for his clients.

Thank you to David and the team for taking a great weight of our shoulders!

Terry Henshaw


Many thanks again for helping Jane and myself getting our residency cards. Having all the information from you beforehand helped us to get the process done smoothly without any problems.

As the requirements change constantly you and your team were spot on with all of these requirements.

Kevin and Jane Croal


I failed, miserably, to apply for my residency before 31 December 2020 and turned to David for help in February 2021.

David was professional, efficient and above all extremely helpful. He did all the paperwork, told me what I needed to do and applied for my residency in February of this year.

Although everything was going very slowly because of COVID, I eventually got the go-ahead in June and am now picking up my residency card in August.

Without his help and advice I would have been left floundering in a sea of bureaucracy which I could barely understand, let alone comply with on my own. He also helped my partner with her TIE and all has gone incredibly smoothly.

I cannot recommend him and his team enough for their professionalism and can-do attitude.

Suzanne- proud resident of Spain


After a lot of research on the internet and the current Brexit situation, l decided to contact David to help me gain my Spanish residence card.

It was a very good decision on my side as I found David to be very professional from start to finish. His knowledge and information given is second to none, all this meant on the day everything went smoothly.

I would be happy to recommend and work with David again myself.

Robert Blake


I would like to pass on huge thanks to both David his team for the guidance and support offered when applying for residency.

All instructions were clear and concise and when I had an issue with insurance documentation they were proactive in moving the appointment to ensure I had no wasted visits.

I am delighted with the service and the fact they supported me throughout the process .

I would highly recommend, thanks again.

Rose W.


Moving to a new country is an exciting adventure but it can also prove to be a real headache when dealing with all the bureaucratic and administrative matters that confront the new arrival.

Combine this with the challenge of an unfamiliar language and it may seem that you have a real mountain to climb. The answer is to get help from a relocation expert that can guide you through the many forms and documentary requirements.

For our move to Spain we contacted David Ruiz of Torrevieja Translation to help us obtain our Residencia. From the very beginning David discussed with us the documents we would need to have prepared and ready for the Residencia process and made sure we completely understood what we needed to do.

Throughout the process it was always possible to contact David and he patiently answered all the many questions we had.

David arranged our Residencia appointment, completed the application forms on our behalf and met with us the week before to review our documentation. On the day of our appointment David and his assistant were there and on hand to assist and translate for us to ensure that the interview went completely smoothly.

All in all, David’s involvement made a daunting process much less stressful than “going it alone” would have been.

For anyone that is looking to apply for Spanish residence in Spain, we would highly recommend David Ruiz and Torrevieja Translation for their professional, friendly and comprehensive service.

Nina and Margit


I was looking for help with our residency applications and came across David Ruiz on the internet. The reviews looked great and we weren’t disappointed.

My husband and I and my son, partner and their daughter were all applying and David made the whole process in Spain simple.

Our one stumbling block was getting our S1 sent from the UK, we had to request it 6 times over a period of 4 months and still only received it once.

David managed to keep us calm throughout even when we thought we would not be able to achieve residency without paying for insurance.

Eventually it came and David met us at the Police Station and walked us through the whole process, receiving our residency and their best wishes for our future.

Thanks David you helped us a lot and I would wholeheartedly recommend you.

Tracey and Roger Lewis


I had initially decided to do the residencia by myself, partially because the first quotes I had received for services to assist me with it were very high. Eventually I found that every page or blog I read about the subject online described that process and document requirements differently. Needing the residencia in order to import my household goods etc and failing to secure an appointment to submit the applications on time I finally decided that I needed help from a professional after all.

Further Googling brought me to Torrevieja Translation and David. He guided me through the whole process, step by step, from the first response to the day I walked out with the residencia in my wallet, just two weeks after I arrived in Spain (including Xmas and New Year in between). The appointment itself took less than 10 minutes since David and his team has already verified that my documents were complete and correct.

