Attention EU & British Pensioners 

(Including Norway and Iceland)

Not having Spanish residency while living in Spain is the same as driving a car without insurance.

The best part?

You can start fixing that problem right here, right now, using my ‘2019 Definitive Guide on Spanish Residency for EU & British pensioners’ and not waste more time on the Internet reading one contradiction after another.

But before doing anything, let me ask you a few questions:

  • Are you thinking about moving to Spain?
  • You may live here already, but you haven’t got your Spanish residency yet?
  • Are you tired of reading misleading information on the Internet?
  • Maybe you’re terrified by the idea of having health problems and not being covered by the Spanish health system?
  • If you’re from the UK, are you worried about how things will be in Spain after ‘Brexit’ comes into effect in 2019?
  • Perhaps your resources are limited and don’t want to spend a fortune in solicitors or interpreting services to get your Spanish residency?

No worries, I’ll show you how to apply and obtain both your Spanish residency and Spanish health card on your own to live that happy and peaceful life in Spain you’ve always dreamt of :-)


I will only be able to help you if you:

  • Want to do things legally in Spain
  • Take your health care seriously
  • Give credit to professionals and not to everything that comes up in English on the Internet


Here is the story…

About protecting foreign pensioners in Spain

You love Spain.

You’ve probably dreamt of living in this country for so many years.

You know there’s a new world full of unique cultural experiences and sunlight waiting for you in Spain.

You know that a lot of foreigners have made their lives in Spain and are living a happy life here.

And because of all the emotion the previous points bring up, this is the way I’ve seen manyEU & British pensioners moving to Spain:

  1. They put their finger on a mapof Spain and take a leap to an area they don’t know
  2. They buy property impulsivelyinthose areas they don’t know
  3. They think they will get their Spanish residency and health cards in a one-visit process (no requirements, no appointments, no paperwork, no language barriers)
  4. They believe that because they have bought property in Spain, and will be paying tax here (like all the Spaniards do, by the way), everybody should speak their native languagesto help them out.

Andwould you like to know the painful truth?

All of a sudden, when these unprotected pensioners decide to get their Spanish residency and health cards (as well as exchanging their driving licences and many similar procedures), they find themselves in the middle of a minefield.

Lost in a storm of confusing and contradictory information.

Alone in a foreign country.

Not understanding the foreign language (Spanish).

And not to mention that months or years down the road, a good numberwill regret having bought property so quickly.

Sadly, I’ve met a lot of foreign pensioners living in isolationin the middle of nowhere; trapped in a property they can’t sell (not even less than half the original price).

Sounds like your worst nightmare in Spain?

It would be mine, no doubt.


We are so glad that we found David .He has been a tower of strength to my husband and myself through some very difficult times and has always been there whenever we have needed him.

Ann & Ray Keating


And you may wonder…

How do you know so much about this?

Let me introduce myself.

My name is David Ruiz, and I’m the man below.


Since 2010, I’ve helped more than 10,000 foreigners settling in Spain through my business Torrevieja Translation.

The majority of my clients have traditionally been EU and British pensioners.


Because south-eastern Spain is great place to retire. That’s why I’ve seen first-hand very many foreign pensioners doing well over the years:

  • Getting social life in Spain
  • Living a stress-free life here
  • Enjoying the weather, the gastronomy, and the friendly Spanish culture
  • “Being much happier here than they were in their countries of origin”, in their own words

But it hasn’t always been rainbows and romantic Spanish movies.

No, it hasn’t.

On the other hand, I have seen numerous pensioners having health problems.

Sometimes problems related to age.

Sometimes problems connected to unnecessary stress and anxiety that could have been avoided only if they had had the right advice from the right people.

I know all this because I’ve witnessed many situations helping my clients at doctors and hospitals (I was some kind of a living legend in medical interpreting for seven years in a row).

Many ups and downs you will have in Spain are humans ones, which I also may suffer (health problems, relationships, etc).

