Let’s start it out!

la alhambra

Welcome to Torrevieja Translation, my new Website. I’m very happy about this new project where I will try to share as much as possible about Spain.

Start here if you have not done so yet.

I already have some good English-speaking writers willing to publish in my blog, which is great. I will write some of the articles, but most of them will be written by them.

You will be free to make comments on each article, in a polite way please. I will not allow abusive or offensive comments. If that happens, I will eliminate the post and the user will be banned from my Website. So, whatever you want to say, be polite!

My articles will not contain any political, religious, nationalist, or sensational news, or any other controversial topic.I may speak about our political system, religious tradition or nationalist background, but not as a personal opinion. It will be just to teach you something more about Spain.

If you make a comment, I would really appreciate if you do it on the main idea, whatever you think, but not on a controversial topic. I just don’t want to make my site a “common ground”. There’s already plenty of that out there!

Anyway, here we are… LET’S START IT OUT!

Best wishes,


image credit: Canduela