The peace of mind I got by using David’s services is priceless. Even more so when his services are very well priced compared to all other responses I found.

If you want a stress free (at least in terms of the residencia) move to Spain, David is your man!

Alf Ellefsen


My husband and I arrived 2 months ago with the intention of living in Crevillente, let’s just say we were ‘green’ about Padrons, NIE’s not to mention Residencies and SIP’s.

This is when David Ruiz at Torrevieja Translations became invaluable to us.

David communicated to us on a regular basis thru each stage of what we would have to do to get residencia and become legal here.

Granted we had to work with him in supplying the required paperwork, ie S1 forms, Padrons etc. But by working as a team it all came together quite quickly.

We met David at the Town Hall in Orihuela on January 29th, 2019 and received our residencia cards on the same day and then on 7th February, 2020 David got us our SIP cards, for health care.

We cannot thank David enough for his hard work, kindness and professionalism and would highly recommend him with any relocation work that has to be carried out.

We would also like to add that his fees were also very reasonable.

Kindly Mr & Mrs Reddington


Review I

I have been coming to the Costa Blanca since 1987 when my parents owned their villa. I had always dreamed of one day owning my own which I did in 2003.

My next step on my Spanish dream was to become a Spanish resident this was made possible by the help and expert guidance of David and his team at Torrevieja Translation. Every step was explained perfectly and nothing was too much trouble, every question was answered in great detail.

David took the the doubts that were in my mind that I have previously read on the internet in other websites or forums and made the whole thing a very speedy and trouble free experience.

I would recommend David and Torrevieja Translation to anyone thinking of relocating to Spain.

Thank you to David and his team for helping me to complete the last stage of my dream.

Kieren Capon

Review II

I would recommend David and Torrevieja Translation to anyone thinking of relocating to Spain or anyone who is living in Spain and needs Spanish residency or the new upgrade to the TIE card.

This is the second time I have used David and his team at Torrevieja Translation.

The first was to gain my Spanish residency.

Now for new upgrade to the TIE Biometric card that replaces my green residency card the service was in my opinion the best on the Costa Blanca!

There was no doubt in my mind when I read about the card change who I was going to call to help me with this the service David provides is very professional, quick and most of all explained perfectly.

Nothing was too much trouble every question was answered in great detail even to the point of sending me photos of the location for the Tie card and the place to park!

Nothing is left to chance or last minute with David which puts your mind at rest in these uncertain times of Brexit filled with stress.

Once again I would like to thank David and his team at Torrevieja Translation for their services and I would highly recommend them to anyone in the UK thinking of moving to Spain or anyone needing this service here.

Kieren Capon


It was obvious from the very moment we decided to choose Spain for our retirement that the task of navigating Spanish bureaucracy would be daunting.

Forums helped in the early stages but it soon became evident that contradictory and opinionated advice wouldn’t be sufficient.

We needed an adviser/translator who was familiar with the requirements needed for our residency so our search began and after reading the comments left by successful applicants for residency, we chose David Ruiz and his team from Torrevieja Translation.

After the usual email correspondence we had our first zoom meeting with David while still in the UK. David explained exactly the process involved and answered all our questions and from that meeting we left the entire process in David’s hands.

Arriving in Spain we asked for David’s assistance with translation to assist us in obtaining our apartment and he also assisted us with our choice of a Spanish Bank.

In short we can only advise the reader that the fee we paid for David’s professional service has been beyond doubt the best value for money we have spent on our relocation to Spain and provided us with absolute peace of mind.

Thanks to David we were successful and now have our Spanish residency and also our health card.

We highly recommend the service David provides and we wish him the very best.

Ron and Moira, Santa Pola.


I would like to say a huge thank you from Christine and myself for the help and guidance that you have provided at every stage of our residency and health care application.

As you know, we were extremely worried about residency issues when we first made contact with you, we had already had one unsuccessful meeting hosted by our solicitors when several issues with the application came up and we were unable to get a second appointment.

