Moving to Spain

Only for EU and British pensioners

(Including Norway & Iceland)

  • Are you ready to move to Spain?
  • Are you totally lost and don’t know where to start?
  • Are you tired of reading contradictory information on the Internet?

If yes to any (or all) of the above, then my service Moving to Spain is for you. It will probably be the best investment you will make in Spain (above buying property) because it will bring you what you’re really looking for in Spain: peace of mind.

Let me explain why.

moving to spain

The Number One mistake all pensioners make

My name is David Ruiz, and since 2010 I’ve been helping foreigners to settle in Spain.

Most of my clients are foreign pensioners, so, as you can imagine, I’ve seen countless of pensioners struggling with:

  • Legal documentation for foreigners like NIE numbers and Spanish residency
  • Notaries (wills, inheritance, property)
  • Property conveyance
  • Police reports
  • Court matters
  • and health problems

But that’s not the only struggle…

I’ve met pensioners who were scammed in Spain almost in every single aspect you can imagine because they trusted anybody that came along the way who had a grin on their face and who spoke English.

I’ve met pensioners who paid unnecessarily crazy amounts of money to solve their own mistakes. Always the same process: they read tons of misleading information on the Internet (including free advice from non-professionals on Facebook Groups), or do whatever the next door neighbour says, usually hoping they will save some money by doing complex procedures on their own (pocket money, at the end of the day, after spending over one hundred thousand Euros on property).

Furthermore, I’ve met foreign pensioners whose health deteriorated a lot because of the scams they suffered, the trouble they got into and the countless money they wasted fixing errors.


moving to spain

All because of one mistake.

And what’s this one mistake?

Here it is:

Giving credit to everybody who speaks English and believing everything you read on the internet

Without taking into account whether it was real, misleading information or a bunch of lies.

Without talking into account whether it came from a real professional (even official websites can be misleading).

Without taking into account the professional experience (if there was any at all).

This one mistake is also the reason why many foreign pensioners end up buying property impulsively, and soon they find themselves living in isolation in a place they hate.

Can you see it?

It might sound silly or innocent, but that trustful mentality will get you into big trouble in Spain.


After all, I’ve been the problem solver of most of those problems over the years. You could be another unhappy and frustrated pensioner calling me to solve problems that could have been avoided.

And you know what?

Even if it’s your fault, I still feel sorry for you, because we all make bad decisions. I do too. And I would truly love to have a problem solver in my life who helped me out with the things I don’t know how to figure out.

Anything that happens to foreign pensioners is something that irritates me a lot; much more than in the early days because you matter to me.

No kidding.

But why do I care so much about pensioners?

Not only because I’ve helped more than 8000 pensioners since I began Torrevieja Translation, but also because I’m aware of how vulnerable you are in Spain.

Actually, you might not know it, but you are within the most vulnerable group.

Let me explain in simple words.

There are two main groups who move to Spain:


Job seekers: People younger than 40 on an average, more energy, healthier, fast healing.


Pensioners: People over 60, less energy, less healthy and slow (or no) healing.

You might be one of the few people that are from group 2, but still have many capabilities from group 1.

moving to spain

98% of pensioners are within Group 2.

It’s pure mathematics: the older we get, the worse our body works, the less reactions we have, and fewer mental resources.

Outcome: you are vulnerable.

Would you like to move to Spain?

Then: you will be vulnerable in a foreign country where the official language (Spanish) will be a foreign language.

But I also understand because…

I know the thrills and frustrations

I lived in Peoria, Illinois, for five years, and I’m very familiar with the excitement of living in a foreign country, as well as with the frustrations when things are not as we projected in our minds.

The fear of the unknown in a foreign country and how it feels knowing that somebody is looking after you in a foreign territory is very familiar to me.

And I know this not only because I spent five years as an immigrant in the USA, but because that’s my job nowadays:

Solving foreign people’s problems, bring them peace of mind, saving them thousands of Euros, and putting a smile on their faces.

