Thanks for Everything; Without you, Spain Would Not Be Spain

Gracias Spain

You are special. Tourists. Residents living in Spain all year long. Occasional and one-off visitors. Non-residents who spend equal amounts of time between Spain and their country of origin. All of you. No exception. But, don’t get me wrong, this is not that sort of cliché empty slogan: “You-are-special (buy my product)”. Nope. You are […]

Life in Torrevieja Spain through English eyes (Bristol)


Welcome back to my series Life in Spain through people’s eyes. The article I’m publishing today is from Wendy Withrington, originally from Bristol (England). Wendy has been living long enough in Torrevieja to know the town very well. But, before we start… Let me tell you something else 😉 TO FIND OR NOT TO FIND… […]

Life in Spain through South African eyes

South African flag in Spain

One of the greatest things I’ve experienced living in Torrevieja is the diverse people I’ve met over the years. For this reason I created Life in Spain through people’s eyes. Today I’m going to share Wendy’s story with you and what she has found in Spain. Wendy is the only South African client I’ve had […]

Life in Spain through Norwegian Eyes


Last year I started out with my series Life in Spain through People’s Eyes, which I left aside after two articles. Let’s get back to it! Today I’m going to share the story that my good friend Sverre Galaaen wrote for me last summer (sorry Sverre it has taken so long to publish it). I […]

Life in Spain through Irish eyes


I was last week in Germany working as an interpreter at an international fair. And guess what it was: cold, cold and more cold! My flight was Alicante-Amsterdam-Cologne. It was like jumping from our Spanish April to December in a few hours. The return trip was the other way around, like travelling from the North […]

Life in Spain through English eyes


Lately, I’ve heard a few times that the Spanish residency must be renewed every 5 years. It seems that some local free papers have published some articles talking about that. However, although that is not what I have always heard at the National Police station, is that true? Well, that’s part of my job: doing […]

“Why are we always late in Spain?” is almost here

Reloj - Spain

I’m glad to announce that my first e-book “Why are we always late in Spain?” has been succesfully finished! Wow, what an interesting and educational task. To obtain the final product, I’ve done a lot of research, typing and proofreading (thanks again for the English proofreading, Jess), although I truly enjoyed it. And now everything […]

Let’s start it out!

la alhambra

Welcome to Torrevieja Translation, my new Website. I’m very happy about this new project where I will try to share as much as possible about Spain. Start here if you have not done so yet. I already have some good English-speaking writers willing to publish in my blog, which is great. I will write some […]