The Ultimate Guide on Spanish Notary

Spanish notary

Welcome to the biggest and most accurate guide on Spanish notary you will ever find on the Internet 1. What is a notary? Notaries are both civil servants of the Spanish system as well as Law professionals, dedicated to confirm the nature of a document or testimonies according to Law. Therefore, once a document is […]

The Ultimate Guide on Official Translations in Spain


Have you ever wondered what a certified translation is? Would you like to know some valuable tips before you hire an official translator? Will your official translations be confidential and private? Are we talking about professional and legal translations or just those typical odd ridiculous translations you get from Google Translate? The answer for these […]

The Beginner’s Guide To Tax In Spain For Residents

Tax in Spain for residents

Perhaps you are looking to move to Spain or perhaps you already live here. Either way, you should be aware that if you are in Spain for more than 183 days in a calendar year (and these need not be sequential) then you are a resident. As a resident you have certain obligations tax wise: […]

The Ultimate Guide on the NIE Number

spanish nie number

This is the third article of my series Living in Spain. Today I鈥檓 going to explain everything I know about the Spanish NIE number. As a summary, remember that my series Living in Spain consists of 6 articles: The Spanish Triumvirate Padr贸n NIE number Spanish Residency Spanish Visas Spanish Health Card NOTE: Article updated on […]

The Ultimate Guide on the Padr贸n

What is a Padron

This is the second article of my series Living in Spain, where I鈥檓 going to speak about the well known Spanish 鈥淧adr贸n鈥 which, ironically, most people don鈥檛 seem to know about (I used to be one of them). Remember that my series Living in Spain consists of 6 articles: The Spanish Triumvirate Padr贸n NIE number […]

Living in Spain: The Spanish Triumvirate

spanish paperwork

Are you living in Spain? Or perhaps you are thinking about moving to Spain? Do you know the “Spanish Triumvirate”? In ancient Roma, a 鈥渢riumvirate鈥 was a form of committee composed of three people. The Free Dictionary states that: The First Triumvirate was formed in 60 bc by 鈥淐aesar, Crassus, and Pompey鈥. The Second Triumvirate […]

David vs. Spanish residency (Final Round)

spanish residency article

A while ago I started a series of articles to research whether you need to renew your Spanish residency or not (read Round 1 and Round 2 if you haven鈥檛 already). I would have loved closing up this series of articles sooner rather than later, but it wasn鈥檛 easy finding the appropriate information. Fortunately, I […]

Spanish wills: did you know this?


聽A few days ago, one of my clients sent me an email asking the following question. 聽<< Is it possible for you to give information on the new law coming out in 2014, that states that if our Spanish Will does not include the fact we wish for UK law to be used, it will […]

David vs. Spanish Residency (Round 2)

How to get the Spanish residency

Around 8 months ago I wrote David vs. Spanish Residency (Round 1) to try to clarify some doubts. It鈥檚 time for round 2! A BRIEF REFRESHIn early 2013 some of my clients asked me whether the Spanish residency must be renewed after 5 years. They were not sure as they were told by somebody that […]