Moving to Spain in 2023? In 1 year? In 5 years? In 10 Years? In 20 Years?

If yes, everything you will read here is for you.


You can start planning anytime the very first step before moving to Spain:

The Spanish region where you would like to move


It does not matter whether you are single, married, divorced, pensioner, have children, or multi-trillionaire.

If you don’t know where you would like to move (or much worse, not knowing where you are really moving)… you can end up anywhere (good or bad).

Here is the story.

This page is not perfect, it may have some typos

I know…The sentence above sounds strange. Let me explain.

The information product you are going to purchase in this page is called: Spanish Regions.

I am the author, David Ruiz.

For the past 12 years, I have been helping foreigners get settled in Spain.

EU and non-EU.


I’m a Spanish-speaking person.

Yeah, fluent in English, but Spanish-speaking native.

What all does this have to do with Spanish Regions?

A lot.

This page may have some typos.

Otherwise, I would have waited for it to be perfect.

I would have waited for a proofreader to check it in depth.

Maybe a marketing specialist too.

A copywriter.

Ask for feedback.

Get “permission” to publish it (English grammar).

I would have postponed the official launch.

The outcome?

I would have never launched Spanish Regions

Or at least… I would have delayed the process for a long time (months or even over one year).

Does it sound familiar?

It’s been over a decade listening to EU and non-EU clients and potential clients.

Countless people waiting for the right time to move to Spain.

Countless people waiting for the perfect scenario.

Guess what…

The perfect time will never come

But the perfect time to start planning your move to Spain is now.

You don’t have to sell your home.

You don’t have to leave your country of origin.

You can start planning your move right here, right now.

Zero risk.

Zero movement.

Little investment (a ridiculous amount you will likely spend this week without noticing).

Start planing your move purchasing Spanish Regions.

What is Spanish Regions?

Spanish Regions is an information product I have created, which has two parts:

  1. A PDF book
  2. A strategic online meeting with me

What you will get in each part:

1. PDF book

Spanish Regions will contain:

  • The 3 essential questions you should ask yourself before moving to Spain (you will not read this anywhere else in the planet)
  • The 17 regions (including the islands)
  • The two autonomous cities: Ceuta and Melilla (northern African)
  • My own way to classify Spain which will help you see your move in a different way (northern Spain, central Spain, etc).
  • Super high-quality pictures from every region (they are not stolen from any random webpage, I selected them myself and I bought them from a premium site)


Every single region will have a section about:

  • History (it will not have the length of Romeo and Juliet, it’s brief History, enough for you to see the origin of the area… otherwise, the book would have several million pages)
  • Location (Coast? Inland? Island? Let’s put everything on the map).
  • Weather and climate (very important, you don’t want to get buried in snow thinking that you should be sunbathing drinking some piña coladas)
  • Important cities and areas (The most significant ones, not every single one within the region, more million pages otherwise- History + areas)
  • Culture and tradition (99.99% of my clients appreciate this from Spain, they don’t want to feel they live in Mars).
  • Price of property (Rentals and purchase… this section will give you a valuable indicator about cost of living).

2. Strategic online meeting with me

One meeting on Zoom where we will get to know each other (and will likely have a good laugh)

  • We are going review the areas you would like to move to based on your personal situation (single, married, with children, pets).
  • Do you already know where you would like to move? Let’s speak about it.
  • This information product is about Spanish Regions but we will be able to speak about the general picture regarding visas, Spanish residency, paperwork, healthcare, EU and non-EU.
  • Unlimited time
  • Unlimited Q&A

Spanish Regions


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You may wonder…

What is Spanish Regions about?

It’s an information product I have created to help you get familiar with the 17 Spanish regions before you make the decision where to move in Spain.


Because there are many people who want to move to Spain but have no clue where.

No clue?

Correct, no clue.

Spain is bigger than what many people think.

There are different climates, cultures, price of property.

Northern Spain is completely different than southern Spain, just to give you an example.

