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Hello, I’m David Ruiz, and I’m the founder of Torrevieja Translation.

Let me ask you several questions:

  • Are you thinking of moving to Spain and have no idea about how to settle?
  • Having problems dealing with the mountains of paperwork required for all sorts of procedures in Spain?
  • Are you looking for a confident expert who knows how to deal with the Spanish system, technical and medical vocabulary?
  • Do you already live in Spain but feel like you are not part of the “real” Spain?
  • Do you have questions regarding driving in Spain?

If you answered yes to one or more of these, this website if for you!

There are four main areas on my Website:

  • Spain – I write useful articles about the real Spain for residents, newcomers and tourists from all over the world and regardless of which part of Spain they are going to move to or visit.
  • Services – My in-person interpreting / translation and consulting services in the Spanish South Costa Blanca and Costa Cálida for the English-speaking community since 2010.
  • Free ebooks Written by me, always being about Spain, it gives me the spark that encourages me to produce another one.
  • Books – In-depth books about practical subjects for living in Spain.

And let me tell you something else…



That’s a crazy speed, isn’t it?

And it’s much more on ice.

Think of the 120 mph as the life speed around you in your town.

And add some good temperatures and rain for it to freeze the pavement.

It’s insane.

Stress and anxiety is not what you want in your life. And much less an on going bad weather.

If you are not yet living in Spain, you might be driving your life on a motorway doing 120 mph on ice.

It’s time to push the brake (gently) and start thinking about moving to Spain!



It’s true, in the South Costa Blanca, most times, we are not even doing 20 mph and it’s sunny 300+ days a year.

And sunny here means “no rain and no wind”.

Well, we have a few weeks of moderate cold, of course, as well as some occasional wind and around 20-30 days of rain a year.

Nevertheless, I really doubt it has ever snowed in this area, not even on an ice age 😉

Besides the good weather, it’s so curative not being surrounded by traffic jams, noise, rush and stress.

I’m telling you all this because I experienced all these bad things while living for in Spain’s capital Madrid for a year.

Never again.

Crazy speed is not for me.

Neither is it for you.



Spain is not perfect, like every single country on the earth.

I know that some of the reasons why you are living in this area or dreaming of moving here are to:

  • Have a more peaceful and relaxed existence.
  • Enjoy the 300+ sunny days.
  • Live without stress and anxiety.
  • Start a new exciting life away from routine.
  • Learn Spanish.
  • Experience the Spanish culture.

All this (and more) is definitely what you will find in Spain. That’s good news, isn’t it?

Such an ideal life.

A dream that can come true very easily.

Almost every single client I have feels as if Spain is their own home and loves living here.

We are laidback and friendly people :-)

Unfortunately, I’m bringing some bad news too, which comes up in the same package as the dream.

You may have to deal with:

  • Health problems (all kinds, no exception).
  • Legal documentation to purchase, stay or work in Spain legally.
  • Unexpected police / court issues.
  • Bureaucracy and paperwork that seems to never end.
  • Lots of confusing and contradictory information.


I’m here to help and be your voice in Spain, without worries :-)



What a horrible feeling to not understand what people say, right?

Even more frustrating (and scary) is being at official and public places where people talk to you, give you directions, and seem to speak ten times faster than you do in your own language.

And what about wasting your time, spending money for nothing as well as ending up in the wrong place, going round in circles over and over again?

I understand you. I have been there before and experienced similar things living abroad in the USA, especially in the early days back in 2001 when I spoke no English at all.

Lots of frustration and uncertainty.

You don’t need to go through all that mess on your own if you don’t feel confident.

Let me help you out. You are not alone.



Some of the benefits you will get through my most common services are:

  • Obtaining your Spanish legal documents without headaches.
  • Knowing the exact diagnosis / prognosis at the doctor or hospital.
  • Using my official translations being aware that they are 100% legalised and stamped by my certified official translators.
  • Having someone side with you at the police or court.
  • Learning how the Spanish system works.
  • Peace of mind because David controls the situation.

Also my services will help you avoid:

  • Spending hours and hours reading misleading and confusing information on the Internet.
  • Getting wrong information from rumours that jump from one group of people to another.
  • Worrying because you don’t know how to speak Spanish.
  • Struggling with the Spanish system.

I don’t pretend to exaggerate anything nor to make up my message. All I’m telling you is based on the years of experience I have and the amount of problems I have solved every day since 2010.

Would you like to know why services are different?

Here are some of the reasons:

  • I’m a native Spaniard and fluent in English.
  • The Spanish system is not a mystery for me.
  • I don’t leave any stone unturned.
  • I’m a specialist on medical and legal interpreting.
  • I’m a professional expert.
  • I am 100% reliable and never let down clients.
  • I know how to treat people politely, with respect, and make them feel they are valued clients, regardless of their nationality or social class.

Send me an email or give me a ring and let me know your problems.



On my blog I speak about:

  • Interesting facts that you won’t learn in any text book.
  • Valuable tips about how to get established in Spain.
  • All the basic legal things that you will need in the beginning and maybe during your long-term stay.
  • Recommendations about things you should not do in Spain if you don’t want to get into trouble.
  • My own personal stories, advice and points of view which will help you improve your life in Spain.

And I don’t speak about:

  • Nightlife and entertainment (not interested in that).
  • Local Spanish holidays (I’m not pure Spanish anymore).
  • Anything related to flamenco music or any other folk Spanish dancing (not really interested in any of them).
  • Anything regarding the bullfighting (sorry, I don’t speak about things I don’t know / like).
  • Spanish political parties (a controversial subject in which I’m not interested at all).
  • Sensational, gossip or TV stuff (they are topics well documented and covered by thousands of places. Why should I compete against them?).



I would like to finish my “Start Here” page by saying thank you so much for reading my blog and/or trusting me to be your voice in the Costa Blanca South.

None of this would have been possible without you, whether you are just an anonymous reader or one of my in-person clients.

Thank you very much for your support. I would love it if you could drop a line or two on my Facebook Page!

Just get comfortable and walk around my Website. Visit my blog and send me your comments or opinions anytime if you wish.

I am pleased to have you on board :-)