Spanish food: The Mediterranean Diet

The mediterranean diet Spanish food

After researching Spanish food, and particularly the Mediterranean Diet, I realised there are three important factors in traditional Spanish gastronomy: climate, shortage and inheritance. Let me briefly explain you my conclusions: • Climate – Certain types of foods are only feasible in areas of moderate temperature. • Shortage – Centuries of war, conflict, and poverty […]

3 More Tips to Learn Spanish

learn spanish

I know you want to learn Spanish. It’s like a dream. Being fluent in Spanish. Conversing with the Spanish like a real native (shouting or not). I was in that same position one day. I had a dream: winning the lottery. I travelled all over the world in my dreams, not worrying of how to […]

Spanish Towns: San Javier

san javier spanish town murcia

Spanish Town: San Javier Location: Southeast Spain, in the province of Murcia, next to San Pedro del Pinatar (San Javier, Murcia – Google Maps) (Promenade along the beach – Santiago de la Ribera, San Javier, Murcia) (You may see the “Patrulla Águila” —Eagle Patrol— in the sky one day) (Boats seem to be there to […]

Top 3 mistakes at Spanish hospitals


I did not know much about the Spanish health system before I created Torrevieja Translation back in 2010, and much less about how Spanish hospitals worked. After making some calculations the other day I ended up with the following numbers: With over 3000 appointments with clients as their interpreter to either hospitals or GPs visits”. […]

Life in Torrevieja Spain through English eyes (Bristol)


Welcome back to my series Life in Spain through people’s eyes. The article I’m publishing today is from Wendy Withrington, originally from Bristol (England). Wendy has been living long enough in Torrevieja to know the town very well. But, before we start… Let me tell you something else 😉 TO FIND OR NOT TO FIND… […]

Spanish wills: did you know this?


 A few days ago, one of my clients sent me an email asking the following question.  << Is it possible for you to give information on the new law coming out in 2014, that states that if our Spanish Will does not include the fact we wish for UK law to be used, it will […]

Life in Spain through South African eyes

South African flag in Spain

One of the greatest things I’ve experienced living in Torrevieja is the diverse people I’ve met over the years. For this reason I created Life in Spain through people’s eyes. Today I’m going to share Wendy’s story with you and what she has found in Spain. Wendy is the only South African client I’ve had […]

Practical Safety Tips in Spain (Part 2)

Safety tips in Spain

Last year I wrote Practical Safety Tips in Spain (Part 1). Let’s go for “Part 2”… at last WELCOME TO SPAIN I really don’t think Spain is very unsafe. However, if you don’t follow a few basic concepts on personal safety, through common sense and advice like the tips I’m about to give you, I’m […]

Life in Spain through Norwegian Eyes


Last year I started out with my series Life in Spain through People’s Eyes, which I left aside after two articles. Let’s get back to it! Today I’m going to share the story that my good friend Sverre Galaaen wrote for me last summer (sorry Sverre it has taken so long to publish it). I […]

Spanish Towns: San Pedro del Pinatar


Spanish Town: San Pedro del Pinatar Location: South east Spain, in the province of Murcia, at the southern edge of the Valencia Region, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Mar Menor. (San Pedro del Pinatar, Murcia – Google Maps) (Little house on the beach… not really sure what it’s for!) (Old windmill) (Promenade + mud […]