Whether you are single, or in a relationship, or with children… chances are you will want to move to different places based on that personal situation (there is a section within Spanish Regions where I speak about this).

What if I know where I would like to move in Spain?

You can still buy Spanish Regions… or not… it’s a personal decision.

Spanish Regions comes with a bonus: an online meeting I will tell you in a moment… which will be super helpful if you know (or not) where to move in Spain.

What if I am already settled in Spain?

You can still buy Spanish Regions… or not… it’s a personal decision.

Maybe, the book + the online meeting can bring some light for the future, for you or for your relatives.

How does it work?

Simple process.

When you purchase Spanish Regions, you will get:

  • One book in PDF full of useful information and quality pictures.
  • One online meeting with me to go through your plans to move to Spain.

What’s in the book in PDF?

The PDF file is a digital book.

There is around 5-7 pages per Spanish Region.

The book is 147 pages.

How does the online meeting works?

Very easy.

Once you have read the book, we will set up a date and time to review your plan to move to Spain.

During the meeting, I would like you to ask me a gazillion questions, no time limit, any questions.

How much will it be?


Overtime, Spanish Regions will keep going up, as the value of the book + the online session will be priceless in terms of money and time.

One online meeting with me to speak about relocation to Spain costs between €130-€150.

Believe me, you are going to spend a lot of money when you move to Spain (moving to a new country is never free).

… and you will spend much more if you get to the wrong places, do the wrong procedures, follow the wrong information…

By the way…

…Spanish Regions will never have special discounts for Black Friday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Spain Day… never.

What do I need to do to purchase it?

Please keep reading and click on the PayPal image at the end of the page.

Is there a particular way to read it?

It is a book in PDF.

You can read it on your computer, laptop, mobile.

Spanish Regions is very expensive?

No, it is not.

The online session within the bonus can be between €130-€150 if you purchase it individually.

The guide will bring so much clarity to where you would like to move within Spain.

The online session will likely be the previous step to making the final decision.

If you compare it with the price of a cup of tea, it will be expensive.

It you compare it with the stress and anxiety that causes not to know where to move in a foreign country… you might be willing to pay 10 times as much.

Will it be hard to understand?

No way.

This book is really easy to understand.

Spanish Regions is for you if:

You are thinking about moving to Spain (not to any other country in Europe).

Spanish Regions is not for you if:

You cannot afford €197.

Can I buy Spanish Regions if I am not ready to move to Spain yet?

Sure, even if you are thinking about moving in several years (or 10 or 20 years).

Can I return Spanish Regions?

No, you can’t.

If you don’t believe that this information product is for you, please don’t buy it.

You must have come to this page through my email list.

This means that I have already sent you a number of emails before speaking about Spanish regions.

If you don’t trust me, if you don’t believe I am the right person to help you move to Spain, I will understand, but please don’t buy this information product.

Will you be able to help me move to Spain?

Yes, definitely, but that will be a full relocation service (not included within the price you will pay for Spanish Regions).

Spanish Regions is to help you decide where to move in Spain.

Step 1: Reading the book.

Step 2: Having the online meeting with me.

If you would like us to help you move to Spain, we will review the essential parts during the meeting and I will produce and action plan and a quotation for the relocation service.

When will I receive my book + the online meeting?

Book in PDF: After you purchase, I will get back to your within the next 24 hours to say thank you and to send Spanish Regions manually (no automatic process, I will say gracias and I will send it myself).

Online meeting: when you read the book… we will schedule the date and time

Both of them will be me… not a robot… not an auto-responder… not someone in training… but me.

I have not got a PayPal account

It’s fine.

When you click on the PayPal link, it will take you to a form where there will be an option to pay with credit card, underneath.

Will Spanish Regions be a good investment?

Absolutely, it is one of the best investments you will make within your Spanish journey.

Unless you love spending hundreds of hours reading websites, conflicting information, contradictions on Facebook, irrelevant opinions from people, Spanish Regions is for you (PDF + online consultation service with me).

Spanish Regions


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