On Spanish residency, Brexit and Parachuting

Spanish residency rules

You are in a small aeroplane arriving at twelve thousand feet preparing for the jump.

Looking down through the small windows of the aircraft you can see a beautiful sunny Spanish day.

Not a cloud in the sky.

The Mediterranean Sea is calm.

From this distance you can see the coastline of almost the entire Costa Blanca.

Suddenly, a voice shouts: Stand up!

Doors open.

You can feel the air coming in.

To the left you have a stranger, smiling, in regular blue jeans, white t-shirt and sport shoes. He is holding a parachute, his arms extended towards you.

To the right you have the jumpmaster, the expert, in his proper parachute equipment, special safety glasses and helmet. He is also trying to offer you his parachute.

Which one would you take?

Spanish residency permit

(Definitely, not the right moment to find out which parachute is better)


It’s quite obvious, isn’t it?

Well, not really.

In the real world I witness too often many British citizens picking up the parachute from the stranger who has no professional experience.

This story I just told you is a metaphor of something that’s happening these days:

  • There are British citizens who are living in Spain and have not got their Spanish residency yet (the aeroplane).
  • Brexit is around the corner (the inevitable jump).
  • Misleading websites and anonymous people on social media are telling you to do one thing (the complete stranger holding the parachute bag).
  • Professional advisers are telling you to do something different (the jumpmaster).

Would you jump off the aeroplane using a parachute bag which might not even have a parachute inside?


No, you wouldn’t

So, why don’t you apply for your Spanish residency before it’s too late?

The inevitable jump is around the corner. Something will change after Brexit, and nobody knows what it is, despite all the noise.

It could be a final unexpected agreement that leaves things in a similar way or a complete different scenario that transform the UK into a non-EU country.

As mentioned in previous articles this would imply a visa at the Spanish embassy in the UK, as well as requirements such as:

  • High financial means
  • Private medical insurance
  • Criminal records
  • Medical examination
  • Apostilles and official translations
  • More expensive government fees
  • Waiting for months until you obtain a resolution to travel to Spain

However, if you apply now for the Spanish residency card you’ll have it already by the time Brexit comes into effect and becomes whatever it’s decided in the end.

brexit spanish residency

(Obtaining your Spanish residency card could become very difficult)


Spanish residency: Jump now using the right parachute

But… what’s the right parachute?

It’s really easy, following these three steps:

  1. Applying for the Spanish residency before Brexit
  2. Using the correct information required by the relevant police station where you have the appointment at
  3. Getting assistance by a professional adviser so that everything is done to perfection

There are still four months to go before Brexit, but the clock is ticking.

Don’t postpone it.

Don’t wait until the last minute.

Don’t do whatever a stranger (or even a friend who’s not a professional adviser) is telling you to do. They won’t pay the consequences for their “free advice”.

Another thing to take into account the is the appointment system: there is a delay of around 2 months. If you let it go too long it might be too late, there might not be any appointments available and you’d go beyond the Brexit deadline.

And, very important too: I strongly recommend you to obtain your permanent status before Brexit if you’ve already had your residency card (or A4 sheet) for over 5 years but without the permanent status printed on it. Why? Same reason: nobody knows what’s beyond Brexit.


The good news

I’ve got the right parachute for you 😊

I’ve got the right way to apply for your Spanish residency and the subsequent peace of mind you will obtain. After all, this is what I’ve been doing since 2010 helping thousands of foreign people.

Ready to jump using the best equipment to obtain your Spanish residency card?

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Credit image: R. Girard, Ann W, Duncan Hull

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