Attention: not having permanent Spanish residency card could make a difference

Brexit Spanish residency card

(Note: Just before I start out, this article only applies to British citizens. However, if you’re from a non-EU country and would like to apply for your permanent Spanish residency card click here as you should start with a visa).

Everybody is speaking about it.


Hard Brexit.

Soft Brexit.

Lots of confusion.

Contradictory information.

One day you hear one thing, next day you hear something totally different.

Time passes.

Brexit is closer and closer.

What can you do to protect yourself?

Let me explain.


The three UK main scenarios for the Spanish residency card

Something is going to change after Brexit. Things will not stay the same after all the emotion and reaction generated by the referendum.

The questions is: what will change?

Well, nobody knows.

It’s still a total mystery.

But what I do know as an expert relocation adviser is that there are three main scenarios for British citizens in Spain.

  1. Those who have not applied yet for their Spanish residency card.
  2. Those who have had Spanish residency for less than 5 years
  3. Those who have had Spanish residency for more than 5 years

In my opinion, only two groups could get affected by Brexit: Group 1 and Group 3.

Those within Group 1 could find themselves having to apply as non-EU citizens, as I’ll explain in a moment.

Those within Group 3 could benefit by the fact of having lived in Spain for more than 5 years, as they’d be classified as permanent residents when Brexit comes, as I’ll explain in a moment too.

Spanish residency card

(No matter what you hear or read: Brexit is unpredictable)


What should you do?

In two words: take action.

By taking action I mean:

  1. Apply for your Spanish residency before Brexit, if you haven’t done so.
  2. Obtain the “permanent status” if you’ve got the A4 Spanish residency sheet or the green card version, but only if you’ve had Spanish residency for more than 5 years. The new card will say: “residente comunitario permanente en España desde (date)”.


Why should you do it?

As mentioned before, because:

“Nobody knows what sort of outcome Brexit will bring”

The worst case scenario could be that the United Kingdom becomes a non-EU country like the USA. Therefore a visa would be needed, which would require:

  • Proof of income (much higher than for EU citizens)
  • Private health insurance
  • Criminal records
  • Health certificates
  • Official Translations
  • Waiting until the Spanish embassy/consulate in the UK made a final decision on it (perhaps one or two months).

At the moment British pensioners can obtain their Spanish residency card through the S1 form. Also, with the S1 form, you can get registered at the local health centre for any ongoing treatments.

If the UK becomes a completely non-EU country this will mean taking out private health insurance. No choice. It would have to be done during the visa stage, and, unless there are any bilateral agreements, the private plan would not be compatible with the Spanish public scheme.

Thinking radically negative, in a possible scenario of complete non-EU citizenship, you would have to renew your Spanish residency card over a set number of years until you obtain the “permanent” status.

This is why it’s so important to reapply for your Spanish residency card if you’ve been living in Spain for more than 5 years; just because you would already have your “permanent status”. No more non-EU renewals.

In short, this is the way to cover your back against the unexpected events Brexit will bring.

Brexit Spanish residency

(If you take action now, there will be nothing to fear after Brexit)


Still waiting?

We have a problem.

To apply for both your Spanish residency the first time or to reapply and get the permanent status there is an appointment system.

The appointment system, as of today (September 2018), has a two-month delay. As Brexit gets closer the delay may grow, so your appointment could be given for after Brexit… not a good choice since we’re aware that Brexit is totally unpredictable.

Now is the right time to go ahead and to protect yourself.

Make the appointment now, and plan how you would like to do it afterwards.


How can I help you?

I’m a living legend in the Spanish residency process :-)

There are countless websites talking about the Spanish residency, some of them full of misleading information (including official websites), some of them from travel bloggers hoping to make some cash, some of them from aspiring amateur relocation advisers.

I can guarantee none of them has spent so much petrol as I’ve done helping thousands of foreigners in Spain since 2010.

If you have not got your Spanish residency card yet, I will guide you through the whole process so that you can have your card before Brexit.

If you’ve been living in Spain for more than 5 years having Spanish residency, but have not changed the A4 sheet or card to “permanent” status, I will assist you so that you can protect yourself against whatever Brexit brings up.

Ready to take action and get as Spanish as possible before Brexit becomes reality?

We have two options:

  1. Do it yourself
  2. Hire me so that I can assist you throughout the whole process


To do it yourself click on the image below:

Spanish residency card

or click on the following link:

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