But other ones are bad movements you’ll make, such as:

  • Giving credit to everything you read on the Internet
  • Doing whatever any English-speaking people say, even though they know nothing about the subject
  • And the worst one: believing everything you read because it’s in English

For this reason, over the years, I’ve developed a permanent urge to protect foreign pensioners in Spain, because I know how you feel.Spanish residency permit

Because I know what you need to do well in this country.

Because I know how vulnerable you can be in Spain.


The main problem that can destroy your Spanish dream

Let me give you some numbers.

Around 90% of my clients have traditionally been foreign pensioners.

My top 3 interpreting services since 2010 have been (in that order):

  1. Interpreting at hospitals and health centres (services not offered anymore but I’ve must done it over 5000 times).
  2. Foreign IDs (NIE and Residencies)
  3. Legal documentation (Driving licence exchange, official translations and health cards)

Do you know why ‘interpreting at hospitals and health centres’ is my top 1?

Let’s be crystal clear:

Pensioner = person of old age

Old age = health problems

And health problems will always be a threat, never mind your nationality, language, or bank account figures.

Spanish residency card

Health problems are going to hit us all, sooner or later, but the biggest percentage of people suffering health problems will always be concentrated within the old age group.

Do you see it now?

Health problems (and not being able to get ongoing treatments because you haven’t got both the residency and the health cards) can destroy your Spanish dream.

I’ve seen with my own eyes.

People like me, professional interpreters, can protect you to a certain extent, but you have to play your part and make the decision of getting your Spanish residency and your Spanish health card.


David’s help has been invaluable to me since moving to Spain six months ago. He made the process of obtaining my residency smooth and straightforward.

I recommend him to anyone as he is very professional and I could not imagine how I would have fared without his services. He truly understands the English way of thinking.

Rebecca Weeden – Valencia


And here is the good news

You’re only two documents away (and I will tell you in a moment how to get them both) from doing things legally in Spain, getting access to the Spanish health system and being treated by high-quality doctors if something goes wrong.

The first document is called:

Spanish residency certificate

The second one is called:

Spanish health card

And obtaining both of them is not as complicated as you think.

It’s all connected.

  1. You apply for your Spanish residency card
  2. You get registered on the Spanish Social Security system second of all
  3. You get registered at your local health centre (using the previous documents)

This clearly means:

‘You won’t be able to get your Spanish health card without being a legal resident having the proper Spanish residency card

There’s no other way around.

Yes, by using your European Health Card you can get a temporary and limited Spanish health card for basic GP visits and little more, but:

  • No specialist visits for ongoing treatments
  • No complex tests like ultrasounds, MRI, CT scans, ears/eyes
  • No operations that are not for life threatening matters

This is the way to protect your back, by becoming a resident, and then applying for the fully covered medical card.


(My guides will make it this easy)

And this is the good news: you’re at the right place. I’ll introduce you to the residency and health card guides in a moment.

But before that let me give you a useful recommendation.

Stop getting poisoned on the internet

Most things you’ll read on the internet about the Spanish residency come from:

  1. People who’ve never processed a residency professionally
  2. People who don’t even speak Spanish
  3. Websites that copy the information from somewhere else (from my website, for instance)
  4. Official websites that don’t update their content

You may want to save some money trying to read articles and asking here and there.

I understand.

But following instructions from any of the previous points can be like asking your 7-year old grandson to do your income tax.

Bad choice.

Put the right professional to get the right help.




Burglary and theft?



Legal adviser.

Language barriers?


Spanish residency and health card?

David’s guides :-)


David is a magician, I ended up with my Padron and Spanish residency  on my German documentation and my National Health coverage on my English Documentation.

In short, a very nice professional man who leaves no stone unturned.

Dietmar Robert Halfpenny


Yes, I would like to help you out

And, do you know why?

Because I care about you.


All right, you may think: ‘sure, David, nice words’.

But I’m being honest.

I promise.

It’s true that we might not know each other.

Our lives may never come to cross either.

However, if you are reading this page is because you are an EU/British pensioner. And this means you are within the group I naturally tend to protect the most because of all the years I have spent helping you in person since 2010.

