Life in Spain through English eyes


Lately, I’ve heard a few times that the Spanish residency must be renewed every 5 years. It seems that some local free papers have published some articles talking about that.

However, although that is not what I have always heard at the National Police station, is that true?

Well, that’s part of my job: doing Spanish residencies.

So, I’m going to investigate all that in depth and will let you know soon.

Meanwhile, as promised, here’s the article written by my friend Jess Thomson. Please, you’re free to make any comments at the bottom form.

Speak soon!


Life in Spain through English eyes

If you ask the majority of British People what made them leave their country of origin and choose to make a new life living in Spain, most would say the excellent Spanish weather, followed by a healthier and relaxed outdoor lifestyle. Also the close proximity to their home country, just a two hour flight away.

Unfortunately living on the Costa Costa Blanca, we are not living in the real Spain, or mixing in a true Spanish environment, although the Spanish people we meet are friendly and helpful, even though most still think of us as tourists however long we have lived in Spain even though the majority of us buy property, run businesses, buy cars, furniture, and shop in the supermarkets and local markets, also using Spanish tradesmen when necessary. We also pay all our taxes to the Spanish Government, or we should do.

We love the Spanish culture, architecture, castles, churches, fiestas to name a few. There is so much history in this country with plenty of opportunity to travel within Spain.

You can usually see a Doctor at the Medical Centre within a day of your request. I am not sure if Spanish residents realise our UK government pays a yearly sum towards our medical care.

The hospitals here are first class, 100% for cleanliness, also individual private en suite rooms, and usually short waiting lists to see a consultant, most consultants speak very limited English, and as your health is most important, it is advisable to always take a good Spanish translator with you, you can then be certain of the complete diagnosis explained to you in English, your translators main concern is you.

Our ignorance of the Spanish language is a disadvantage, if we lived in the villages or campo I am sure we would learn, as most Spaniards are helpful and tolerant of our mistakes. So no excuses it is our fault, as there are some excellent teachers of Spanish in all areas.

What do we miss here, Family especially Grandchildren, when ill you can feel alone, although most of us have an excellent social life, there are plenty of clubs, charity work, with more outdoor activities, due to the excellent weather. If you don’t mix you can feel isolated especially if living alone, but this can also be the case in the UK. On the whole I think we all feel much safer when going out in the evening alone, than we would in the UK. Unfortunately the few expats who take too much alcohol and cause trouble give us all a bad name, but I am sure this is the same everywhere.

It is cheaper to live in Spain, although more choice of food and clothes in England. As long as we have sufficient income to live here in Spain we can have an excellent lifestyle. Who could ask for more?

Jess Thomson

credit image: Daniel Horacio Agostini

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  1. ann says

    Hi Jess,

    I agree with everything you say .I love to wake up to the blue skies here although I must admit I do like to go back to the uk to visit too .I have had far more good encounters with Spanish people than I have had bad ones but I do wish I had tried harder to learn the language .

  2. jess says

    Hi Ann
    Good to hear you agree with most of my comments, I also wish I had learnt Spanish, but who needs it with David our good friend and translator. My husband died a year ago and took Spanish lessons, of course I thought why bother he would interpret for me. Taught me not to be complacent.
    Regards Jess.