Having invested in Spain with the purchase of our house our concerns were growing that we were rapidly approaching our ninety day stay without legitimising our residency status and we still cannot believe how quickly you were able to actually get an appointment for residency.

On the day of our appointment for residency, you met us on time and acted professionally on our behalf, going thorough all of the documentation with the police, explaining to us at every stage what was happening.

Similarly we met again for the social security and your action in taking over that meeting was excellent.

We are now happy that we have the correct legal status to reside in Spain thanks to your service.

I would totally recommend your service to anybody seeking residency.

Christine & Kevin


David and his team have been a tremendous asset to us, without his help we would not now be Spanish residents.

If you need residency and help securing it you will not find a better consultant that David. He knows every detail of the process and quietly gets on with managing it.

David helped us secure our residency before the Brexit transition period deadline perfectly attending to every detail.

I 100% recommend his services.

Al and Shelley Woolhouse


We contacted David as a result of a referral from the Costa Blanca Forum.

We had tried to contact several offices to get information and/or an appointment to get our padron certificates in Torrevieja and Spanish residency on non-lucrative visa.

We went to two offices in Torrevieja and three in Alicante. The closest we got was a page of computer website instructions in Spanish which we couldn’t decipher.

After contacting David we got an immediate appointment near our home. David went with us to get us regsitered on the padron in Torrevieja and get our non-lucrative visa extended for residency in Spain.

With David along, everything went smoothly.

We highly recommend David and will certainly call on him again every time our extension comes up for renewal.

Marco & Deborah Saunders


I would like to express my gratitude to David Ruiz for the excellent service he provided to get residencia for my wife and myself. Our credentials seemed slightly unusual, so we felt very vulnerable.

David was helpful and pleasant through the procedure, giving us confidence all the way. He also exercised professionalism and even authority, when needed to get things moving forward. We are very thankful.

Jonny and Simonne Dale.


Not only is David and his team fast and have an impressive turn around time, he took a massive weight off my shoulders with quality control all along the way! Having asked for some fairly obscure requests in terms of delivery, he went above and beyond the call of duty and ensured that our translations were safely in our hands.

I would strongly recommend David and his services for whatever needs you have! The prices are reasonable, his response time is faster than the Spanish AVE high speed, and his willingness to accommodate you in each step of the process means the world to us!

Thanks David, we will count on you and your elite squad of translators in the future!

Ana Brittian


You know those people who just get it; who are mentally quick, natural problem solvers, and thrive in getting things done fast, without any fluff or over usage of words?

Well, David is one of those people. He and his team will always be my go-to team with everything legal.

Best, Rana


We arrived in Alicante, Spain on November 1, 2016 after having relocated from Washington, DC, USA. We were ready to begin whatever paperwork was required to get our residence cards and it all became a bit overwhelming since our Spanish is not quite where we need to be.  So, after an internet search for translators, we were able to locate David Ruiz who graciously accepted our invitation to meet and help us through the process.

David was very willing to come to Alicante and joined us for our first appointment to get our Padron certificate.  He then followed up for our visit to the foreigners office and from there set up appointments to complete the residence card requirements.  His assistance was invaluable and we will look forward to working with him when translations are once again needed.

We would gladly recommend his services to anyone requiring assistance as they settle into life in Spain.

Thank you.

Mark and Vick Britton


We would like to thank you for your exceptional help and assistance with our notary appointment.  We have now arrived in the UK and are looking forward to a worry free life due to your professionalism on our behalf.  All the best for the future (but please change the profile picture on your website though,  the real thing is much nicer!)

Freda & David


I arrived in Alicante province a few months ago wanting to obtain residency status in Spain, but unsure of the process and with little knowledge of Spanish. David has been instrumental in guiding me through the process. I now have an NIE number, am registered on the padron of my local town hall, and have my residency certificate.

David has helped me every step of the way, including the setting up and attending all the necessary appointments with me, and also taking me to the appointments. I thoroughly recommend David for the services he has performed for me. Thanks David!

