Energy Efficiency Certificate

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What is this?

The Energy Efficiency Certificate is an official document issued by a qualified technician. This document will have specific information about energy efficiency in your property or building.

The certificate will finally provide a rating of the energy and carbon monoxide emission that will range from A to G.


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Do I need this certificate?

Starting on the 1st of June, 2013, every property and buildings in Spain will require the Energy Efficiency Certificate in order to be sold or rented legally.

This new law includes every single property being sold or rented after the 1st of June, 2013.

Who produces this certificate?
The Energy Efficiency Certificate must be done by a qualified technician. Besides doing translations, I’m going to be collaborating with an official architecture office, whose owner is a friend of mine. So, don’t worry, it will be 100% legal and trusted.

How is it done?
Very easy. I will send you an architect who will perform an inspection of your property. The certificate will be sent to you by regular post or in person by me.

Does it expire?
Yes, it does. However, you will have 10 years before it run out completely.

How much is it?
There are two possible prices (IVA not included):

Group A — 200

  • Apartments less than 100m2.
  • Attached houses less than 100m2 with no upper floors.

Group B — 250

  • Apartments 100m2 or more.
  • Attached houses with one or more upper floors regardless size.
  • Attached houses 100m2 or more with no upper floors.
  • Detached houses.
  • Villas.

NOTE: Villas, detached or attached houses less than 50m2 do not need the certificate. Only apartments less than 50m2 will need it.

Before the inspection, I will meet you in person to get some basic details of the property, as well as 50€ upfront. The rest must be paid right after the inspection.

When can I have it?
After the inspection, it will generally take around 7 days to be ready. In case you need the certificate faster than that, we can speed it up and have the inspection done and the certificate in your hands in no more than 2 days, but it will increase the price 50€.

How do I get it?
Just click here and get in touch with me or call me on 689 416 103.

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