The 2018 Definitive Guide for Exchanging your EU & British Driving Licence in Spain


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All right, let’s be honest:

  • You need to exchange your driving licence in Spain and you don’t know how
  • You’ve been told it can be expensive if done through advisers and interpreters, and you cannot afford it
  • You don’t want to get the 200-Euro ticket for not having exchanged your licence in time
  • You want peace of mind while driving your car on the Spanish roads
  • You’ve been confused with the requirements and official forms asking on Forums and Facebook Groups

My recommendation?

Go ahead with the exchange procedure right now, and don’t wait until you get fined, or do whatever someone you don’t know advised you on Facebook Groups.

Have you already got Spanish residency?

Then go ahead and exchange your licence now.

Don’t play with numbers, whether you should do it this date, because your group licence expires this date.

That will bring no more than uncertainty.

And if you’re wrong because you trusted what somebody else said to you, guess who will pay the 200-Euro ticket:


Not your “free adviser” from forums or Facebook.

You live in Spain and want to do things the “Spanish” way, right?


(No need to do more numbers: do your driving licence exchange right now)

Here is the thing

When you ask in the wrong place, what do you get?

Yes, wrong answers.

When you get free advice, what you do you get?

Anything, good or bad.

When you ask real professionals and pay for the services or products what do you get?

Problems solved.

Don’t get me wrong

Facebook groups and forums might be good to clarify certain doubts, to share things, and perhaps to make friends, but not to try to figure out the process of exchanging your driving licence in Spain, as it can be complicated.


Because there are a lot of forms and requirements that nobody will tell you about 100% correctly on Facebook. Simply because most people want to help on good faith, but have never exchanged one driving licence professionally.

By the way, who am I?

My name is David Ruiz, and I’m the man below.


Since 2010, I’ve been running my interpreting translation business Torrevieja Translation and I’ve exchanged more than 400 EU and British driving licences :-)

Actually, I’ve done so many in person that I got burned out, and decided to compile all my knowledge in a complete guide that you’ll be able to purchase at a ridiculous price of 37 26 Euros (30% off).

Is that a lot of money?

No, it isn’t.

If I do the exchange for you in person I’ll charge you €120 + 21% tax per visit (€240 + 21% tax if we do it in two visits). Or even more if you live outside my coverage area.

While if you do the exchange yourself, it will cost you just 37 26 Euros.

What can you buy with 37 26 Euros nowadays?

  • Just a couple of good meals in Spain with cheap wine
  • Only two spirits in London sitting next to the Big Ben
  • Two sandwiches and two coffees in Paris
  • Two long sleeve t-shirts with legend printed “I ♥ Benidorm”

Not much.

How are you going to be able to do it yourself?

This is what the The 2018 Definitive Guide for Exchanging your EU & British Driving Licence in Spain is about.

How to exchange driving licence in Spain

I didn’t create this product reading things on forums, but spending years helping people like you on the ground, throughout my own learning curve, making mistakes, and all those things that happen in the beginning. Then, I became a pro, a living legend on exchanging driving licences :-)

How will you benefit from the book?

When you purchase my product you will get:

  • A 38-page guide where I explain the whole process
  • An instruction document that summarises everything
  • A folder with all the original forms you will need
  • A folder with templates of the original forms so that you can fill them out in Spanish (without knowing Spanish)


  • Access to me anytime to help you out on the phone or by email at no extra cost (my rates are €50 per hour on consultancy otherwise)

How many guides allow you to contact the author and clear up any doubts or anything that you don’t understand?

Probably not many, but I promise I’ll be at the other end anytime you need to clarify something.

Ready to go ahead?

Just click on the PayPal button. It will redirect you to the official PayPal web page, and you’ll get the downloadable package with the book, instructions, forms and templates right after the payment is approved.

Don’t you have a PayPal Account? Or you just simply don’t trust the Internet?

No worries, just put your name, email address and click “send” in the following form, and I’ll let you know other ways to get the The 2018 Definitive Guide for Exchanging your EU & British Driving Licence in Spain.

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