Spanish Towns: Monteagudo Castle


Spanish Town: Monteagudo Monument’s Name: Monteagudo Castle Location: South-Eastern Spain, in the small town of Monteagudo (Murcia). (Monteagudo, Murcia – Google Maps) (Picture taken by me in November 2013) (A closer view of the castle using the previous picture) (A much closer view – not taken by me) (Monteagudo Castle back view) (Monteagudo Castle side […]

5 wrong facts about Spain

Wrong facts about spain

I wrote this article on wrong facts about Spain many years ago, back on 29 March 2014. I got horrified when I re-read it a few minutes ago, Thursday 16 April 2020, during the coronavirus crisis. Anyway, I have decided I will include many more facts about Spain, in my current eyes, but leaving a bit of […]

Spanish Christmas Lottery

Spanish Christmas Lottery 2013

Wanna be real Spanish? Then, you gotta buy some Spanish Christmas lottery. Now it’s the time. People have already got crazy about it! IT’S BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE… SPANISH CHRISTMAS LOTTERY In Spain there’s a big tradition with this particular lottery: the Christmas one, called in Spanish “Lotería de Navidad” (Christmas = Navidad) […]

How can I improve my Spanish?

how to improve my spanish

You may have said to yourself many times: “how can I improve my Spanish?”. And perhaps you have tried numerous systems and methods… and you feel that there has been almost no progress. In my opinion, learning a foreign language is not an easy task. It takes tons of patience and dedication, and sometimes a […]

The two extra salaries in Spain


It’s been two months since I wrote my last article, and today I will blame Denmark and Sweden! Just kidding, these lovely countries have nothing to do with my laziness. I visited both about a month and a half ago: wonderful places with interesting and different life styles in comparison with Spain. I forgot it […]

Life in Spain through Irish eyes


I was last week in Germany working as an interpreter at an international fair. And guess what it was: cold, cold and more cold! My flight was Alicante-Amsterdam-Cologne. It was like jumping from our Spanish April to December in a few hours. The return trip was the other way around, like travelling from the North […]

Practical safety tips in Spain (Part 1)

Safety tips in Spain

This article is the first one of a series (read Practical Safety Tips in Spain – Part 2). There’s something very interesting that I would like to share with you about basic and practical safety in Spain, but let me tell you this little story first. Last weekend, one of my clients was robbed. He […]

Life in Spain through English eyes


Lately, I’ve heard a few times that the Spanish residency must be renewed every 5 years. It seems that some local free papers have published some articles talking about that. However, although that is not what I have always heard at the National Police station, is that true? Well, that’s part of my job: doing […]

Let’s start it out!

la alhambra

Welcome to Torrevieja Translation, my new Website. I’m very happy about this new project where I will try to share as much as possible about Spain. Start here if you have not done so yet. I already have some good English-speaking writers willing to publish in my blog, which is great. I will write some […]