Driving in Spain: Renewing vs. Exchanging your EU Licence

Driving in Spain

Admit it. You feel frustrated after reading so much contradictory information about driving in Spain, in particular when it comes to exchanging / renewing your EU driving licence. That frustration sounds familiar. I was there before, believe it or not. Even though I’m a native Spaniard, I used to feel like you: cheated, frustrated, and […]

8 Revealing Answers About the Medical Certificate for Driving in Spain

medical-certificate-for- driving-licences-in-spain

Let’s face it: You are afraid of the Spanish driving medical certificate. There is a voice inside your head warning you: “You are not going to pass the examination” it says. “I’m not young or fit enough to pass a medical test anymore”, you think afterwards. And you may also wonder: What does it consist […]

This could save your life while living in Spain

living in Spain emergency services

You don’t feel immortal anymore. Neither do I. Years go by. Life passes swiftly. And it seems even faster in Spain, doesn’t it? We all know at this point that health problems have nothing to do with the country flag you wave, the language you speak, how much money you have in the bank, or […]

A Quick Guide to 112: the emergency telephone number in Spain

emergency phone number in Spain

In a formal description we could say that “112 is a free emergency telephone number in Spain which offers a 24/7 emergency service to any person located within the country of Spain, regardless of their nationality and legal status”. In my own words: “112 is the phone number you must use in case of any […]

9 facts you must know about renewing your EU driving licence in Spain


See? Nothing has happened. The world has not stopped for even a single microsecond after the new regulation on driving licences came into effect in Spain. I know you felt the panic running through your veins. You thought: “My goodness, am I driving on an illegal driving licence?” Or more likely: “Do I need a […]

Renewing your EU driving Licence in Spain: 3 case studies


Must all European Union driving licences be changed to Spanish Licences after the new regulation? Do you have to change your EU licence if you do not have Spanish residency? In the case that the new regulations apply to you, do you need a medical certificate? I’ll answer these three questions and more in this […]

Warning: 200 Euro fine for not renewing your driving licence


I knew this would happen. It was merely a matter of time. Sorry to tell you this: but you will need to renew your licence in order to obtain the required Spanish licence. In addition, as collateral damage, one way or another you will have to pay some money. Now, you have to decide what […]

The Definitive Guide on the Padron

What is a Padron

Would you like to know everything about the well-known “padron” certificate in Spain? If yes, this is your article, the ultimate guide Before we start: If you are a non-EU citizen married to an EU citizen then click on Spanish residency for non-EU citizens Are you from the USA? Please read my 2022 guide all about moving to Spain from […]

Spanish food: The Mediterranean Diet

The mediterranean diet Spanish food

After researching Spanish food, and particularly the Mediterranean Diet, I realised there are three important factors in traditional Spanish gastronomy: climate, shortage and inheritance. Let me briefly explain you my conclusions: • Climate – Certain types of foods are only feasible in areas of moderate temperature. • Shortage – Centuries of war, conflict, and poverty […]

3 More Tips to Learn Spanish

learn spanish

I know you want to learn Spanish. It’s like a dream. Being fluent in Spanish. Conversing with the Spanish like a real native (shouting or not). I was in that same position one day. I had a dream: winning the lottery. I travelled all over the world in my dreams, not worrying of how to […]