I know what you need.

I know how you can get it.

Let me help you out.

Introducing the 2019 Spanish Residency Guide

Good things take time to build, like a good relationship, like a family.

That is why this guide is not a little book I’ve made up reading useless stuff on the Internet.

On the contrary, The 2019 Spanish residency guide for EU and British pensioners is the definitive and most complete guide on the earth (sorry, I needed to brag a little bit :-)).



The 2019 Spanish residency guide is the outcome of:

  • Over 800 successful residency applications since 2010
  • Over 800 happy clients
  • Over 800 lives I touched

Well, there was a bit of frustration here and there when the requirements changed overnight, but, as you say in English, it was part of the learning curve 😉

It’s yours: right here, right now

And it’s just a few clicks away from you. This is everything you will find inside the residency guide:

  • 47 pages of practical and useful information
  • The ‘number 1’ advice nobody gives you in Spain
  • 5 common mistakes when applying and how to avoid them
  • 7 top tips for resident pensioners
  • The 4 main scenarios for becoming a resident
  • A list of the main benefits of becoming a resident in Spain


  • All the requirements based on the main scenarios (state pension/private pension, savings)
  • The official application form plus a template to fill it out without knowing Spanish
  • A mini guide with images to download the tax form
  • A mini guide with images to make the appointment at your corresponding police station

And much more…

When You Order Today, You Also Get These FREE Bonuses

Here we go :-)


Spanish Health Card: The 2019 guide for EU and British pensioners



An essential document you should take very seriously. In my 22-page guide I’ll teach you how to make the appointment so that you can apply for either:

  • The limited health card using your European health card
  • The full coverage Spanish health card once you have Spanish residency (state pension version)
  • An alternative full coverage Spanish health card if you are not yet on a state pension.



The 2019 Definite Guide on the NIE number for EU and British Residents

NIE pensioner
In many situations, getting your NIE number is the starting point to purchase/rent property, buy a car, etc.

Actually, some police stations will not allow you to become a resident until you’ve lived in Spain for at least 90 days. So meanwhile you may need the Spanish NIE number.

My 27-page Spanish NIE number guide will help you to get this certificate while you prepare everything to become a resident.

(Have you already got the NIE Number? No worries, the next bonus will compensate it :-))

Bonus 3

What else would you need after you become a resident in Spain?

One essential procedure: exchanging your EU/British driving licence.

And guess what… I’ve got the right guide for you, produced and orchestrated by me, like all my guides, of course :-)

Spanish driving licence exchange 

Here you will get:

  • 37-page guide where I explain the whole process
  • An instruction document that summarises everything
  • A folder with all the original forms you will need
  • A folder with templates of the original forms so that you can fill them out in Spanish (without knowing Spanish)

Bonus 4

Free unlimited access to me via email or by phone, anytime, as many times as you need.


Because your personal case might be so unique you may need somebody to guide you through. And that person is me, the author of all the guides :-)

You may have any questions on:

  • How to organise the requirements
  • The tax form
  • How to fill out the application form
  • How to make the appointment
  • What police station you should apply at

Within the guides, you’ll find my email address and phone number to get in touch with me.


We arrived in Alicante, Spain on November 1, 2016 after having relocated from Washington, DC, USA.  After an Internet search for translators, we were able to locate David Ruiz who graciously accepted our invitation to meet and help us through the process.  David was very willing to come to Alicante and joined us for our first appointment to get our Padron certificate.  He then followed up for our visit to the foreigner’s office and from there set up appointments to complete the residence card requirements.  His assistance was invaluable and we will look forward to working with him when translations are once again needed.

Mark and Vicki Britton


And now you might be wondering:

‘All this sounds like a lot and will cost me a fortune!’

No worries, the price is pocket money.

You’ll get the Spanish residency guide plus the three bonuses above for the almost insignificant amount of €97 total.

Let’s recap.

