Thanks for Everything; Without you, Spain Would Not Be Spain

Gracias Spain

You love Spain.

You are special.


Residents living in Spain all year long.

Occasional and one-off visitors.

Non-residents who spend equal amounts of time between Spain and their country of origin.

All of you.

No exception.

But, don’t get me wrong, this is not that sort of cliché empty slogan: “You-are-special (buy my product)”.


You are immeasurably special for us, the Spaniards

Still don’t believe it?

This is what I think: without you, an important part of the Spanish economy would collapse.

Touristic areas would empty, hence closing hotels, airlines, travel agencies and many other services around tourism industry.

Countless properties wouldn’t be rented or sold.

Many local shops (and big shopping centres) would disappear too. And with them, lots of Spanish people would sink (including myself).

Spain with no audience

(A sad Spain with no audience)

The Spanish government would have to cut millions of Euros to alleviate a huge loss so dramatic that it would shake the entire nation.


But that won’t happen, you know why?

Because Of Your Love For Spain

At different levels and intensities, I know you all have an appreciation for Spain.

You may love the Spanish culture, cities, small towns, their traditions.

You may love the Spanish History, monuments, architecture.

You may love the friendly and close approach from the Spaniards (of course, there some exceptions to the rule here 😉 ).

You may love speaking Spanish, even if you don’t speak much or nothing at all at the moment.

Or maybe it’s none of the above, but you simply love living in this country, in peace, free of stress and away from crowded and noisy cities shrouded by a dreadful weather.

I love Spain

(I bet your love for Spain is this long lasting)

In a nutshell, it’s that “something” you feel for this country what keeps you coming back as a tourist to spend your holidays, renting property for long stays, or even buying to move here permanently.

I’m sure many Spaniards would love to say thank you. They know that Spain would not be Spain without you.

My Gratitude on Behalf of My People

When I began Torrevieja Translation, my relocation advising business, in those days, lots of Spaniards were losing their jobs. Actually, I was one of them, as I was laid off in the summer of 2010.

However, I was fortunate to have moved to the Spanish Costa Blanca just a few months before I lost my job.

I noticed the language barrier among the English-speaking community residing here, along with the many problems that linguistic posed for many foreigners, and just jumped at the opportunity to help people.

I must admit I had to go through a period of “darkness” throughout the second half of 2010 and early 2011, as I was literally an anonymous relocation adviser.

But I continued persisting… and persisting… and persisting… with the sole goal of helping out people, people like you, as well as solving your problems; being your voice in Spain.

Problem solving Spain

(My mental diagram developed over the years for solving your problems in Spain)

And the miracle happened… more and more people got to know me. My phone began ringing more and more.

That’s why you are so special to me. It’s such an unexplainable feeling knowing that I have solved your problem, that I was able to make your life a bit easier in Spain.

How many Spaniards do you think are in a similar situation as mine?

Very many.


However, most of them might not speak English. Most of them might not speak with you on a daily basis, like me. Most of them might not even be aware of the help they provide you.

But one thing is true, they know their clients, their customers, the people who bring about prosperity and multi-cultural wealth to Spain.

Those people are just one word:


Therefore, I’d like to say thank you, a huge and humble thank you, on behalf of all the Spanish who can’t say so but would love to.

Before I go…

I have wanted to write this article for a long time to express my immense gratitude, as you are so important for Spain, for the Spanish people, for me.

Thank you for continued support, for reading my ebooks, my articles, for trusting me to be your relocation adviser. I’m so grateful or rather so proud to be part of your life, one of your “problem solvers” in Spain.

Our world would be much happier with tons of wonderful people like you 😉

All the best,


P.S.: Please share this article on Facebook because I can only say thank you to a limited number of people own my own. I’m sure with your help, this article will reach a lot of people who love Spain.

Thanks a million again :-)


  1. Jess Thomson says

    Hi David

    What a lovely article, especially as the uk will be voting soon whether to stay in the EU, if they vote to come out, could mean a mass exodus from Spain, lots of houses for sale etc etc. Let us just hope the English people will see sense and vote to stay in.
    Heard you had moved house like me.
    Regards Jess

    • David Ruiz says

      Hi Jess,

      Yeah, new year new property :-)

      I hope the UK’s EU referendum does not affect those who have Spanish residency (as well as tourists and non-residents), in case people vote to come out in the end.

      Best wishes

  2. Angela Sayadian says

    I am truly choked with your thank you letter.
    I have lived here for 12 years, and I love it here.
    I am so happy and honoured to be a resident guest in your wonderful country.
    My Spanish leaves a lot to be desired, but I use it whenever I can and seem to be understood most of the time. You guys are so forgiving of what we do to your beautiful language.
    I love the generosity, kindness and warmth of the people. The culture, the countryside, the beauty of the towns and villages. I cannot believe how fortunate I am to be spending my”twilight years” in this Paradise.
    Thank you Spain, from a cold blooded English woman, who can be brought to emotional mush and tears by the little things that you do that are special to me.
    I hope to have many more happy years loving this beautiful place and people.
    Muchas gracias por todo

    • David Ruiz says

      Hi Angela,

      Thank you so much for your sharing your thoughts and feelings here, I really appreciate it.

      I must have spoken with more than 5000 thousand people since 2010, from the UK mainly. And, believe me, most of them seemed to think pretty much like you. Including the ones who love moaning :-)

      Well, Spain is not perfect, but there is no perfect country on the Earth… or at least I don’t have that impression.

      Muchas gracias Angela!

  3. ann keating says

    Hi David . What a really nice article this is . It is a few years since we first met and you helped both myself and Ray numerous times which took a huge burden off my shoulders . We ar hoping to move back to Spain in the not too distant future and I am sure I will be needing your help once more with something ! I wish you good luck and I hope your business continues to thrive . Thank you for all the help , consideration and above all friendship that you gave us .
    Hasta pronto David .
    Very best wishes

    • David Ruiz says

      Muchas gracias Ann :-)

      Yeah, we met in 2010… my goodness, times passes so quickly, doesn’t it?

      Say hi to Ray for me please, and I hope you’re back in the area soon!

      All the best

  4. Mark says

    De nada David!

    • David Ruiz says

      Gracias Mark :-)