Living in Santa Pola Spain: The Definitive Guide

Tabarca Santa Pola Spain

Have you ever been to Santa Pola Spain? This town is a small fishing port famed for its having a variety of landscapes. Picturesque views of mountains. Wild looking sand dunes. The sea. The Isla of Tabarca. You will love Santa Pola Before we start… Yours Free Spain 101 is a free ebook full of unique tips […]

Living in Mazarron Spain: The Definitive Guide

Puerto mazarrón

Can you imagine the Puerto de Mazarron Spain during the Carthaginian period of history in the 3rd century BC? Or the mines of Mazarron that date from Roman times? Mazarron is a unique town full of history as well as regarded as a family friendly resort… you will love it Before we start… Yours Free Spain 101 is a free ebook full of […]

Living in Aguilas Spain: The Definitive Guide

Aguilas beach

Aguilas Spain… have you ever visited this town? The word “aguila” means “eagle” in English. The town of Aguilas is a seaport in Spain’s south eastern province of Murcia. It is a modern town with a population of around 35,000 people. Aguilas has a captivating charm which is evident in its beaches, history and Mediterranean culture, you […]

Living in Alcoy Spain: The Definitive Guide

Puente siete lunas Alcoy Spain

Have you ever been to Alcoy Spain? It is a university city in the province of Alicante in south eastern Spain. Alcoy is an inland town, where you will find a pure Spanish atmosphere. Are you looking for Spanish town full of tradition? Alcoy is the right place Before we start… Yours Free Spain 101 is a […]

Living in Orihuela Spain: The Definitive Guide

Orihuela Spain

Have you ever been to Orihuela Spain? Not to “Orihuela Costa” but Orihuela city, around 30 km.. It is a very historical city that has been inhabited since the days of the Roman Empire. Reading this article leads me to believe you are already thinking of making your move to Spain and should you decide that […]

Living in Yecla Spain: The Definitive Guide

Yecla Spain

Have you ever visited Yecla Spain? It is one of those small charming Spanish cities almost impossible to forget. A unique atmosphere. The culture. The people. The gastronomy. If you are really thinking about moving to Spain, away from big cities and coastal areas, I promise that you will love Yecla. There is a special […]

Living in Denia Spain: The Definitive Guide

Denia Spain

If you don’t want to live in a big town nor in a small Spanish village, then I am sure you should consider moving to Denia Spain Denia is a medium-sized town where you can enjoy life in the Coast of Spain. Thousands of tourists visiting Denia every year can not be mistaken! If you […]

Living in Javea Spain: The Definitive Guide

Javea Spain

Have you ever been to Javea Spain? Think about this: Hiking through idyllic landscapes… Relaxing in unique sandy beaches… Authentic Spanish traditions and food.. Scuba diving in the Mediterranean Sea? Do you like adventure and sports but are also keen on going for a peaceful walk, trying a delicious Spanish paella or tasty seafood together with […]

Living in Murcia Spain: The Definitive Guide

Murcia Spain

Have you ever visited Murcia Spain? If not, this is the perfect article to discover the city. History. Spanish culture. Ancient alleys. Only 30 minutes away from the coast. A charming city you will love. It’s the city where I am from, by the way Before we start… Yours Free Spain 101 is a free ebook full […]