For only €97 you’ll get the three 2019 guides for EU & British Pensioners on:

  • The Spanish residency
  • The Spanish health card
  • The Spanish NIE number
  • The Spanish Driving licence exchange


  • Free unlimited access to me anytime


  • Countless extremely useful tips and recommendations you will find within each guide to do well in Spain


I don’t think so.

With €97, nowadays, you can only buy:

  • One thick winter jacket you won’t need in Spain
  • One set of outdoor chairs and beach umbrella you may need in Spain
  • Two super nice meals for you and your partner, one bottle of superb Spanish wine and two spirits (taxi not included)
  • The ultimate collection and limited edition of all the Beattle’s remastered albums (actually it’s more expensive than €97, I’ve checked it on Amazon)
  • One tank of petrol in Paris (which won’t be enough to get to Spain)


There’s not much you can buy with €97.

However, when you invest in my guides, you’re spending more than a few coins: you’re buying peace of mind.

Accurate information for doing well in a foreign country is simply priceless.



I would strongly recommend David and his services for whatever needs you have! David’s response time is faster than the Spanish AVE high speed, and his willingness to accommodate you in each step of the process means the world to us!

Thanks David, we will count on you and your elite squad of translators in the future!

Dianna Brittain


The biggest obstacle for not getting my guides?

It is called “fear”.

Maybe because of any of the following versions, fear of:

  • Losing your money
  • Not being able to use the guides
  • Being cheated
  • Being scammed

I understand.

I’m kind of in the same position each and every time I’m going to buy something on the Internet.

However, one the bonuses I offer you is unlimited access to me via email or phone call.

It wouldn’t make sense to get your money if I wasn’t sure my guides could solve the problems.

Furthermore, I want to make 100% sure that you do it right, that’s why I’ll give you my email address and phone number to contact me anytime and clarify any doubts.

I won’t go anywhere after you purchase my guide.

Instead, I’ll stay at the other end of the computer, as always, to help you out doing everything the right way.

This is the reason why I’m still in business since 2010: problem-solving + high value + impeccable customer service.

So don’t worry, David’s here to assist you until the end of the process.


(A happy couple who got my guides for living in Spain)

You are at the point of decision

You can either continue searching on the Internet and reading contradictory information, the path you’ve probably been travelling so far, or you can choose the road less travelled, the solution.

The first path will give you the same outcome you have had so far: confusion.

But if you want to do it right, if you want to protect yourself in Spain (as well as your health, money and relationships), you are just a few clicks away from starting your Spanish journey doing things the right way using my guides :-)

I will tell you in a moment how to get my guides.

Are you ready?

YES! I want Instant Access to everything!

This is all you will get and the money you’ll save.

  • Spanish residency card (€200+ 21% tax per person)
  • NIE Number certificate (€150 + 21% tax per person)
  • Health cards (€100 + 21% tax per person)
  • Personal consultancy (€50 per hour + tax)
  • Tips and recommendations (over €2000 you’ll save in professional services and avoiding mistakes)

How much are we talking about?

A minimum of 2500 Euros (plus 21% tax)

Wow, amazing.

You’ll get all the previous only for just €97 total.

However, would you like to know what you’re really getting?

In one simple sentence, my guides will give you: protection, health assistance and peace of mind while living in Spain.

Ready to get your guides now?


I used to have a Paypal button right here within this section, but I realised I don’t want to sell my guides to anybody without being 100% sure they will be useful.

I would like to ask a few questions to make sure you meet with the main requirements from the foreign affairs office to apply for the Spanish residency card.

This way, after we speak, if you meet with the main requirements, you will purchase my guides being totally sure they will help you obtain your Spanish residency card, your NIE number and/or your Spanish driving licence.

Please send me an email. Just put your name, email address and click “send” in the following form, and I’ll get back to you shortly :-)

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One last thought

In the near future, you will be living in Spain (or maybe you are already here), enjoying the sunshine, and having an exciting social life. And part of it will be because you took action and became a Spanish resident.

No matter whether you got your Spanish residency through my definitive guide, my in-person services, or by your own means… I wish you all the best.

To your prosperity and happiness in Spain.

David Ruiz


Torrevieja Translation