Peter Luxton

After looking online for someone to help us get our Spanish NIE numbers, we found David’s website. We sent him a message and the same day we received an email from him.

We communicated via email over the next few days and before we knew it our appointment was confirmed for the following week, because we had mentioned we would be in Spain for a short holiday.

I never thought we could get it all done in such a short amount of time. A great service and all arranged while still in the UK.

Margaret and Martin Murphy


I first met David in 2012 after having lived in San Cayetano for three months already. I had been let down by a local firm of translators who until that time kept fobbing me off with further appointments and further excuses. Almost at the point of giving up I noticed an advert in local newspaper so with nothing further to lose I contacted him.

What I found was a Charming, Pleasant young man with a very professional approach. Not being mobile, he drove early mornings from Torrevieja to pick me up and take me to Cartagena, not once but three times,  at the same time helping me juggle my two nationalities “English and German”. David is a magician, I ended up with my Padron and Spanish Residency on my German documentation and my National Health coverage on my English Documentation.

In short, a very nice professional young man who leaves no stone unturned.

Dietmar Robert Halfpenny – Santiago De La Ribera

Becoming a Spanish resident in the coronavirus period was certainly not without delay, but with David Ruiz’s help
everything went well.

Thank you David for making it possible to receive our Spanish residence cards fairly quick and without any problems. Absolutely recommendation!

Peter van Gelderen


David provided excellent services with an unusual level of speed and responsiveness while having detailed knowledge of all requirements to quickly cut through the red tape.

Highly recommended!

Gisle B.


Thank you for your book on “how to exchange your EU & British driving licence” and guide towards obtaining a Spanish Driving Licence. The experience was exceedingly painless. When I attended the appointment, the information was already there waiting for me to arrive. I also had all the papers, originals and copies etc., that you recommended and all went well. I finally received my Spanish Driving Licence by post, as predicted.

David C.


Genny and I would like to express our thanks for all your assistance over the last couple of weeks and especially on Monday morning with the Notary.  As I’m sure you can appreciate this has been a particularly stressful period for both of us but with your attention to detail and professional approach the whole legal process went very smoothly.

Genny and Mike (Total Signs and


I have used David for a number of services relating to my business. I highly recommend him as he is professional and knowledgeable. He’s also a very nice man.

Mark Harrison, Managing Partner at


David’s help has been invaluable to me since moving to Spain six months ago. He made the process of obtaining my residency smooth and straightforward. I recommend him to anyone as he is very professional and I could not imagine how I would have fared without his services.

David truly understands the English way of thinking.

Rebecca Weeden – Valencia


I have only met David twice to translate for me for an injury I incurred and have denounced the town hall in Cartagena. This is obviously ongoing but David has translated for a witness statement at the town hall and had a meeting with my lawyer to clarify the situation for me.

He is very friendly and above all professional and really knows what he is doing. I have used English translators in the past but David knows what he is doing and I have every confidence in him and when my case progresses ie court I will have no hesitation about having him by my side.

Bob Hall – Cartagena


Last year was a difficult year for me as my husband died. I was in desperate need of an interpreter for both documents also in an official capacity, David was recommended. He dealt with all my problems in a professional and caring manner I would have been unable to cope without his help.

Jess Thomson – Ciudad Quesada


David has been our translator for about two years now and I am so glad that we found him .He has been a tower of strength to my husband and myself through some very difficult times and has always been there whenever we have needed him.

David offers a warm but extremely professional and personal service and I have no hesitation in recommending him .We both now regard David as a friend as well as a translator and it is very reassuring to know we have someone who we can trust and rely on so completely.

Ann & Ray Keating – Guardamar


I cannot thank David enough for his help and patience at a time of great difficulty for me. David translated a wide range of legal documents and obtained certified copies when required. I now live in New Zealand and we keep in touch. I have no hesitation in recommending David.

Kay Schneider – New Zealand