Finally… the definitive guide to stay away from trouble while living in Spain (ONLY for EU and British foreign pensioners)


The best part?

It’s 100% free, and it’s been written by somebody who’s been helping thousands of foreigners on Spanish land since 2010 (me :-) ), not by a charlatan who dreams about living off a webpage selling adverts and ridiculous services for living in Spain.

David Ruiz

(This is me: your Spanish problem solver)

How else would I know the top 10 biggest mistakes most EU and British pensioners make?

I don’t see any other way than being in the game, in person, solving problems by the thousands, and dealing with the Spanish system on a daily basis; in a natural way, like eating breakfast on a sunny April morning.

So, from now on, you will never look up to the sky and think: ‘why are things so complicated in Spain?’

Not anymore.

Because my free guide is the best anti-trouble tablet on the entire planet Earth.

I’m not saying this to try to impress you or things like that. It’s just because there are few people on the Earth who have been helping foreigners in Spain like I’ve been doing since 2010 (by the way, how many fellas do you know who have written so many books about practical information for living in Spain? Just one: David Ruiz :-)).

Living in Spain

(Here are my eight ‘babies’ so far)

So, as soon as you download and read my guide, you will stop:

  • Wasting your time asking on Facebook groups and Forums
  • Being confused about the NIE number and Spanish residency
  • Giving credit to people who have no idea about complex legal processes in Spain
  • Thinking that things in Spain must be like in your country of origin because we all share the European flag (one of the worst mistakes that cost foreign people real fortunes in fines and penalties)

Now, I’ll be honest and crystal clear with you.

My business is not about selling colourful ideas and romantic Spanish fairy tales so that you hire me or buy my products.

Sorry, but no.

I’m a pragmatic problem solver with a ton of ‘battles’ on my shoulders dealing with the Spanish system, which I use over and over again to keep helping foreigners to do well in Spain.

I’m only looking for one result: your problems solved.

And one reaction from you: a smile because I solved your problems.


Nothing to lose, it’s totally free, just download your free guide now and send me an email after you read it if you’ve got any questions :-)


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To your prosperity and happy life in Spain!

David Ruiz