It stands for “Número de Identificación de Extranjeros”, which could be translated as “identification number for foreigners”.

The NIE number can be used for numerous legal matters. These are some of them:

  • Buying / selling a property
  • Buying / selling a car
  • Getting employed in Spain
  • Renting an apartment legally

I can help you out to obtain a NIE number. Read my article here about NIE numbers for more info.



This document allows foreign citizens to live and work in Spain, either temporarily or permanently.

In order to obtain Spanish residency you must meet a number of requirements, and this varies for EU and non-EU citizens.

Once you get your legal residency in Spain, you automatically get a NIE number, which appears on the small green card that the police will give you. I can assist you throughout the whole process.

The Spanish residency is an essential requirement in order to obtain a Spanish health card with full coverage.

To exchange your driving licence into a Spanish one, you must be a legal resident in Spain as well.

In this article about Spanish Residency I go into more detail.

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These are some of the reasons why you may have to exchange your driving licence for a Spanish licence:

This procedure takes some time, generally several months, so I recommend that you start it well before the actual expiry date that is stated on the licence.

Exchanging / renewing your EU driving licence is something I can do on your behalf. This way you won’t have to go in person anywhere. I’ll deal with everything.

There are no driving exams involved, especially for EU citizens, as the Spanish DGT will just check with your country that your licence is valid and will provide you with a Spanish driving licence.

Do not forget that you can’t apply for a Spanish driving licence without being a resident first. Once you have residency, you can go ahead and change it even if your licence is not close to expiring.


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Are you required to bring an interpreter to the notary in Spain?

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