By the way, your Peace of Mind in Spain depends on this

Not on the good weather.

Not on the sunshine and beaches.

Not on the Spanish wine and paellas.

Not on your dreamed property.

Your peace of mind depends on:

Reliable and knowledgeable professionals who will help you out when you are in trouble.

And I don’t mean:

  • That super nice smiley fella who is so well dressed, well presented, and with a seductive perfume, but who will let you down after your money jumps from your pocket to his pocket.
  • Nor the cheapest ones on the market either.
  • Nor the friend of your friend who helps foreign pensioners in his spare time for pocket money (or tips).

Working with non-professionals will likely get back to you in the form of wasting money and stress and anxiety.

Want to know my recommendation?

Go always for the true pros

Yeah, the best ones in the industry, and there are hints to identify them. True professionals:

  • Don’t bargain
  • Don’t negotiate their prices hoping they will get more clients
  • Are problem solvers, no matter what it takes
  • Won’t let you down after you pay them
  • Will be there days and months after
  • Are caring people that are there to protect you all the time you are in Spain

But real professionals have a price, and only if you really care about yourself in Spain you will want a pro to help you out.

And, yes, you’re on the website of a real professional :-)

So how can I help you?

These are the basic procedures I can help you out through my service Moving to Spain:

NIE:  Identity number for foreigners to carry out legal activities (i.e. to buy/sell property, buy/sell cars, etc.)

Residency: Stay permit.

Health card: There are two versions. The first one is the temporary limited health card associated to your European Health Card. I can get this one for you while I process your residency. After this, I will be able to get the second and final version: full coverage Spanish health card.

Driving licence exchange: You will have to exchange your EU/British driving licence for a Spanish one when you become a resident or when your licence is about to expire.

Property Conveyance: Buying/selling property? Don’t leave the process on amateurs’ hands just to save a bit of money, or even to people you don’t trust.

My team of experienced lawyers and I will get it done properly.

Property assessment: Are you one of those people who spends over one hundred thousand Euros in property without knowing:

  • Where you are moving
  • In what condition the property is
  • Whether the property is legal or not
  • Whether the seller is doing things right or not?

Most pensioners buy property without even thinking about the above points. They fall in love and buy impulsively. I see this more or less like marrying somebody you don’t know.

Then, the painful reality sets in a few months or years down the road.

I work with a team of architects who will evaluate the property and will tell you in what real condition the property is.

Spanish wills: Do you think your country of origin’s wills will be enough to claim property in Spain or money in a Spanish bank? I’m afraid it will get a bit complicated if you don’t get your Spanish wills beforehand.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to get all the above, you can select the ones you need on a questionnaire I’ll show you in a moment.

How my services will benefit you

Believe me, I’m not here for the money.

Money is important, but secondary.

To me, there isn’t anything more important than seeing you smiling and happy because I solved your problems in Spain. At the same time, none of my services would matter if I were not sure that I’d do it to perfection.

  • No destiny or miracles involved
  • No ‘Law of Attraction’ declaration
  • No crystal ball
  • No lucky fluke

Everything I do is based on real professional experience and bricks on the head I’ve got along the way.

I can guarantee it: 100% rate of effectiveness if you hire my services. Otherwise, I won’t do it and won’t charge you a cent of a Euro.

moving to spain

The bad news

Moving to Spain is not for everybody.

I’m very selective with the clients I help through Moving to Spain because I only want to assist those pensioners who:

  • Really want to do things legally in Spain
  • Care about themselves and want peace of mind in Spain
  • Acknowledge professional services

That’s why Moving to Spain is a very exclusive service, so I would like to make sure beforehand we can work together.

The good news

If you are a pensioner from the EU or the United Kingdom, then that’s 50% of what I need to know in order to help you.

The remaining 50% comes when you fill out the questionnaire I’ve got ready for you next:

Click here to fill out the questionnaire

To your prosperity and happiness in Spain!