You’re getting your Spanish residency in 2018

Yes, I can see it.

In 2018 your dreams will come true: you’ll be living a happy life in sunny Spain having your Spanish residency card in your wallet.

Yes, you will.

And to help you out, after a year working on it, I’m really really really happy to announce the official release date:

Wednesday 20 December 2017

This day I’m launching three guides (also valid for Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway):

Spanish Residency: The 2018 Guide for EU & British Pensioners

Spanish residency card
What is this?

It’s the definitive 2018 guide for EU and British pensioners to getting your Spanish residency on your own, which will make you save over 2000 Euros in mistakes you will avoid and professional services you won’t have to hire.

And not less important: my guide can be used to apply one person or two people in case you’re married.

What will you get?

All the following:

  • A 47-page guide full of useful and practical information
  • A sheet of instructions and requirements so that you don’t have to go back to the guide over and over again.
  • The official application form and three templates so that you can fill it on your own without knowing Spanish
  • A mini guide with pictures to show you how to download the 790 form (tax form)
  • A mini guide to teach you how to make the appointment at the foreigners office.

But this is not all

No way.

When you get the Spanish residency guide you will get these three bonuses:


Health card: The 2018 guide for EU & British Pensioners

Spanish health card

Literally, everything you need to know to get your Spanish health card on your own.


Spanish NIE Number: The 2018 guide for EU & British Pensioners


Spanish NIE number


You may have your NIE Number already. If yes, no worries, Bonus 3 will compensate it.


UNLIMITED access to me anytime on the phone or by email.

• Aren’t you sure about how to go ahead?

Contact David at no extra cost.

• Confused about how to fill out the forms?

Contact David at no extra cost.

• Any problems downloading the tax form?

Contact David at no extra cost.

• Any problems making the appointments?

Contact David at no extra cost.


Spanish Driving Licence: How to Exchange your EU & British Licence in Spain


Spanish driving licence exchange

Well this one is not free, I’ll tell you in a moment :-)

You may wonder…

How do you know so much about this?

Let me introduce myself.

My name is David Ruiz, and I’m the man below.


Since 2010, I’ve helped more than 8000 foreigners settling in Spain through my business Torrevieja Translation.

Most of my clients have always been EU and British pensioners, so I know very well the ups and downs when moving to Spain.

Therefore, using the amazing reach of the Internet, I decided to help as many people as possible through my guides, which are just the written equivalent to the professional in-person services I’ve been providing  since 2010.

The good news

As a form of gratitude to the English-speaking universe, as nothing would make sense in my life without speaking English, you’ll get €50 off when you purchase the Spanish residency guide.

Only €50 off?

Well, compared to the final price (97 Euros), you’re getting more than 50% discount.

So for 47 Euros you’ll get:

  • The 2018 Spanish Residency Guide
  • The 2018 Spanish Health Card Guide
  • The 2018 Spanish NIE Number Guide
  • Unlimited access to me

When you become a Spanish resident, eventually, you’ll have to exchange your EU/British licence.

You can get my driving licence exchange guide within this special offer only for 23 Euros (original price €37, so you save €14, more than 30% discount).

So just for 70 Euros total you’ll get:

  • The 2018 Spanish Residency Guide
  • The 2018 Spanish Health Card Guide
  • The 2018 Spanish NIE Number Guide
  • The 2018 Spanish Driving Licence Exchange Guide
  • Unlimited access to me

The bad news

There are two bad news:

1) The offer will expire the day after of the launch, more precisely at 6 pm on Thursday 21 December 2017 GMT+1 Madrid time.

2) If you don’t register at the end of this page you won’t get the email with the official link (and won’t get the huge discounts).

Sorry, I’m doing it this way because I would like to send the special offer only to people within the EU & British Pensioner Group who are really moving to Spain.

Brexit is coming

Are you from the UK?

My recommendation: Don’t wait until things change when Brexit comes into effect in 2019.

Get my guide on Wednesday 20 December 2017, even though it’s almost two years sooner, because with ‘Bonus 3: unlimited access to me’ I’ll keep you posted of any changes by the time you decide to move to Spain.

Time to take action

Just put your email address and click on the button at the end of the page.

You will get an email with the subject ‘confirm subscription’.

Inside the email, click on ‘Yes, David, it was me’.


If you don’t get this email and don’t click on that link, your email won’t get on my system and I won’t be able to send you the huge offer :-(

Otherwise, if everything goes well, I’ll send you a welcome email right after the confirmation one, plus another email on Wednesday 20 December 2017 with the official link and the super huge discounts.

Talk to you soon!

Gracias :-)