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Welcome to Torrevieja Translation. In this page I will explain you what this site is about.

There are three main subjects I cover on my Website:

     •  Spain – I’m a Spanish native and I have lots of experience on it since 1978 (the year I was born 😉 ).

     •  Translations – The core of my business.

     •  Ebooks – At the moment I have two free ebooks available. In 2015 I’ll publish some more… stay tuned!

Spain is the subject I principally cover in my blog, although I speak about other topics related to my English to Spanish and Spanish to English translation / consulting services.

I will always try to provide information that you will not find in other Websites or blogs.

Even though it is inevitable speaking of general subjects, I will do my best to treat everything in a different way and as clear as possible with my easy-going personal touch :-)

Better creativity than sameness, right?

I have written two ebooks which you can download right now at no cost at all. They are good materials if you are thinking on moving to Spain or would like to simply know more about this country.


I currently live in a city called Torrevieja, located in South-Eastern Spain.

If you have read about me, back in 2010 I was happily laid-off from my last job as an employee. That triggered an unknown entrepreneurship attitude inside of me, despite I always thought I hated companies and any money-oriented activity.

When all this started I had to pick up a name for my new interpreting / translating activities. To be honest, I did not think much about it. I just said to myself: “I live in Torrevieja and I’m a translator/interpreter: Torrevieja Translation”. Simple.


Of course not!

In my blog I speak about:

     •  Interesting stuff that you won’t learn in any text book.

     •  Valuable tips about how to get established in Spain.

     •  All the basic legal stuff that you will need in the beginning and maybe during your

       long-term stay.

     •  My own personal stories, advices and points of view which might help you out in Spain.

And I don’t speak about:

     •  The different types of Spanish wine (don’t like wine).

     •  Anything related to flamenco music or any other folk Spanish dancing (not really

       interested in any of them).

     •  Anything regarding the bullfighting (sorry, I don’t speak about things I don’t know / like).

     •  Differences between Spanish political parties (this is a controversial subject and,

       although I know the basics, I don’t want to spark any arguments).

     •  Spanish fashion (what’s that by the way?)

     •  Spanish cars (still any Spanish make in the market?)


Great! My main purpose here is to share with you as much of my experience as possible, as long as you find my stuff interesting and valuable, of course.

It makes no sense to try to do a lot of things oriented to people if later on you have no people to use those things. So I will constantly try to receive feedback from you somehow to be sure I’m in the right track.

Just get comfortable and walk around my Website. Visit my blog and send me your comments or opinions anytime if you wish.

I love to have you on board :-)